Confusing Aquarius

I Met My Aqua In July. Id Seen Him Before But Never Exchanged Words. We Exchange Words Via Internet And Click. He Is Not Shy. He Is A Talker He Is Funny And And Is Very Sweet. We Met The Same Week. Married Eachother On Fb He Soon Divorced Me. For Noo Reason Other Than He Is Really Single. But I DNT Mind It. We Keep Talking Everythings Good. I Soon Realize He Is Exchanging Words Openly And Often On The Internet And Is Also With Other Females. Me Being A Scorpio With Jealous Nature Address These Concerns. He Does Nothing. He Doesnt Even Want To Address Such Problems For Real. Its Like He Goes Around The Big Problem. I DNT Get It. Everything Else Id Fine. Excellent But This. We Had Sex Within Three Weeks...Mistake? I Think So. Now He Has Me Emotionally. It Is August By Then And He Is Preparing To Go Back To School. Hours Away. I Start To Notice His Interest In Another Female. I Felt Like He Got What He Wanted Now Hes Done. Maybe Its Was A Mix Between That And My Jealousy? Although He Said Nothin Would Change When He Leaves. We Got Into A Horrible Fight Before Soo And We Didnt Even Exchange A Goodbye or Any Words At That Before He Left.HE Then Goes Back To School And Back To Her. Last A Little Bit Over A Month Then Its Over. Him And Her That Is. I Then Start To Hear From Him More. My Feeling For Him Have Not Jus Magically Gone Away. He Did Treat Me Good. If I Didnt Express That Enough. I Spent Most Of My Time With Him When We Were Cool. We've Been Good For A While Real Good. Better Than Ever But He's Still Doing The Same Thing With The Ex. And I Just DNT Know How To Trust Him. Stop Accusing Him And Stop My Mind From Going Wild. I Think Thats What Messes Me Up Alot Of The Time. Oh YEAH... While We Werent Talking I FOUND Out He Was Having Sex With A Midget That Had Some Mutual Friends Of Mine. That Always Messed Things Up A Little. Although He Did Not Lie He Confessed To It He Acted Like He Was Having a Hard Time Doing Soo. He Always Does. He Tells Me He Loves Me I Say How Do You Know And He Says I Jus Do Or Something Of That NATURE. Today I Woke Up And Realized That I Am Absolutely In Love With Him I Did Not Tell Him Though Im Kind Of Scared To. I Find Myself Staying Up Waiting For Phone Calls And Calling At 3 In The Morning Things Ive Never Done Before Ever.I Also Told Him I Was Done With Him And Ignored His Calls Today Something Trigger It I Forgot What It Was. We Goo Back And Forth A Whole Lot. Its Almost Like He Doesnt Even Take Me Seriously Anymore Because We Fight Soo Much. IMissHim. I Cannot Sleep Rite Now That Is Why I Am Writing This. IMissedHim Soo Much The Other Day While He Was Out. I Was Going Insane. And I Know Well Be Fine Again Soo Because He Is Coming Back Home Soon But I DO Not Think This Is Healthy. And I Just DNT Understand? He's Been Telling Me He Doesnt Talk To Anyone Else But I Jus Doesnt Seem Like It He's Always Flirting And Stuff.UGH PLZ HELP I NEED INSITE WHY DOES THE AQUA MAN HAVE A PROBLEM HAVING ONE FEMALE? AND WHY DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND OTHERS FEELINGS OR KNOW HOW TO EXPRESS THERE? WILL THIS ALL BE REWARDING IN THE END?

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