Do all Capricorn men need time before committing?

by Carla

If someone could respond to me, I would be very much grateful!

I met this Capricorn man (33 y old) through friends. But he is not from the same country as me, although he is here to work and wants to stay here to live. The attraction was instant (but we were only in friendship because he had a girlfriend there in his country, although he wanted to break up with her). A week after we met he went to his country on a three week vacation.

We exchanged 2 sms while he was there but nothing special, but when he returned, he sent me a sms saying that he had returned. A week after he returns we were evolved emotionally and sexually. We were together for 2 weeks and he broke up with his girlfriend over the phone. She did not take it very well and is always calling and sending SMS.

However we continued "together" but not considered “in a relationship”, but I was going out with his friends, all together. We even went for a week-end out of town just the two of us (I even drove his car all the way back home while he was on the passenger sit - I heard this is a big thing). But after this weekend, on the next weekend we went out at night (in separated groups of friends) and I was talking to some male friends for a long time (one of them is even gay), and when the Capp guy entered the club, he did not say "Hello" to me, telling our mutual friends that "she's already in good company."

Then, that night he didn’t want to come to my house and stay over and we had a fight. Next day, he called me to “talk” ad said that he needed some time alone. He doesn’t want to stop seeing me, but he is feeling that I see us already like a “couple” and he is just not ready for getting in another relationship right now. He is going on another vacation to his country in August (for 3 weeks) and he told me that he needed to go and talk to his ex-girlfriend to end things right. This was 2 weeks ago.

We were “together” another time in the other week (our chemistry is incredible), after this “talk” and we still texting and e-mailing each other. And he keeps calling me “baby” when we talk on the phone. But... lately he doesn't call me anymore, this weekend he didn't say a word.

P.S. – I’m a pretty girl, so I’m frequently surrounded by guys that want to meet me, buy me drinks, and whatever, but I never pay attention to these guys, can make this Capricorn get jealous and go away? Is he afraid to fall for me because thinks he might get hurt?

Should I give the guy some time like he asked? Or is this just a way he found to keep me away for good? Because I really think he is a nice guy, but is he going to come back? He is sweet to me, if I send him an e-mail or sms he will answer, but I don't know... And I did not say a word to him or texted him in a week to, because I'm so confused :-(

Question 1: Should I wait for him and give him some time? And if so, should I maintain contact with him or just be quiet and wait for him to contact me?

Question 2: Should I hang out with his friends when they invite me? Or only if HE invites me?

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Yes they do need Time
by: Rmaa

A2:Dont hang out with his friends .Loyalty is v-important to him . he may get you wrong so wait for him , patience really patience is the key to win him .Show him affection and take care of him , show him your feeling & tell him your life without him how is it? .
They have a kind heart just be honest with him , his silencce may killing you sometims but belive me one day you will see a hidden part of him

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