Crazy for a Capricorn

by Jammy

I am 50 and after quite a few years alone have decided to look for a partner again. I just joined an online dating service and was viewing some prospective profiles. Lots of good looking women available to be sure. However, I came across this one by a Capricorn. Even though she is plain looking (not to me) and only gave a few lines and a couple of photos about herself it held my attention. Nothing exciting was said by most people's standards I think but I keep returning to it over and over and over. It was like maybe 4 to 5 lines at best and said fairly mundane things like " I like to go for walks, quiet time, gardening" and the such. Still, I can't stop reading it. It is like being an addict. I mean WOW!! Out of everybody I looked at and read about she is the only one I sent a response to. So now I feel all giddy again like a school boy praying she responds back. Of course not being very aware of astrology it didn't make sense but after coming here it is perfectly clear now. My advice to Virgos and Capricorns is this, if you are looking for a casual relationship you better stay away from each other or you may very well find yourself in much more than that before you know it and you won't even want to escape. I already feel like I am in the gravitational pull of a black hole and don't even care LOL.

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