Do Capricorns break things off just over heated arguments?

by tracey

He really hurt my feelings in public again. I finally lost my temper and went off and then he said he was done....grabbed his weekend bag however still has yet for some childish reason, not taken me off his facebook as his "girlfriend nor changed his pic" or his relationship stat? I love him, I don't want to do it! We are adult here. I keep texting him telling him I love him & goodnight yet not response. I even call and say I am sorry. He can be a real dick to me a lot of times yet a true sweet heart. He has not called me in 2 days and told me he has never ever lied to me and that he was going to start calling other woman. Should I truly believe him? Should I maybe believe him that he is truly done? wow...What a teenage thing here. I am not 20 even. We are in our 30' help me!

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Same problem!!
by: Anonymous

Oh girl, I feel you!! I am in the EXACT same situation with my Cap!! We were in a long distance relationship for a few months, however I'm now moving to his area. Unlike a lot of Caps, he had no problem verbally telling me how much he adored me even though he was very shy. But we had one big problem. I've been VERY MISERABLE because I'm not happy where I live. I live in a region of the country where I just don't belong, and that's the main reason why I'm moving to his state. I would often become VERY depressed & emotional, and I committed a cardinal sin by becoming clingy, dumping all of my emotions onto him, and looking to him to make me feel better all the time. Eventually it got to be too much for him & he began to drift away. On the day he finally came out and said that we wouldn't work out together, I lost it and COMPLETELY BLEW UP at him. I bombarded him with about 20 text messages saying the worst things imaginable to him. When I later calmed down & apologized, he didn't respond. And he has not said a single word to me in 2 months. But strangely, just like you said, he would not delete me from his Facebook...even though I repeatedly told him he could delete me. Throughout the last few months I have continued to text him just to see if I can get ANY kind of response out of him. I have even repeatedly begged him to at least tell me if he wants me to never speak to him again so that I will be absolutely clear about this & know not to annoy him anymore. No response to that either! I have heard that Caps do not like confrontations, but wouldn't you think that any guy--even a Cap--would at least have enough courage to tell a girl not to contact him anymore after 2 or 3 months of it? Does he just have the tolerance level of a saint or could he just be biding his time for some reason? I was involved with another Cap before him who did not hesitate to tell me to fuck off and blocked me on Facebook and his phone when he was done with me. Why can't this one just man up and tell me to go away if he doesn't want me in his life anymore and can see that I am not getting the hint?? He certainly had no trouble telling me "stop that" whenever I annoyed him before, so what gives now??? I will be moving to his area in just a few weeks and I do NOT want to have him as an enemy. I would really like to remain friends with him at the very least, and the last thing he said to me was that I was "a dear friend who he hopes to know for a long time." Well he sure isn't treating me like a dear friend now! What's gonna happen when we run into each other? Is he completely done with me forever just because of ONE fight that I have apologized over and over for or is there a second chance for us now that I will no longer be the unhappy, depressed girl I was before?

Missing point
by: Anonymous

Hey girls after read your comments, as a cancer woman I can say that this is a common crab stalker situation ( my rising is Capricorn) wich make me more down to earth, in my opinion let them go . Stop the SMS thing, love yourselves first, if you do that maybe you take their attention or somebody else's attention. In my opinion no man like a woman that can't control theirselves and I guess this is the cap guy way to think, I guess that for this tipe of guy control is the key for everything and how can they be with you of you can control yourself?let it go and see what happen if they don't come back , there is a lot of good guys out there and believe me with time past by we always forget . It is what it is ... Love yourselves first. I can't believe I'm crab girl and let go is very hard to me but sometimes is the best thing to do. Hope u girls the best

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