Dating a Virgo man - dont know what to do

by Nina
(New york NY)

Im seeing this guy whos a virgo.... Im a scorpio women we have been seeing each other for two years now. But he believes that hes not husband martial and boyfriend status. He knows how i feel towards him. He says that the only reason why he pushes me away, Because he dont want to lose what we have for each other. That im the perfect girl for him. But he thinks he ruins relationships. So what should i do? I dont want to waste my time. Plus i have a leo guy friend who wants to have a relationship with me. But I want my virgo man. At the same time i dont want to lose a good person and be alone again. Any advice please?

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Dating a Virgo man-don't know what to do(?)
by: Anonymous

I don't know for sure how is a Virgo male feels a bout woman. Since Virgo is a woman sign or Virgin sign. A Virgin's culture never goes out to look or ask for LOVE even though he is interested with you or anyone. Virgo is pretty intelligent as well as physical or sex appeal. I'm the opposite of his gender; it is easy for me when I met my mystery Scorpio man the first time; he always look for me no matter what condition is... day or nigh he always called me. I loved him, but I can't put him on my 'BLOG' to show the world.
I'm Virgo always write to him. At last we are bonded together very strong; we are distant and apart as in the Zodiac.
In your situation with a Virgo man, you need David's advices for help if you really Love a Virgo man. I'm telling you if you win Virgo's heart, Virgo will give you every thing that no one can; he'll makes you happy.
Virgo is unique and very different from other sign
Don't lose Virgo, girl!! Go for him. You are the best match with a Virgo. I wish you luck!

Real Virgo Libra

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