Dating a married Aries man

by Kelli
(Lake Charles )

So I've been fooling around wit a married Aries man for 2 years now. He never tells me how he feels one day he acts like he likes me an cares the next he's all weird an very distant we would only meet up once a month well here's the bad part I always text him weird stuff about my feelings he never says anything well this time he txt bc I said here we go again an said jus end it... So I said ok althow I didn't mean it an he nos it cuz I always do it an he always comes bc this time I think he's realy gone thow an I wnt him bc Is it to late? was it just sex? does he care or ever cared?? HELP I miss him I told him how I felt about him alot of times an the next day I say never mind an he always comes bc uh please give me some advise He makes me so happy when he's acting like him self lol

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scorpio women
by: Anonymous

hi i been dealing with a aries man for well 6 years and just had a baby together. how can i put this in a nut shell, hmm, ok it was casual sex for the first 4 on and off cause i would leave cause my feelings would get so strong for him and he seemed not to care.. i would clean his home and find womens clothing, oh they are fast as a rabbit. omg theres so much too tell, well he would hate that i found the things and get sad that i did, so i did notice how he wanted to protect my feelings from who he is.. but i would leave anyway.. how i end up back ? he would call my friend trying to find out about me.. and we would talk again.. well it went on just like that until the 5th year, i wasn't talking to no body just focusing on my children. and he started to call me allot and i told him im not going there with him again and the next man i deal with will be my husband to be.. he started to say after that when he seen potential husbands coming my way, well forget them i will marry you and i would laugh and think this heartless mean man ya right.. lol well we started talking everything seemed nice then i got pregnant, he threw a fit he said i trapped him, witch pissed me off, to make the last short we aint engaged anymore and to answer your question i dealt with that also with him that is telling you you are just casual sex nothing more and stay in your place .. trust me i know them like i know myself.. just leave you deserve better... aries men aint worth it.. and yes they are very good friend thats it nothing more.. good luck.. i can tell you more just let me know..

by: Anonymous

Yea u can tell me more haha we started tlking again but he never wants to c me when I want jus wen he wants witch is like never this crap sucks lol

Dating a married Aries man
by: Scorpio Woman

OMG this could b me. I'm going through the same thing. Except he's the one who keeps coming back. I believe he really cares but at the same time is accustomed 2 his married life & is afraid 2 make a change. If he really cares he will come back. Good luck

by: Anonymous

Oh yea he came bc lol always does I think he cares cuz he showed it I jus think he dosnt know what to do and trying not to fall thanks

by: Aries man

i was with a Scorpio for 4 wonderful years we were great, now on my way home from bootcamp she decides she doesn't have feelings for me anymore, ON MY WAY HOME, what a horrible plane trip, i feel like shit and i just wanna die, if these guys don't care about you it has nothing to do with being an Aries, because i love this girl more then anything and would do anything to get her back but apparently just no feelings? bullshit... instead of whining about how this dude doesn't show u his feelings because a real man will show u his feelings help me figure out wtf happened with my girlfriend... we also were going to get engaged and met our grandparents rings to make wedding rings so don't even say shit about Aries men don't commit

by: Anonymous

Calm down killer I love helping people. I'm not saying my Aries married man is a bad guy I think he's the bees nees he's just real hard to read that's all!! Cheer up if it's meant to be shell come bc if not she wasn't the girl for u yo or maybe she' got scared or something but like I said I'll help I if u wnt I love giving advice!!

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get ur own man
by: Anonymous

Wth is wrong with u women to date a married man get a life how wuld u feel if ur husband fooled around

by: Anonymous

you're a whore....find a single man...he is disgusting

by: Anonymous

Right so here goes, the story reads like this, I barely knew my aries guy before we got together, barely a month after being engagaed to me,he tries to contact his ex who was getting married to another bloke,they broke up coz he didnt want to marry her, so she found someone else, after that he met me, during this time there was no communication bet us, but he came back and said he wants to get married, then a month bef the wedding he pulled the plug n i called off our engagement, then he came back n we got married, bit heres the thing, we havnt had proper sex as yet bec of a distance thing, and when we were apart, he cheated with someone else and i found out i told hhim i wanted a divorce imm, and i havew reason to believe he is with the same person now although we are still amrried, waht the hell do i do? Is she just s fling or do i need to get out now?

aquarius woman with married aries man
by: Anonymous

LOl All Your Stories Sound Interesting But what Would You Say To This..I've been With My Aries (married Man For Almost 4 Years And It Has Gotten Bettere And better everytime..his wife knows about me and he has told her too, he even let her know i wasn't going anywhere..we've had encounters and everytime he would NEVER disrespect me or not agknowledge me...she tries to get me to leave him but she know he will not let me she has accepted it and just takes care of his kids and he is a good father too..he is here with me all the time and she knows he shows me so much love and even everyone knows i am his girl. he has never tried to hide but i dont get why he is still there..he says he is trying to give his kids what he didnt have when he was a boy but i wongder sometimes because i know this man loves me! it is obvious to everyone even his family know about me.. he takes care of me, takes me places and does everything that a man should do for his girl but the only thing is that he's married..we have such a different relationship because all the stories i've heard are NOTHING like ours..what should i think..that he really loves me?? should i believe him when he says that he feels i'm the one thats why he does these things and that he can't do it with out me and wants to stay with me longer to see how if we really work..there is so much more but i just want some answers on this..oh and on christmas this chick even send me a present through him!! she is crazy!!

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