Dissapearing Acts..Iibra woman and Aries Man

by Lala

I was dating an Aries for 2 yrs...and then he dissapeared. No calls, messages or contact for 2 months... We rarely fought. He acknowledged that he can be selfish, but he needed me to help him keep it in check. I didn't get the vibe that he was cheating. Whenever we talked about our relationship he would get really tense. But a few days later he would justlet out every thing/feeling that he kept bottled up. he told me that he likes to do things when he's ready so i didn't pressure him. After he left i sent a message basically telling him off. To my surprise a few days later he sent me a msg saying he loves me. Thats it. nothing more. no explainations nothing. Y am i confused now more than ever. Its going on 4 months and he still won't contact me. I decided to get over it and move on. I was warned about aries men...right now i'm paying for not listening.

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