Do Taurus men forgive cheating?


I'm a Capricorn female & i royally screwed everything up with this Taurus male. we were together for 6 months, i know that's a short period of time but i fell for him fast and hard. we lived together for 3 months and i lost my job, he lost his job too and we both moved back to our parents houses. We use to be so happy together and i can swear on my life that we're meant for each other.

I cheated on him though, so he cheated back and then i went and got a new bf for a total for like 4 days and broke up with him because him and my Taurus ex started a bunch of drama and because im still in love with that Taurus man. When i started dating that other guy, the Taurus stopped talking to me and started ignoring me no matter what i said.

I dont want to give up on him because i know we have something good and i want us to start over again, be the way we used to be. I haven't talked to him and ive been giving him time to think. I dont want him to ignore me anymore, how do i get him to talk to me again?

I'm not asking him for forgiveness right away but ive said sorry a million times. How do i make things okay again? We were really serious and i don't think he can just forget me that easily right?

Ive never been known to be dishonest and i dont know why i was so dishonest with this man when hes my whole world, my best friend, my good side. I know people are going to tell me to just give up but im not going to unless he really doesn't want anything to do with me anymore. I really need help, please give me the best advice you can? I just want us to keep living our lives together, we made mostly everything we had into one. We were going to grow old together, have kids and our dreams were combined in the future. I know that doesn't make much since.. lol We were so happy and then i fucked up and that brought the worst out in the both of us...

I just want to prove to him im the one for him cause he use to think so!

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by: Anonymous

He will forgive you because he most likely is in love with you
Im a taurus I know ..J

by: Anonymous

as myself a Taurus too and he will forgive you but you must give him time and patence ( time to let the bull cool off so to speak). My best adive is to let him know your there and he will come arround

dont worry
by: Anonymous

create that trust all again... make him feel that it was a mistake.. he'll forgive..i'm sure coz me too a taurean...

by: Anonymous

damn girl! we have the same story hunny. we were together for the same amount of time, we fell for eachother soo hard in a small amount of time, and everything! He did ignore me and stuff for a while but he ended up telling me he misses me -_-, they're soo hard to understand but if you set your mind to start all over again, and prove to him that he can trust you and YOU try to make it like it was. DONT giveup. WE can do it (: , oh and he is a taurus and me a capricorn too lol. GoodLuck sweety <3

taurus male
by: Michael

Forgiveness is hard for us. Trust and our worldly things are two areas you don't want to mess with us on. Bull headed fits. Taurus doesn't give our trust away lightly and once scorched we take a long time to rebuild that trust. If you can't keep in the relationship and need to wander, don't settle with one of us. It's a disaster waiting to happen. Is it all worth it to work it out? Ask any Libra woman who has had a Taurus man - dynamite combination. If you're a Leo or Sagitarius you won't work with us either, sorry, but it's the truth. Virgo and Capricorn can work, but there's that difference thing.

You back into the Taurus relationship after blowing it up? Time, consistency and humble approach will get you there. You messed up. Woman up and admit it was lame act. Prove yourself loyal and willing to try and don't let him lightly push you away - it's really a test to see how resilient and honest you are about wanting back in.

I know, I'm a Taurus male of 5 failed marriages..I know what DOESN'T work and what would have worked in each case..

dun give up!!!
by: Anonymous

same here...i hurt ma guy so still i kept doin things 2 show him dat i luv him...when i finally decide 2 let him go...he was back...n now he behaves like nothing ever happened....dun give up...if he felt for u ever, he won't let u go

gemini women with taurus man
by: Anonymous

i am a gemini women been with my taurus man for 5 years we have 2 young children, i messed up, we are back together now he says he can forget but not forgive he says im the only person he trusted n knew anything about him n it hurts me now i knwq he started to build his trust bk with me now we got are plans for the future n he says he wants the nothing but the best for me but in the bk of my mind i keep thinking his he going to do the same he says he wouldnt dream of it? what do u guys think?

by: Anonymous

I'm a TAURUS too.. I was being cheated , and that blew my head.. i did something which i should not have done.. but i was not in my senses then.. when i became calm i realised i did a great mistake.. i said sorry to her..

i know that forgiving someone is very very difficult for taurus.. but getting bak to a taurus is as easy as butter.. u just need to make him feel that he is the only important thing in your life.. and then every thing will be back to normal as if nothing had happened.

Forgive and wait if your willing
by: Anonymous

He may forgive you but the question is, are you someone he would want back? Could be a long time before he comes round. You don't know what you have until it's gone, why you cheated on him in the first place is questionable, but for you, are you learning something here about your actions? Also don't chase him don't bug him, wait for him to come around. He will. I have been with a taurus for 3yrs, and I cheated on him numerours times! I was terrible, and why I did it? Because I was scared of being in a relationship, but he came around and wanted to start again, and I couldn't do it, because I realized I am not ready. Are you ready? Because once committed that you 2 for life lol

Not really
by: Anonymous

I am a Taurus male and my best advice to you is this. If he still loves you he will eventually take you back but he'll need alot of time. He will keep pushing you away everytime you try to get in contact. What you'll have to do is keep coming back, keep in regular contact so he knows your still there for him and still love him. He's not deliberatly testing you but he is going to push you away to see how much you want to come back. This could take along time so good luck.

by: Anonymous

I'm a RN whose has worked with only critically ill military men. My Taurus mistook my comments on new sexual appliances offered this men for a comment about him. He misunderstood everything and left me, thinking I was talking about him. Never would I deliberately do anything to hurt him. How can I make him understand or comeback to me? We were always so good together and our values are similar. I miss him so much and I have apoligized, what can I do...?

taurus vs taurus
by: Anonymous

im a taurus and i have dated with this taurus man for 2 months. i know its a very short period of time but it was very intense espescially after my 4 yeas of long distance relationship i have had before. everything was going perfect until he went to america, for uni. i was going to go next to him after a month buti have cancelled 4 days before sending him and email explaning why i couldnt come. i have went to this night club AND saw my ex bf and slept with him that night. i didnt want to lie to my current bf so i have sent the email. im so mad at myself and i want him to forgive me. we have talked once face to face but i have no hope. i really hope taurus men do forgive. Any advices would be awsome
( he lives in states i live somewhere else)

by: Anonymous

That is so sweet, and don’t beat yourself up too bad because we all make mistakes its apart of life. However I wont tell you to give up because I know that it's easier said than done when you love someone, but I will say since you started this whole mess, to start working on living without him, this way you wont be too hurt if he decides to leave for good or come back. I grew up with 2 Taurus's one is my brother and the other is my first. Both of them can tolerate just about anything from a woman they love, but the one thing they will not and can never forget is cheating. To a Taurus that is the ultimate deal breaker, and betrayal. Even if he did come back he will never trust you again, at least not like before, in which a relationship without trust is doomed anyway. He most likely will be 100x more possessive and 1000x more jealous than they normally are known to be. Not healthy for a relationship. Think about it, if you don’t believe me then do your research on Taurus male and see for yourself, read blogs and post from real Taurus's and you will see the number one thing they require, demand and cannot live without in a relationship is loyalty. However I will say you should back up and stop apologizing, it won't do you any good until he's ready and it will only make him weary of your rush for him to forgive you and it will probably make him question the sincerity of your apology. The more you apologize, beg, nag and plead the more stubborn he will become. Say you're sorry be sincere and mean it, and do something straight from the heart to back it up, then move on, and if its really meant for you two to be together he will come back no matter what his sign is. Don’t let this zodiac stuff go straight to the head, as it is a sin to believe anything is stronger than God's miracles and wonders over your life. Have faith. If you want this bad enough, then pray with all your heart then step back and watch him work. If its in his plans, then you can bet your last that it WILL happen.

Do Taurus men forgive cheating?
by: Anonymous

I recently hooked up with a taurus male. I am a scorpio female. He has left his last 3 relationships due to cheating. He states that cheating is something he can never forgive and I believe him. If your thinking of cheating be prepared to lose him if he finds out.

taurus insight
by: Anonymous

get fkkn real. just admit it to yourself that you were a sloppy slut and go look for another guy to give you the sloppy slut emotions that you were looking for... some guys enjoy the challenge of getting their girl back after they get cheated on... taurus def dont. they get turned off for sure. Something about other guys having "no chance" with his main squeeze is like the ultimate turn ON. It's fkkn stupid to hear all these taurus's get reeled back in with silly little 'patient compliments' from these sorry girls. The taurus' i know, wouldn't put up with this shit, and just chalk you up on the bed post as a pretty bird he had fun with. But hey, don't think this is entirely negative, just don't forget this caveat: if he's stupid enough to fall back for it, he deserves you.

2nd be thankful he didnt beat you. i think a man is well within his rights to take down a treasonous act. (i hear some complaining already, that if they are young, they are allowed to make mistakes)... well if they are young, she'll have more time to heal from it, wont she? unlike if she's old, then she has to spend good precious time healing. no bueno. best to make mistakes early in life.

3rd: i even see some dudes give this same bullshit advice "stick around, show him u love him, he'll come around" smh...
if this was ur brother or favorite cousin that we are talking about, and his girl cheated on him, u'd be like "let that slut go, and find someone even more awesome. enjoy the variety of women and move on after a week of grief, until you find someone worthy of settling down." or something like that. The dudes are idiots here, but the women can't honestly believe all men are dogs, and that women "just make mistakes." shit get real will ya? women can be just as slimey as the dudes that cheated on them and they deserve what they get.

4th. shut the fkk up about astrology being bullshit. we all fkkn know its bullshit. but this is how we geek out, so fkk off.

conclusion: i've never been cheated on (that I know of) and i probably never will. And its bc im a fkkn man. men lay down the law, or lay down for someone else's law. these taurus's here got laid down. real taurus' the ones that fkk over 500 women, and have multiple babies by ONE very good woman, and have money and all the shit they could ever need... these people set direction for themselves and keep it moving fast, and flowing hard. Life's too short for these kinds of mess. reminder, u will not live forever. stop fkkn over the people who will be sad when ur gone. if nothing else, you can be happy that you helped him get one step closer to a chick he really wants to be with (even tho ur confusing him with his own sentiment for u, he'll figure it out or be kept in check by his bitch. either way, fkk him)


p.s. this was a fun post to make. :) hope you enjoyed it.

by: Taurean Tyrant

Daddy summarised the truth abt real taureans. Men at least. The turn on thing is my life story, part of y I loved u was the idea that no1 els cud touch u, u moron. I hope this taurean man snaps back to reality and is put off by ur skanky ass. What's with these dumb whores anyway? Its always the loving guy tthey cheat on. Stupid nasty whores n fucking beta men make a pathetic combo.

by: Anonymous

well, alright, thank you. Just don't get all crazy on me tho.


I'm doomed will he come back
by: Anonymous

Hi guys and gayls! Ok so I'm a Leo woman, I mean I'm a Leo to it's name. Well I've been dating this guy off and on since 2009 , the problem that I have with is, he don't like to spend money and he's stubborn, no comprising and he"s always right, no matter what. Guess who i was dating.... I taurus . I couldn't for life of me figure out why I couldn't get thru to him, until I need some research on his sign. I've allwaysed broke with about 3x and he allwaysed return(not right away)about 6 months later. This last time he broke off, becuz he got saved and he was practicing the whole no sex before, so I got mad and told him, " that I couldn't do that, that I might have to get from some else, so he said there no way possible coming back to me, with that and other arrangements we been having.. I need a real bull to tell, what should I do. Like said before he allwaysed came back,but is that enough for him to stay gone.

Hell No
by: Anonymous Worst Luck ...

Forget it , don't take this offensive but he think you are cheap stink dirty bitches that just using him . his heart was ultra terribly crumbled . and still going on. you made his spirit burried . just forget it . he trauma about you . you stepped trillion times on his heart . believe me , he want to find somebody else . but don't be surprised , he may get back to you . why ? b'coz as taurean ,we have most intense love feelings and super loyal, thats taurean super weaknessess . but once he get back to you , HE WON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE . he will become ultra ignorant , while he with you , he would find another woman to put his unique love . maybe a scorp or another taurean

by: Anonymous

i dont think so that tuarus men can cheat anyboddy because ofcourse they ae sensuall lovers.

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