Dating a Taurus

by melissa
(anchorage ak)

So, I have met this incredible Taurus man online, we chatted for a couple days online, then a couple days through text and on the phone then we met on Monday Labor day, we were so attracted to each other we did sleep together, we saw each other wed he took me to play pool and out to dinner, and slept together again, chatted lightly through out Thursday. Then nothing. I myself am a virgo and we had the most incredible talks, he seemed in the moment and interested making plans for more time spent together. I really like him and I think he really likes me. I want to text him and let him know I am thinking about him but He told me he had to work from home this weekend and I don't want to invade his space.

I think he might be seeing other girls which is fine we have no commitment but a very good connection. I am not sure if i should text him first and say hi, or if i should wait till he text me. I don't want to play games with him. He seems very open minded and said that sex with was not a deal breaker. I don't know if I would be in a relationship with him I just like being around him. how do I proceed?

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