Dating an Aries guy we don't talk often

by tumi

I'm dating this Aries guy we don't talk often, when i ask him about his real name, age and where he comes from he doesn't want to tell me the truth i recently found out about his real name and age i asked him and he told me its not true. now he only comes when he want sex he doesn't call or come to see me so im just asking does he love me or im just one of those girls whom he come to have sex with only, again there is a lack of communication and can i tell him about my feelings.

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Aries not talking
by: Barb Libra Monkey

It sounds like he is using you for his sexual relief as he isn't wanting you to know anything about him at all. He is probably in love with another woman whom he is unable to have, so using you to unload. This is not uncommon with Aries. Many of them use hookers instead, but if you are letting him use you for his physical release, he will take advantage of it. Cut him off and see if he returns.

Arise is devil
by: Anonymous

Aries man is suck. I have the same problem; for his personal identity, he won't tell such as day, month, and year that he was born on. I have been observed this Arise for my whole life yet still did not know. What is the big deal just for the sign or age? He getting older and older every day. He pissed me off. He knew all about me because I want to spend time or be together for a life time. He is a liar, a bitch secretive, impulsive, controls, and manipulative. All he wants is sh'tt XX. I never see the rest of the Zodiac sign as Arise. I hope one day I'll goodbye to him. I swear never ever met this monster again. This Virgo cannot be nice to him anymore. I have been holding my grudge a long time.He drive me nut and hell. I am Virgo like to let other Virgo know. It is too disgusting to have sex with him. Nooo

by: Aries man

You women are getting used... and you cannot tell? thats sad it doesnt take astrology to figure that out. It has nothing to do with being an aries because i am one and i dont do that shit. i had the love of my life who is a scorpio and i would never do that to her and i pretty much rolled over and submitted to her will. we had 4 great years together and i went into the airforce and on my way home she told me she suddenly didnt have feelings for me anymore... like none.. i dont want anyone else can someone explain this bullshit to me?

Driving me insane
by: Anonymous

I'm sick with an old Arise guy. He is driving me nut without a good reason. Cheating, Jealousy, made, impulsive, aggressive, and anger are not my style.
I swear, never and ever want to do a business partnership with Aries who has a personality trait such as that. Having an argument with Arise gain nothing/pointless. Aries needs to learn to be patient and observe all the fact before fighting with Virgo lady. Aries battle cannot wins Virgo lady. Virgo will hold all the grudge until the time comes and will revenge to pay back at the end. Virgo is very Loyal and patient. You better watch out through the actions of what you have done to your Virgo woman. I knew Aries loves to fight to make himself feels better and doesn't think that might hurts his lady. I'm not impress a such behavior. I don't know if others Virgo Ladies ever have an experience as me-Virgo. It is hell. Aries is not nice-worst. This message is for Virgo men and women. Please, don't involve with Aries guy. That is not worth it.

Virgo, something we can agree on
by: Aries

Never a truer word spoken. Every Virgo I have known (4) has been an irritation. They were so nagging and tiring--they were so critical. Who wants to be around someone who is never pleased not to mention needy?- got dayum!

I'm sure Virgos are sweet but all I have met share the traits that grate on my nerves

REALLY NAh MY friend (boy) is a aries im a cancer look!
by: cancer+aries (im cancer)

ok ok im a cancer guess what not all Aries are like tht ok u be lucky if was cancer ^-^ like meh! ok so i no a aries and hes nice when i first ment him HE never stop smiling at meh i felt like hes the one (sorta) lol so we dint no each other we was acting like we was stalking each other and of curse if u tell a aries right in hes face wanna go out really.. he'll say no putting pressure! yes u are! >:I u no! just tell one of hes friends plus i did tht he said yup but in 2 weeks we broke up 3 monthes pass.. it was dec. 3th 2010 he was skating down my street remer we broke up but he dating my exfriend ! tht *** so yea and i did kiss him after we broke up right there .. he turn red.. so anyways dec. 3th 2010 he went to my house :] ok so i see him skating down my house lalala lol and i went out im like aries!!! (im not saying names lol) hes like was cancer im like brb and he smile at mii im like :D and i went outside lol so anyways my dad didnt NO he was at my house idk i was scared but i went out side with my skate bord (and pj's) but idk i new him for only 1 year so we was talking and i kept getting close but i was over the fence and he got closer to the fence and i did and we was so close we kept talking tht my exfriend was a paint in the but tht we laid in right there man tht was fun he stay there for 1 hour long kiss! WTF! O-o and my dad came and i got off so quit and started talking random stuff my dad brought it :] and he came yesterday he pick mii up omg he huged meh when was sad and kissed mi on the check :] i felt better right there im happy and everytime i walk home i walk hes way im like ok let take u to ur house hes like nope ima take u to ur house :] nice boy (plus he dated my exfriend to get to my how cute!) :D how cute is he!!! ok well tht how my Aries act bye :P

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