Do Virgo men ever pursue what they want?

I'm a Capricorn female and fell pretty hard for a Virgo man at my University when we had a class together a year ago. Like everyone has said, he is incredibly smart with a great sense of humor and we always seemed to be on the same page. I would often catch him staring at me and although he is usually surrounded by girls, he seemed to have a really difficult time talking to me - really fidgety and talked too fast. But he would tell me how smart he thought I was and anytime we happened to be in the same place, he was always lingering close and staring. Why won't he make a move? Everyone says our connection is obvious and that I should just make the first move but I feel really uncomfortable pursuing men. Do Virgo men ever pursue what they want, or just wait for it to come to them?

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Do Virgo men ever pursue what they want?
by: Anonymous

I think Virgo men wait for the Capricorn woman to pursue them first. not exactly chase them, but make the first simple move to say 'hey im interested'. This is probably due to the fact that Virgo men are afraid of rejection. Although cold and reserved on the surface, underneath they are very sensitive and loving, very very warm and understanding and will do ANYTHING to please you. For a Capricorn woman, I believe she adores expressive language and obvious expressions of love etc..... but communication is always the key! Initiate first, and if it fails, who cares, NEXT! (Capricorn here...but I have a Sagittarius Rising moon) but in my experience Virgo men do express their feelings in a subtle complimenting the right person for the right reasons... Capricorn woman always thinks negatively and wants to make sure the Virgo man is expressing these compliments to HER AND HER ONLY!!!!!!! be bold, blunt, honest and never ever beat around the bush!!! that's the key. No love games!!! just straight forward, you want to call him? call. good luck!

Do Virgo men ever pursue what they want
by: Anonymous

I am a Virgo female, but have a handful of Virgo male friends.... To the last question: Do Virgo men ever pursue what they want. Yes they do, but you have to make it CRYSTAL clear FIRST that they can, after that it's all full force.......One thing about Virgo's we are HIGHLY respectful and loyal so we will not want to break any boundaries, especially with someone we are interested in..... Once you have our attention you have us... Let your Virgo guy know how you feel and ASK if he feels the same way…

by: A virgo

I am a virgo, i am 22. Girls keep telling me all the time i am great looking and they flirt with me and all. But everytime i tell a girl i like them, they reject me, now i understand why they say virgo's never make the first approach. If i were u i would be honest with him, i dont know, if all of us get hurt as much as i have he wont make the first move ever. Just be honest, honesty is the last good thing in the world.

do virgos pursue what they want
by: Anonymous

i have been in and out of a relationship with a virgo male now 4 18 years he always comes back and they just need there own time sometimes to c if thats what they really want give it time and space and he will pusue what he really wants by the way im a scorpio and things always get better than before

I Truly Want Him
by: Mimi

I am an aries who definitely wants this virgo. I haven't seen him in thirty years,but we talk because he saw me on Facebook. i totally don't know why he wanted to talk to me. then he says it's because in high school he wanted to be with me,but didn't think I would want him. Are you kidding?I thought i could be his girlfriend from grade school! Yes I want him,yes,I have been waiting for this for years,and a reunion is coming up for the class from my school. YES,I want to be with him. And no he hasn't called me in a minute should I worry?I let him know I was really interested in him,what now?

"He hasn't called me in a minute."
by: Anonymous

"Should you worry?"

Don't worry about this Aries. If he in loves and wants you, he will call you or visit you some how.
Hang in there for a while if you don't hear from him, you may text him just to say hi! if he doesn't response, he must having a girlfriend or a wife to take care. Horay!! Virgo, you need to look and think deep. I believe Arise must be interested Virgo. You, no need to worry. I'm sayin' that- i don't mean that I like him, heh, heh. i'm not relate to Arise. Good luck to you!!

why he wont confront you
by: Anonymous

The reason why he wont come to you is because Virgo's are scared to see what you think or say back. Virgos rather perfer people to come to them and tell them what they want or think and usally they will agree with you.

do virgos ever pursue what they want...
by: Anonymous

im a capricorn woman who has been seriously crushing on this virgo guy. its funny how true the above articles are. :) yes, they do stare at what they want... i finally got frusterated with him and made the first move. (as a cap i hated that!) but in the end all i had to do was put my pointer finger out and signal him over and he took it from there. he schedules the dates, he calls when he says he'll call, he activly pursues... he just needed to know his efforts wouldnt be rejected. soooooo worth the first move. honesty is much appreciated by the virgos.

Do Virgo men ever pursue what they want
by: Anonymous

Not really sure. I've been with a Virgo guy for almost two years and still a puzzle to me. Until now i am still putting all the pieces together.I don't know if he's playing games with me or really serious bcoz he always tell me he wanted to spend his life with me and he wanted future with me. There are times he would tell me he loves me. I really don't know if i would believe him bcoz he would not hold my hands in public and everytime were together his eyes would be wondering around other girls. He moved to a different state bcoz of the job so I came out there to see him. What i didn't understand he never introduced me to his family. There was one time we went to his grandma's house he told me to stay in the car.I was in the car for 30 mins. He never introduced me to his grandma. The next day we went to his cousin's house to pick up a key. He left me in the car again and told me not to go out. I was in the car for an hour. Everything felt so weird. It looks like he's got a lot of issues. I really don't know. Now he said he's moving back home and he wanted to spend a lot of time with me. I really don't know if i wanted to believe him. I always have a feeling that he is seeing someone else there and everytime I would asked if there was someone else he would not answer my text and then after a few hours he would text me and he would say he was at work and he's tired of my accusations. He would never answered my calls or my texts a lot of times and then the next day he would text me as if theres nothing happened. But if i never responded on his calls or texts right away he would quickly accused me and would tell me I was shady. I do love him so much I don't know what to do sometimes. My mind and my body wants to leave the relationship sometimes but ther are times that I wanted to stay and wait I am really confused and lost...

I'm a Virgo dating a Virgo that is my best friends cousin
by: Anonymous

We have been dealing with each other for about 4 months now and about a month ago he said he thought it would be better not to sleep with each other. I didn't want him sleeping with other women, but he said he didn't want that much obligation. He travels a lot, but some how he still manages to see at their family events. We go out from time to time and talk on the phone, but I have to be the one to call.

The thing is I'm REALLY close with his family and he doesn't want to risk us going there then it doesn't work out. I LOVE being with him and even with no sex there is still something very special about him. We joke around a lot, we communicate with each other and we don't judge each other. I feel he is the one, but he hasn't given me any real reason to believe. I just no he isn't like any man I've loved, he is different.

Since we are open, I want to tell him I love him but I'm not sure!

long lost love VIRGO
by: Anonymous

i have bee in love withavirgo man for over forty years. I just found out he divorced and remarriwd about 18 months ago. In my life time I just want to tell him how I have always felt this is just something Ihave a deep deep desire to do be fore i check out and go onto glory.

by: Anonymous

16 years ago I met a Virgo man who is incomparable to any other man I've ever been with. I am a Virgo woman we were young and were together on borrowed time. we were together phyically for 2years. He then moved away. We were back and forth in eachothers lives, when we'd loose contact he would find me. I've been trying to find him but, as I already anticipated, it has been impossible. I just ended a 9year relationship and for the last 9 years he has been in my mind. Through him I learned what a potential soulmate might look like...I still love him and always will. However, I had to move on with my life even though a piece of me, he'll always possess.... When a man pulls back, take a step back into your own life. Do what makes you happy :) Be strong and Keep It Movin'

is it him, or the women he married
by: Anonymous

I met a Virgo man, online, born Sept. 13, he is an older guy in his 50's but I youthful looking & physically fit. We hit it off , & he did pursue me with calls & invites to meet him for dinner. After a few months into seeing him we became physically involved. It's great, and I feel a connection, but he is fickle. He has been married 3 times, & his last wife is way younger than me. He sees her a lot coz they share a young son. He does the disappearing thing, I stay at his place, I have met his young son, & another grown son. Things seem to be going well after spending quality time w/ him, then no txts no calls, the out of the blue he calls, I go & we hang out. He tells me he's glad to see me & have me with him, but he always says maybe he should stay alone & not get involved because he is broken. He knows I truly care 4 him, & I called him out on it & told him I dont think I'm the one he wants, but he said that's not true. I haven't heard from him. I dont know what's going on, and its hard to know if I should wait to see if he will pursue me or if he does care for me or move on. He is very aloof, but we have very personal and candid talks. He tells me things he has not or will not tell another. I feel close, then he pulls back & says maybe he should stay alone. What's going on ? Please anyone, help shed some light on this. Should I stay or should I move on ?

Welcome to my World
by: Anonymous

The word "Fickle" in the dictionary should mention Virgo men. And if you expect him to call you- you can just keep waiting. I was married to a Virgo man or 20 years and they are the weirdest men in the Zodiac. They never phone you, never say they are sorry for anything (it's always your fault even if they stepped on your toe- you caused it) and the pull the disappearing act and vanish for no apparent reason making you wonder. It is as if they are not human with real human emotions. They say they love you but treat you like nothing with no concern for your feelings, The best was to date one is to maintain your own life and take him when he comes if you feel like it.

In love with a Virgo man
by: Anonymous

I am a Taurus woman and have been friends with a Virgo man for 6 yrs+. In the begininning During the first 2 yrs of our friendship I went thru some very rough times in my life n he was always there n volunteered his help without me asking. He saw me thru bad breakups and broken hearts n said how those guys didnt deserve me. We use to go out dancing, beach, dinner, we did everything together but as stricly friends. I then moved to another state but things went bad over there n when he found out what I was going thru, he decided to go get me n I started staying at his place. My female best friend would insist that he was inlove with me, because he would do things for me that only a guy in love would do, but I dismissed her thoughts all the time. I couldnt even imagine us being a couple.During the course of me staying w/him, I met this guy n fell headover heals for him n when my friend found out, he was very upset I didnt take the time to get my life together before getting involved in a relationship. I ended leaving w/this guy n my friend n I spoked talking. He was right all along tho, the new guy turned out a nightmare. After 3 1/2yrs of abuse. I left him n decided to rekindle my friendship with a very heart felt letter saying how sorry I was for not listening to his advise n how I missed our friendship. He responded back saying he was happy to hear from me n how emtpy he felt when I left. Well we started comunicating again n needless to say, this time was different, we both discovered we had feelings for each other n decided to start dating n became physically intimate. Problem is that now that we're intimate, he only texts whenever he was to see me. We go out on dates n our sex is great, but then he disapears for wks, until he wants to see me again. We both had agreed to take things slow, how slow is slow. Well I got tired of feeling in the dark n I wrote him a letter calling him out on it n asking what are his intentions bc I really have my heart in this n I dont want to be a booty call n I rather not see him anymore if thats the case. Well its been 3 days since n no reponse. I wonder if he will ever respond n if he ever cares losing me. I love him with all my heart n I dont want to lose him!!! Can someone please share their honest opinion...

by: Anonymous

there are different truth about a virgo, there character, there thinking, its had for them to lie to anyone, when a virgo cant tell you the truth be sure he will be able to tell you the joke, virgo find its hard to love anyone and the moment you gain a virgo heart be sure he will do anything to secure you.its had to convince a virgo cos they seems to have eyes for everything, they can be so charming maybe by words or charater and that the major reason a virgo seems to be ladies dream. but the truth is they are not what they seems to be cos a virgo is not sure of his emotion, they are perfect with words that why its so easy for them to decieve you. if you are in love with a virgo you just have to be careful cos a single mistake can make him withdraw his love and he wont regret and be sure he will find a reason to be saint in such situation. the truth about him is never told. the love in his eyes is nature cos he goes around with care and charming face but its all a false of his true self.(am a virgo and what i have learn from the virgos)

Internatonal love mix up. S.O.S.
by: Anonymous

Okay so i am a pisces woman interested in a virgo man who lives overseas, we met through a dating site. We talked for a while and then he started getting busy with work and school but now that he is done with school he is totally ignoring me. Did i door say something that scared him? I told him how i felt and he hasnt said anything back. S.O.S. What do i do?

help what does he want?
by: tinks

i am an aries woman he is a virgo man, we met and were inseperable even though we both insisted we didnt want a relationship! he messaged me lots and a first i felt he pestered me a little...he fell for my confidence and the fact that i had a life and didnt need a man, to much of a social life and alot going on, he is also busy as he works 3 jobs plays football and also volunteers.
he pursued me after 5 weeks of us dating he said it would be a waste of we didnt go further.

to cut a long story short i fell for him hard and started to give up my life for him and demanded more time from him which then made him back off! we were together for 6 months! he wasnt overly sexual but my sex life increased with him, we had major chemistry in the bedrrom allthough you could tell this waasnt just about sex for him. anyway he told me that i was comparing him too much to my ex and i wasnt giving him enough space and i was being to clingy (which i really was) we started to argue all the time and i became really picky with him! this was all because i went on a contraceptive pill which made my hormones go through the roof and i lost that confident independant me who he fell hard for!
we broke up for 2 weeks and then he came back sayin he had made a big mistake and shouldnt of left so easily and he would never do it again. allthough he said he didnt want the same thing to happen again so he wanted to date each other, and take things slow! he wanted to see me as and when we were both free, take me out for meals, spend quality time together and in the future if we continue to get on he wants to start a relationship again, but at the moment with all his jobs etc he doesnt even have time for friends let alone me!! im so confused coz he said he doesnt want to lose me again but hes not ready to jump straigh back into a relationship because atm he doesnt have the time to give me which i deserve and i no this! hes got such a busy schedule but i think hes a little scared to make it official coz he knows il turn into tht psycho gf again (my words not his)
do i just be patient and continue to date him? is he using me? i dont think he is but ive never just dated some1 before thanks btw im aries hes virgo xx

scorpio woman
by: tina

So Virgos are known of being really shy.. well there is this virgo in my school who i have been crushing on for a long time now. He knows this too. I have had people tell him. But he is so shy towards alot of people, he seems to be really into his family and how he looks. which is normal for a virgo. well hes not really the one to date. So, the other day i gave him my number and told him to text me. He sounded happy by that and made me think he was going to text me, but he didnt..? what does that mean?

What goes on with man, a VIRGO man?
by: Anonymous

Virgo man emails, texts, sends gifts, then rejects all you give back.
He calls, states call me anytime, anytime, anytime, then rejects any call you make. What is he doing, does he care or hate me. Does he want me to go away? Feel pain he has felt maybe in the past, taking it out on me because I made myself available or whar?

Virgo Man and Virgo women
by: Anonymous

I was seeing a Virgo man I am a lot older than him but hey. He told me I was a Jaw Dropper whatever that means. But at first I thought he was the one but he keeps to himself doesn't express what he is feeling and I takes a toll on me since I am always trying to figure him out and stipulate because I have no clue what is happening in his life or at least he always made me feel like I was doing something wrong. Can someone tell me what is wrong with them? Sex was good but do they believe in fore play lol

Leo man likes virgo man
by: Anonymous

I'm a leo male who has fallen for a virgo. We met at work , a few times I would see him checking me out and when he says hi, it's like in a flirting way, we never really hit it off until, I had left the company, we exchanged info Facebook, phone number etc... We would text each other a lot , we worked swing shift so every night for a couple if weeks he would text and say hi to me and let me know he is home. Then our conversation would last for a couple of hours . So now I have a new job, I have not heared from him lately, he would pop up once in awhile and hit like on my FB posts. We actually have not talked over the phone just through text and FB messenger. Should I call him, or text him again, I don't want to look desperate, are virgos usually like this? They give you attention and next they disappear and reappear?

does he like me or playing games?
by: Anonymous

Libra woman here (33) who is a bit confused over a Virgo man (36). I am a Libra whose Venus is in Leo and moon in in Gemini. He is a Virgo whose Venus is also in Leo and moon is in Scorpio. He has a few other aspects of Leo as well. I met him when we were 17 and 20. I remember being very attracted to him but nothing blossomed because I was too young. Fast forward to present day and we meet again. Still very much attracted to each other physically however now we are attracted to each other intellectually as well. I learned he has only really had two very long term relationships, one of which ended in Nov 2013(it is now July 2014). We connected right away and although he tried we were not intimate on the first few dates. I did give in on the third encounter. It felt like it had been years in the making which if you think about it, was actually the case. The first week he contacted me (not too frequently) and he suggested we meet up those two times we had. The second week his son was out of town so I suggested the two times we got together. Both times we stayed over each other’s houses and were intimate. He opened up to me about some very personal struggles; he even said it felt like we connected on a different level. This was a Wednesday and Thursday. Friday I knew he had plans but still made an effort to stay in touch with him (because he said he lacked that in his last relationship). Saturday I asked him if he would like to get together because I knew we would both be busy in the upcoming week. He let me know he was going out with his friend. I said ok and left it at that. He was distant the rest of that day and we did not speak all of Sunday. Monday I received a text from him saying I hope you had a great Sunday. I replied saying that I had and that I hope he had too. I sent him a few texts here and there asking him non-personal/nutrition questions which he responded to early in the day. I then sent him one asking what his pet peeves were(around 2) then around 8 I sent him one trying to be a bit flirty telling him I missed his face and that it would be nice to look into his eye instead of my computer and He didn't read it until 10pm then replied with "thanks:)"
I asked him if he had a busy day and he said Mondays were crazy for him. Tuesday I sent him a small smiley face, he didn’t reply. Later that afternoon I told him I felt that this had diminished and that I wouldn't be bothering him anymore. He replied that he had been busy and that last week he had off. I asked him if he were still interested and his reply was this "what you are sensing is me taking precautions, not digging too deep too early, we will have to get together and chat to see what’s up" My question is, do you think he is actually interested in something with me? I don’t like to waste time on things that are not healthy. I do enjoy spending time with him. I feel I can learn a lot from him. He has also lined up getting my car fixed by a friend. The last personal text however said, I will text you later to see if you want to hang out and he has not said anything about hanging out since

Virgo Facebook connection
by: Anonymous

There s this Virgo guy who's friends with all my friends but I have never met him.
After a while I added him on fb and he liked a few of my profile pictures and so did I. Every now and then we like each other's pix.
One day I sent him a MSG saying he "should start posting this type of pictures since he seems to like it so much".He answered:" you think so?lol"
Then I had a change of heart and regretted sending that MSG so I said: "on second thought now that would be too much".To which he answered: lol

Then he posted that he was depressed so I commented:"stay positive." ( I tell this to all my fb friends in general)

Now Few weeks later he had a death in the family and posted it on fb. So I sent a MSG saying "sorry for your loss... "He answered "thank you sweetheart...I appreciate that."

Thing is I can't (virtually) read him. I've had a crush on him for years now just through his pictures and interactions with others and he's totally my type.
I also am his type from what I gathered from his pictures with his ex gfs.

But I have no clue what to next. He's a Virgo and I'm a cancer.

What do I do about my pices ex
by: Anonymous

I'm a Vigo man and my ex moved away to the other side of the states we talked all the time even before she moved but then she just stoped talking. She is a pices I am really confused I still try even though it been a year. What do I do?

elusive virgo man
by: Anonymous

So interesting reading these comments about virgo men. I have been in an on/off relationship with virgo man in his late 50s for 4 years but just about despairing as he is a friend more than lover though he says he wants us to be proper couple and blames me for the fact we are not!

Virgo & Taurus
by: taurus woman

Ok it seems that All my life Virgos have been drawn to me at work or in my personal life, and when I finally meet someone thats a Virgo - It takes ages for me to fall in love .. It always starts of as friends and I wear my heart on my sleeve and always in the end fall in love with my virgo male friends , but once I tell them how I feel they always seem to run away .. I mean weve started of with so much fun and exitement and as soon as I want to take the frienship to the next level they run away even after weve been passionated with each other and had such an amazing connection mentally and physically for a year and I feel like it happens to me all the time like a broken record .. I feel like the Univer is laughing at me .😣😢😭 The connection is there we never have fight or anything , may be I just love to much ?

virgo men
by: Anonymous

I am a pisces. It's true virgo men r charming always helpful insighful but there is another side to them. He totally had me fooled. They can kill you with kindness and them become totaly aloof and make u think u r the problem. I m a nurse and can recognize irrational behavior but virgo can keep their personalities well hidden. I found the best way to get along with them is always keep your eyes open and do your own thing and they will try to keepup with you. Final note: they r 2 much work!!!! We r still friends but this pisces has lost interest. U go girl. Life 2 short 2 b unhappy. This fish has swim away!!!! No longer interested!!!!

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