Dating a Leo man

A Leo man will buy you whatever you want, and he'll love to take care of you. Although he won't act like it, he does get jealous. He believes he's too good to be threatened by anyone else, because who could live up to his standards? But when pushed too far, he'll become a bit possessive.

He thinks he's always right no matter what, and getting him to admit he's wrong is nearly impossible. He's very impulsive, and sometimes he'll say something hurtful without thinking about it. If you want honesty, go to the leo man. Although, he will sometimes reduce himself to lying if he believes it would be in his best interest, or the interests of those he loves.

Most of the time he'll be willing to forgive you, but if you make a huge mistake, he'll hold it over you. "How dare you hurt me in such a way?!" he'll think, but he won't actually say anything. That would make him look vulnerable, emotional even, and that won't do for him. He would never allow you to make him feel small or inferior unless he could somehow benefit from it. If you screwed up, you better apologize for it fast and sincerely.

Anyone who threatens his family will be eliminated. He doesn't like to resort to violence, but when push comes to shove, he won't think twice about putting someone in a hospital if he thinks that person is a threat.

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