Dating a Leo

by Lauren
(Ellicott City, Maryland)

Dating a Leo should be pretty easy because.. I mean.. we're the best. We're sexy, we're fun, we're sexual. We will play games I'm not gonna lie we'll say we're drama free but dramas kind of like water. But who cares because, again, we're awesome. Like so awesome I can't even express it to you.

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by: Anonymous

Ok, here's the deal. Leos are awesome in many ways; they're charismatic, sharp, and always up for a good time. However, and if you disagree just re-read your thread, Leos are arrogant with a capital 'A'. They can't help it, they're just so..what did you say? AWESOME. Yes, yes, we get it. You're awesome. The truth is Leos can be the most charming lovers at the onset of a relationship but if their partner isn't immediately sensitive to their delicate egos, the Leo will completely fall back to the "me, me, me" tendencies he/she has. If given the right tools, like a certain special significant other to coax them along, a Leo can be a fantastic partner. BUT...only if the Leo truly wants to change for the better. Add a dash of humility to your cavalcade of good character traits and you truly will be as awesome as you think you are.

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