dating a pisces man

by katie
(atlanta ga united states)

I just started dating a male pisces 2 months ago. He's sensitive, caring, funny, sweet all the above. I'm a cancer so we balance each other out. Thing is he just broke up with his ex 2 months ago and I don't know if he still has feelings for her. How do I ask him and we've only been dating 2 months? He shows he's really into me but I don't want to put my feelings out there. Please help

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by: Anonymous

I'm in a situation like that with a pisces man! he was the best guy I've met in a long time! We are only casually dating because we both just got out of relationships but he's plays lots of games and i don't know why, he says he's not in love with his ex but still he'll do whatever I'd just say see where it goes girl because they can be fishy you never know which way it's going to go and we been dealing with each other for 6months and I'm at the end with him but I care about him a lot and want things to be good just not rushed because he needs more time than the normal to move completely on from someone he loves trust me.

by: Anonymous

sounds like he is just not that into you.

by: Mohammed

Hi Cancer.. Pisces are always very honest never keeps his current love annoyed. He will never go back to his past lovers because he is a man of principles and always wanted to show off his ex that I got a better lover than the ex was... how i know so much, coz m a pisces...

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