Dating a Sagittarius man

I've been dating a Sagittarius man for about 5 months and we have great sex, however, he wont kiss me, and has only gone down on me maybe 5 times and we are pretty regular on have sexing 4 to 5 times a week so I know he is some what attracted to me... what do I do?

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what to do !
by: Sage. Man

Being a Sage. myself, this problem requires me to be blunt and it may hurt that is not my intent. If your really want to know this is it.... The kissing has something to do with not letting you know something isnt right. You may have bad breath or you are a bad kisser. He doesnt want to hurt your feelings by telling you. Or , He is hiding something from you and it could be found out through kissing. As for the going down part, its about the same. thier is something he doesnt like down there and he doesnt want to hurt your feelings. Sorry if this was upsetting. This is the truth. I have been there and done that.. OR flat out- He is useing you for what he wants sexually, and thats it. plain and simple.

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