Do Capricorn men always pull away after first time sex?

by scorpio1985

It's been 7 years since graduation and we ran into each other last march on st. patricks day. He was shocked when he realized it was me, he kept watching me from a distance and I couldn't help to notice he was observing me. At the end of the night he took me outside and wanted to exchange numbers. He said I looked beautiful and sexy and kept telling me to stay this way. haha Anyways, it's been months and he would text me to come hang out with him, but I kept blowing him off. So I finally gave in a month ago. We've been a few dates and I really do have these feelings for him.
We finally had sex about a week ago....amazing!! I wanted more! haha
Ever since we did it, he's been way more distant. :/ I don't understand. It's hard to plan anything with him now, something always comes up. I am very patient with him, but come on... I want to see him again. :)
He text me today and we kind of talked dirty to each other, but I don't want to make this a casual sex relationship.
Any advice? Does he like me?
Btw, I'm a scorpio female and him, obviously a Capricorn. Very sexy relationship...I want him. ;)

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