Did I mess up with this Aquarius man?

I'm a Aries I started talking to this Aquarius guy we went to almost every school together but nvr really talked some months ago he had started hitting me up non stop and I wouldn't give him any attention because I had just got out a bad relationship so I would just ignore him but last month I started hitting him up and he would ignore me when I asked why he said because I use to do it to him basically we got past all that and started talking more and I started to like him so I told him he said he didn't want a relationship at the moment because he was getting deployed he is in the army and when he did want one and he was trying to make me his I was ignoring him but he said we could stay friends and when he came home will see what happens if I'm still single I understood that but we kept talking he would text me every morning and every night to tell me about his day we would send pictures and my feelings started getting deeper I told him how I started feeling he said he liked he knew how I felt I made him feel special and he told all his army friends about me one day we got into a argument I asked him did he tell females the same things he told me being I know he is a flirt he said yes I stop talking to him he wrote me saying he didn't want other girls like he wanted me he flirt with them but he wanted to hang out with me and take me places and just be around me and if he didn't care he would have said watever and let me stay mad or telling his army friends about me so we went back to being good a couple days later it seemed the more I told him about my feelings the more we seem to talk but he would be talking to other females on Facebook at the same time I wrote him and not write me back so I got mad and told him I wasn't feeling like myself I don't get jealous over other females but with him I was and I was gonna give him space but that I loved him after expressing myself I never got any response and when I wrote him again I wouldn't get a reply so I left him alone 3 days later I wrote him and explained I meant everything I said but I shouldn't have let other females make me jealousy knowing me and him were just friends still no reply then I wrote another 3days layer telling him unless he deleted me blocked me or answer I would send him a Jock every day he finally replied and said lol ok so we started talking again but its like one word answers and even when he writes first and I answer its still one word answers on his end I even told him I would always be his friend regardless yesterday I wrote him good morning he replied with good morning ma I asked how he slept he said good and that was it he wrote me later that day and asked wyd I replied and asked him and got more one word answer that was it I just don't know what to do I really like him and I wanna be his friend and see if we could be more maybe when he comes back but is it to late?? I don't want him to leave for a year and we are on bad terms I just don't see how he go from hitting me up everyday liking me super hard me making him feel special until now we barley speak O.o

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