Crush on a Virgo male

by Maria José
(São Paulo, Brazil)

I was really surprised to read all this comments from Cap females in love with Virgo males, stories very similar to my own.

I was surfing the net trying to figure out what to do or think, keep my faith or forget about the whole thing with this guy and then....lots of people having the same sensation I do.

Well, my Virgo man seems to like me the same way I like him, the difference is the way he shows it. It´s amazingly incredible the way he chooses to show his feelings. I had to ask for help from friends to try to get the real messages he posted for me and even the friends did not understand them.

We have not yet kissed, let alone the rest, by I do feel a connection. We are not the same age, but I feel this thing between us the same way. The problem is that there are times I think I am fantasizing about everything, although his messages seem so direct. He uses parts of movies, for example.

I´m just puzzled.

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virgo men
by: Anonymous

Well im married to a virgo man and yes they can be slow movers but they are trying to make sure if this is what they really want. If you really want to know be direct with him find out how he really feels about you. Hopefully he will tell you.

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