Dating Capricorn men

by Steph
(New york)

Capricorn men are always very friendly at first. They are very patient and will not rush into anything. They will not express their feelings to you right away. They will play the "friend" position as they get to know you before they make a move. This includes spending time with you, friendly yet sweet text messages, even taking you out for dinner. There's usually something lingering inside.

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Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your comment,I appreciate this. As we are friends or maybe I should say just trying to communicate. He is slow to me but I see he may just be cautious. Considering I am a Gemini I dont blame him for that! However he sends me nice and sweet emails sparingly so I know he thinks about me. Thanks for your comment.

for Ms Gemini
by: Kara

Capricorn male is like that. Very cautious. My music director at church is like that. He is kind of strict. We didn't even know he was courting the other member. Caps don't like public display of affection. My director is like that. One night he suddenly announced his engagement. He is funny one moment, then strict the next and very enclosed. I sang at his wedding. When committed, they mean it. I'm being courted by a cap and I just observe him. He disappears too for a couple days but txts me that he misses me. I just observe him and smile. He's like a scared little boy sometimes. I told him "my kids are the love of my life and I'm not looking for a sex partner. I prayed for a husband. I can maybe help you find a woman to bed with". He answered "I think I love you. I'm ready for you, for love" I just observe him. Cap males are like that. Cave men. They need time alone I think to recharge. My cousin is like that too. He is a cap cautious and very secretive. Well 2 of my cousins are male caps and distant and secretive often.

Stubborn Secretive Cappis :((
by: Scarlett

Thanks to all of you for the insight on the Capricorn male's disappearing act. I am a Pisces woman and posted a comment on the Cap man/Pisces woman forum about how he's hurt me because when he keeps his feelings reined in, I think he doesn't care about me. We have broken up because being a STUBBORN cappi man that he is, he does not want to try and give in to my Pisces needs a little. That is not to say that I have stopped loving him, I just can't be friends with him right now as I am HEARTBROKEN. However I LOVE him soooo much that I've let him go and maybe one day I'll be able to be friends with him without the HURT overwhelming me. I LOVE my Darling Sleepy Wombat xoxo

Gemini Woman
by: Anonymous

I so appreciate all your comments. I too a Gemini have found myself to be captivated by a cap. He to has sent text mssgs and we have had very nice conversations. He is open to communicating with me and I know he feels comfortable and we both know there is an attraction. However,at times he seems very distant yet, still open. I know he observes and that my character and demeanor is something important to him when it comes to the opposite sex. I am sooo attracted to him and I do believe I have picked up his Love Language. However I must say he sends mixed messg. He is kind, patient, caring and being in control in his space is important to him. I hear they believe in committment. All I guess all I can say is I believe he is worth the wait. I pray this one works out for once.

Not taking my sweet time...
by: Anonymous

So..I'm a horny lioness and slept with my beautiful cap after just 3 dates. He was so hot, I couldn't control myself. (He did enjoy it very much, I might add..:-p)
He does not call very often - does this mean that all he wanted was to get in my pants or is this just him, slowly getting to know me, while already having started the sex-thing...? He's working a lot, he tells me. (I so hope I didn't blow it already...)

Please Capi men, answer this.

not taking my sweet time(Reply)
by: CapGuy

One thing for sure is he's not going no where lol im pretty sure he's just taking his time because i do the same thing sometimes but it all depends on your relationship with him a Capricorn wouldn't hit and quit for sure he'll stick around to see how compatible you are with him and get to know you, and if its a success then your relationship will go along way with him =]

I did the same...
by: Anonymous

I am totally head over heels about my cap.. everything with him seems so easy.. too easy. we talk like an old married couple and laugh like teenagers.. we slept together after dates and he was amazingly gentle and nurturing.. but now what? he is continually telling me he wants to get to know me and go slow but he is messaging me and telling me how he cant believe how right it feels and that he cares and likes me way too much..
How do i keep him and not get carried away emotionally and scare him off??

open Leo, closed cap
by: trish

Im an open, emotional, intense Leo and have been dating this wonderful quiet, shy, loving, caring cap guy. I think Im in love with him. Hes just the sweetest thing - when we are together, I feel complete, he treats me like a queen. When we are apart, sometimes I dont hear from him for days. I tell how I feel all the time. He doesnt, even though I can feel he likes me. I love pda. He doesnt do much. I want commitment and dont want to waste my time with a very long dating that wont go anywhere. I get the impression he will need much more time to make a decision on commit to me. Im afraid to scare him away with my excessive displays of affection - Im a natural giver, I dont hold anything inside. Are cap men always emotionally reserved like that or its just in the beggining when they are taking the time to get to knbow their partner? I mean, will I ever get him to open up to me or will I always be dating an oyster?

Emotional Leo very emotionally available cap
by: Anonymous

From the second date my gorgeous cap guy has been open and very emotional with me. I consider myself an open Leo but he out does me 100-1. When we are apart he says he wants slow but he is contacting me constantly and after 6 weeks we are both struggling to stay away from eachother even for a few days. We are inseperable and when around eachother no one else exists except him.. He is gentle.. Caring and very touchy feely..

What does being with an emotional open cap mean? Bc I want him here to stay..

Cap men - UGGGHHHH!!!
by: Anonymous

NEVER again will I ever allow a Cap man near me!

My Cap man!
by: Lady Pisces1979

I am in a relationship with a male Cap,and he treats me like a true queen! We can talk about ANYTHING, and he really loves me and is not afraid to show it! He cares about my day and what's going on in my life. It's like we are so magical together, reading each others thoughts, and the sex is incredible as well! lol Damn i don't know if it's cause we've been friends since the age of 14, or that we were just meant to be together....i'm happy as ever and so is he! oh yes btw....he put a ring on it! yezzzzz i'z gettin' married! lol Good luck to you all, hope you can find your hapy place with a Cap as well!

older cappi
by: Anonymous

Hi am a aries woman in love with a older capricorn man,he seems distance sometimes i feel like he restraining himself from me. Our age difference is big but when we are together its wonderful,i think with caps you have a lotttt of patience,these guys pay attention to everything,and if they do they like you and maybe considering you a long partner. When they back off dont take it that they dont want you, there thinking and need alone time.stick with it i think it will be worth it.

by: Anonymous

Can anyone help me please.

I met a cap 8 weeks ago on a weekend, he asked me for a date the following week and everything went great. We arranged 3 more dates after that, 2 he cancelled and 1 he just didn't show up. I had written him off when 3 weeks later I get a text from him. He says I'm beautiful and he misses me so I invite over not even thinking he was actually going to show but he did he told me he didn't think I was that interested in him, that's why he'd stayed away, the reason why he text was because he seen a Facebook post of mine saying i was out drinking champagne with footballers and it had made him jealous, he realised he was going to lose me. He said he's thought about me every day since and that he wants to be with me, he asks alot of questions about marriage and kids and my opinions on cheating. He remembers a lot about me, even remembers what job my ex did.

I didn't tell him I wanted to be with him, but I told him I'd like to see him again and thought we had sorted things out and we had arranged to go out the weekend just gone, up until Tuesday he seemed okay, then the texts stopped and he's disappeared again I've sent him 2 texts saying I hope every things okay and another telling him I've left him a message on his fb and I guess this is my last shot. I sent him a message asking whats going on with him and why he keeps agreeing to meet me only to disappear, that was 4 days ago and I still haven't heard anything.

I just don't understand why he comes around and says all this, only to do it all over again.

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