Dishonest? Sneaky? Aries women

Though everyone is capable of dishonesty and suspect behavior, I have been helping a young aries woman for quite some time supporting her providing for her needs and even many of her wants I am a mother figure so its not any kind intimate friendship more like a mentorship.

I have watched her steal from me and lie to me for many months. My hope for her was personal growth and was providing a safe haven from the world but every time i try to confront her bad behavior she blows up at me like she is the victim.

Any advice on how to approach this? she is 20 I am a 41 year old Pisces with a family of my own my oldest being her age. Help I love this child but its time for her to grow up.

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There are dishonest people of every sign
by: Anonymous

You are talking about one person. Perhaps you should confront her-if you are to believe this astrology thing Aries are a plain and simple people and respond to directness.

Also, take this astrology thing with a grain of salt. It is crazy to think that so many people who share a 'sign' all behave the same and share the same fate. (I don't care where their moon is). That's not to say it isn't entertaining

spoiled kid
by: Anonymous

you can't expect her to grow up when you give her things she needs....
u need to make her work for what she wants, make her suffer a bit, WHILE being there to catch her should she fall

help for pieces
by: Anonymous

That's funny. The same situation happened to my parents. They were literally doing the same thing, helping her, providing for her, however whenever confronted with her behavior she blew up and became the victim. My mother attempted to speak to her parents, however it only worsened the situation. Aries in general are very stubborn, and the simple fact is she probably does not understand your way of thinking. She was brought up differently and what goes to pass in your house, in a sense she does not respect it. I understand that you love her, but Aries tend to think they know it all, and if she doesn't agree with your point of view, that's it. She might as well have turned calculating, and might not want to help out because everything in a sense is being done for her. I suggest you give her an ultimatum. She will blow up in your face, but make her understand if she does it again she will need to suffer the consequences. Aries have tendencies to be drama queens, and think with their innocent little faces they can get away with anything.

no more talking
by: Anonymous

personally i think people nag on aries people a bit too much -- they get too involved in their business.
my advice, just let her some peace for a while - let her find her way in the world - she steals cos i bet she feels restricted and you feel you need to save her from herself.
stop making her nervous by giving too much, too little, nagging etc. just let her be and possibly remove the idea she needs rescueing off your mind.


I have twin Aries daughters. Let me make this clear to you....THE LYING AND DISHONESTY WILL NOT STOP. They are very adept at appearing to be the victim while sucking you dry, financially, emotionally and any other way they can--it won't stop unless you put your foot down and no longer feed into the "wo it's me thing". Lying, cheating, stealing and turning others against you is their motive when they don't get their way, yet time and time again they will snuggle up to you in a helpless manner...Sorry but true

Aries women are honest and caring
by: Anonymous

Aries women are not liars in fact they are the ones that see through the bullshit. Aries women are BLUNT and will tell you exactly what's on their mind. Aries women are Very honest because they have Nothing to hide. They don't like fake wishy washy people. Best of all they care about other people. Now that's the truth!

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