Do Saggitarius men like to give oral sex?

by PrettyFish

I'm a Pisces gal and I've been with a Sagg man. The sex is AMAZING! (I just got turned on thinking about it. Lol) But it would be PERFECT if he performed oral sex. We're not in a relationship yet, but as explicit and uninhibited his dirty talks are I would expect him to just be open to anything. Is it just that it takes a while? I'm starting to think he's selfish. Not to mention he has the nerve to ask for me to perform oral on him. How long do I have to wait?!!

*Oh and I haven't been dumb enough to give in and give him what he wanted by the way. ;) Lol

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of course
by: Anonymous

Who doesnt like to? The best part for me is knowing my woman is enjoying it. Which is probably why we are 'typically' good lovers.
Basically, he might be nervous about trying it because he wouldnt know what to do?
If you tell him to do it he 99% of the time will.

by: Direct like Direct tv

HHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLL yeah i do... you cant stop me from moppin that tile or vacuumin that carpet or clearin that airplane landing strip. You beta know i quench my thirst... i didnt eat my wheaties but i ate somethin else....

no oral
by: Anonymous

I am messing with a sag and he does not give oral even though he wants me to. I always give him oral and he thinks by banging my brains out ten it is satisfying. I really wish he would just give me oral without me having to tell him. I am a pisces and feel uncomfortable asking him to go down. I know there is nothing wrong in this arena, I just think he is selfish where he wants me to do him but he will not do me. I'm about done with him bc its starting to get boring. I mean its 2010, what man does not give oral.

Giving head to a woman
by: Poseiden

Are you clean and fresh down there? I LOOOOOOVE going down on a clean, sexy, FIT fact, it's one of my favorite pastimes. However, if she is not squeaky clean and SMELLING FRESH ALL THE TIME, then 'no way Jose'. Another reason not to go down under is if she has a gnarly 70's bush.

Aside from that, then I can't imagine why he wouldn't want to give you head. It's hard to imagine him being good at dirty talk, but at the same time insecure about his oral skills?

It's a mystery....

by: Anonymous

I'm a Leo woman dating a sag...but my sag pretty much pressured me to taste me and we didn't even have sex at the time...he kept saying I wanna taste u..and I'll keep saying no...but he wasn't taking no by a long shot...he loves to please especially after I please him he just be trying to eat me up you'd think I'm a full course meal...I love my sag sexually da best

With one, and yes
by: Anonymous

I'm a pisces with a sagittarius, and he looooooves it. I've read some of the above, about being begged for it, and it's the same here. Of course sexuality isn't entirely based on the sun sign. His mars or Venus could give you a clue as to what he likes, or prefers. But from what i've heard most Sagittarius, and most men for that matter, love to give oral.

by: Anonymous

i am a leo woman dating a sag man...the sex && the oral is explosive!!! i dont know what u other ladies are doing or not doing but mine is only too eager to please and does he ever!!! i absolutely love having sex with him, we get it in!!! i dont know if he is the best match for a leo woman, if he isn't i dont know who is... and i must say sex with him isn't quick is a marathon...i wouldnt leave him for sh*t!! he is sweet and caring and loving...i love my sag!!!

sag pisces
by: Anonymous

im a sag guy and have only been in relationships with pisces sex is great currently but unfortunately im bored and she is insecure. do pisces and sags ever work out or should i move on to a leo or something more compatible

Sagg Man
by: Anonymous

I Love giving oral so its wierd seeing this but heres some advice. I didnt use to like giving oral because the girl i tried first didnt taste so great. If it tastes good we will like it and smell just the same. We pride ourselves on our appearance and smell so if we cant find the same its just not appealing to give oral no matter how great the person is

by: Anonymous

Maybe this doesn't really have to do with astrology n more of a personal thing? Some may think that oral on a sexual organ that sticks out is much more acceptible than on that doesn't, regardless of their sign.

My Sag Goes Down!
by: Anonymous

My current guy is a Sag and so was my last one, and they are both OUTSTANDING in bed. This includes the BEST oral ever. They love to please (and be pleased!).
Everybody else is right though - both complimented my cleanliness, good taste and tile vs. carpet. They're very clean and expect you to be, too. He's a Sag - just ask him what's up and chances are good that he'll tell you. Just be ready for the answer because they're straight shooters.
If you're not comfortable with sex, a Sag man may not be the best match for you because they like it fun, adventurous and often.

yes yes and Yes!
by: Anonymous

Speaking as female sagg...I like the control and intimacy of it... especially if the person is vocal and shows appreciation... but I insist on cleanliness at all times...

To add...
by: Anonymous

I'm a Pisces and seem to be irresistable to the Sags...I've had at least 7 heavily flirt, ask me out, and compliment me lately-? I mean, it's actually kind of odd. But, I think a lot of them remain bachelors into middle age and I'm still single & available. I think one thing these descriptions leave out is that Sags are very funny! To confirm, the Sag I am dating now is very passionate. I've never been with another sign, other than Leo or Scorpio, that is comparable on getting sexual, anytime, and just about anywhere. He's a clean-cut accountant, too. You would never guess how wild these guys are!! I'm more the sensitive type, so I do think this poses a challenge. But, he is very good in that Dept. Very, very! :) Pretty stunning, actually. I'm happy! :) But, we are so different. It will take work.

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