Dating a Scorpio man

by Tarina

I've been dating a Scorpio man for 9 months now. I must say that he is very passionate in everything he does, from the words he says to the way he makes love. He is very experimental but never over steps my comfort zone. To the person who asked if Scorpio men are abusive, i would ave to say none that I know, ad i know a lot of them. As a Sagittarius girl, im on the go all the time, and i have very high expectations, and he knows how to hold me down at times, and get to think a lot of the times. i would say they are the best men to have for a long relationship.

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What's more about a Scorpio man
by: Anonymous

Scorpio man is very passionate, desire, and intense. Well not too sure how is going to be like to date a Scorpio after a longer period of time. You, Tarina, must like this dude, heh, heh...As I heard, Scorpio is a mystery, very jealous, possessive, forceful, and abusive such as verbal; in the Zodiac personality description has said so. Every sign has it own matches according to the Astrology rule. If both sign not match, the love and relationship will be rough. I refused to play mind/heart a game of love, also I'm a very picky person and fear by giving my heart to the wrong guy...or someone's guy. Since Scorpio is perfectly secretive and so intense; nothing new as news besides sex, heh, heh....I believed Scorpio never have a happiness in the previous relationship so far; good luck to you and all women in the articles.

A Voice from Six house

I think I know what you mean.
by: Sag Girl

I too am dating a Scoprio man and I'm a Sag. I have dated him for a little over 8 months. We create alot of steam with each other, He does get domineering in the bedroom & at times he does get this sadistic look and gets demanding. I would say trying to outstrap you. He he he.. We love it all. Although, at times it can be a little unsettling for us. They got to be in the mood and you can bring some handcuffs and arrest him. They like it. But they are very sentual and nurturing people. The strenghth and gentalness is a great combination. He appreciates the fact i'm streight out and don't play games. When he does pull the secret thing on me, I do the same. It makes him stop and look at me to analyze. I'm just waiting for him to ask why. All I will tell him is, it's a taste of your own medicine. Just want you to see how I feel. He's not jealous of possesive unless he's waiting for me and he gets cranky. He he he.. But he is slowly peeling like an onion. Layer by layer, so slowly.

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