Dating an Aries man with low self esteem

by Cheyenne
(Lawton, Ok)

I am dating an Aries man and his past relationship has left him with such low self esteem, trust issues. I love this man to death I have been friends with him for 9 months and we have been dating for 3 of those 9. Our relationship is long distance since we are both in the military service, he is always questioning me.

What can I do to make him see that Im not leaving him and im not looking for anyone else he is all i want?

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Aries men with low self esteem
by: barb libra monkey

Dear Cheyenne,
i have been totally in love with an Aries Dragon who also has enormous trust issues and extremely low self-esteem. Although we have not managed to get to dating, there is an unmistakable magnetism between us that cannot be erased. He now has left his job, and because we live on an island, he is leaving to find better opportunities.
I doubt he will ever find a woman who can love him more than I do and who wants to make his life one of beauty and love.
He tells me he doesn't want to even know me, then less than an hour later is standing next to me singing along to the karaoke and stopped to listen to me singing...with gulps appearing inhis throat.(; He can say anything he likes, but I know he has strong feelings for me, but like your man, is so scared of being hurt has other men giving their accounts of broken relationships with the same star sign match...not easy for me to win.
I wish I knew the secret to getting them to trust, as I have given up 2 years of my life and not been with anyone else for the sake of showing him I can be trusted, and still nothing. It is situations like these that cause me to hate other females who have so few ethics and feelings when it comes to the men in their lives. They are spoilt, tactless little brats who deserve to feel the pain they leave in these fragile creatures.
When other women finally understand men are very fragile and far more emotional than women, the world will only then be a better place.(: good luck to both of us.

To get anyone to trust you--be honest
by: Aries

I think what I'm about to say applies to any sign:

To earn an Aries' trust, you must be honest, direct and truthful. Even if the truth hurts, we'll appreciate it (in the long run?). We hate being mislead. If we discover any holes in your story then we begin to question whether any of it was ever true-and lost trust, especially with an Arian, is very hard to regain. Be committed to what you believe, don't be wishy- washy/ indecisive. We like strong minded people as partners. We will push you to see how much you can take (we can't help it) and we'll only back off when you stand up to us or you break.

3 key things: truth, honesty and straightforwardness.

by: Aries guy

I agree with the last post. As an aries man myself I know exactly what your talking about. Unless you straightforward tell us your into us and its safe to make a move we wont. If we think you are just friends we wont make a pass at you. And if you ever tell me you are not interested, I just wont talk to you again, i'll try to ignore you unless you tell me you are and you were wrong. But then you have to proove yourself as well that you are not a hoe.

be straightforward to them
by: sag girl

okay, this might sounds biased since straighttforwardnesss is my sign's trait. but I have been dating my aries guy for four years, and believe it or not, we started dating the day when he got sacked out of college.
it was hard for me, cz i've just started to like him, and especially hard for him, having his dream erased by something that was not his fault.
he seems allright, but i know that he's quite broken inside. but i love him, and the only way i could ever think of to show him that i do care about him was just to tell him that i love him, and that i wanted to be with him.
have you ever really, straightforwardly tell you aries guy you love him and wanted to be with him no matter how hard it is?
they need to be sure of it, so tell them (don't hesitate or being shy) and show them that you mean it. or else they'll just either pondering by themselves or leave you as they think it's hopeless to want to be with you.

These boys.
by: Aquarius

I have the exact same problem, loving an Aries that truly thinks he's worthless. I've told him a thousand times that i like him but he still doesn't believe it and i don't want to push him too hard, but im sure he does love me because no matter what or where we always end up kissing, and i know we make eachother so happy. Theyre so beautiful these men, but its hard to have to fight so much when they're too scared to let go. I think the best advice for all of us is just to keep trying and really ask them honestly face to face how they feel.. and be prepared to wait for a few minutes for a reply, dont change the subject..they need some time to think of what to say ;)

Good luck to us!

aries can be too paranoid

i totally agree with the comment that says to be honest and straightforward but i must contest the "we will see holes in your story" part... i am with an aries guy and he literally tries to pull me up on everything i say... he went through a stage of doubting everything i would say and then would even turn around and put words in my mouth. it got so bad that i felt every time i would talk to him i would have to think twice about anything i would say as i would be worried that even though it is the truth, he would some how contrive something else from it that would be the total opposite..

my aries can be paranoid and i've read on the net a few forums that have comments similar to this about them. i think they are quite smart but i also think they doubt themselves too much. goodluck

Real Aries woman
by: Ms wonderful

Hi I am a Aries a few comments are true. When every I have a debate with my guy I call them debates lol. I say dint hide things if it's not that bad I will for give you. Yes I'm like a detective when it comes to telling the truth. If the story don't add up I will ask the story again. I like when people re straightforwardedwith their feelings. And so true if u don't tell and Aries how you feel we want react unles we have a reason to.

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