Confused Virgo women dating a Capricorn man

by Anonymous

I have dated a Capricorn man for 4 years On and off b/c we would b good until he would say something rude or get upset at something minor I said and become silent so I would lash out & argue etc he would dissapear for months then come back as if nothing happened sometimes he would change his number. Two years ago he said he met a girl who he made his gf but still would chase me & say he wants me to play 2nd string to her. He doesn't want me to sleep w/ any other guy or he will say that we should stop talkin altogether and if he ever breaks up w/ her be w/ me fully. His friends has never seen this girl & when I described her said it was a person they believe was a maid. We are long distance so I was supposed 2 see him & couldn't so he got mad & went silent again. I'm confused as to if he truly has a gf & if so will he develop a relationship w/ me again or should I just walk away?

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