Dating a Libra man

by angela

I have been with a Libra man now almost 2 years! Wow this man is a charmer!!! Tell you anything you want to hear in the beginning and when you are hooked - you cant escape!

I have learned the following:

1. they love the chase - to chase and be chased!!!

2. they want to stay they want to go, they dont want to stay, they dont want to go

3. indecisive!!!!

4. very very romantic... he might have a hard shell but hes all mushy inside.

5. likes attention from other women - but if you have his heart : he wants no one to have your attention!

6. uses jokes to hide true feelings.

7. they might act dumb - but they are always thinking.

8. because of their insecurity, they NEED to feel CONSTANTLY needed and adored.

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