Dating an Aries man. Help!!

by Satasha

I'm 23 and my Aries boyfriend is 26 i met him at a job i started in the end of june he was my shift manager at the time. he is a very quite Aries he hardly ever talked when we first started working together. i felt an immediate attraction to him and i was the one who started talking to him first.

After awhile i got so into him i told him i liked him and we went on our first date on august the 1st (one i had planed that so didn't go the way i planed but he still made it fun and surprised me at how good at pool he was lol). Well now we have been dating 4 months. the thing that confuses me is he still don't talk much and he still seems nervous around me for example it's like he still isn't sure if he should hold my hand or put his arm around me even though we've had sex together several times he still doesn't seem to know if it's ok to do or something.

What should i do? I've fallen in love with my Aries man and want to tell him how i feel but because he is the best guy i have ever dated i don't want to screw this up and say it to soon and make him run. i almost slipped up the other day about to say i love you and caught myself at I love.... lol. so can any arise man tell me whats up with mine and why he still seems so not sure.

Does this mean he might love me too or is he just not that into me. and should i tell him that i love him or do you think he'll run away from me? i just don't know!?!? help!!!

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Dating an Aries man. Help!!
by: Lukcy! Aries

As an Aries he's one of those aries that are Very independent. it's not that he don't want to hold you're hand or do all that, it's just thats not what he is use to doing he doesn't like all the lovely dovey stuff Feel me? As an aries im the same way if you stick around and show him a good time all the time by simply being your self he's going to respect that and open up. Let him know how you feel but NOT how you completely feel just a lil taste to where he knows what you want but not all the way sure. Act as a mother nature we love that but don't be in demand, Let him do the steering we love a women who can take over and show how powerful she can be long as she's not controlling us. Be VERY Patient and understand this is only the first round Be fast but patient IF YOU KEEP HIM INTERESTED BY KEEPING HIM ON HIS TOES THEN YU'LL SEE HIS BEST. Aries have many different personality just nature him LIKE a BABY and yu will be fine

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