Do you Aquarius girls 'avoid' the ones you like?

by TG

I'll cut a long story short. Shes an aqua, im a gemini lol. We met in a class we were both studying and she went weird on me first turned from friendly to like ignoring and watching me etc then she asked me if I liked girls (shes bi and well im curious but shes my first) and i responded "i like you." and from then she like opened up a lot sexually at first and then spoke to me every single day for a while it was a bit suffocating to be honest and she asked a lot of questions like emotional ones like "would you get jealous if you saw me with someone else?" BUT shes.. for short lets say AMAZING!! lol anyway she told me she liked me once. So she cut down the communication and always delcined invitations by me to see her etc hang out with her or she'd make up excuses and once kinda stood me up. We still talk and she has her days she'll flirt like crazy and then she'll be like a bit distant, wont tell me as much info etc you know what I mean!!. So we've been talking for like 6 months now but she dropped out of the course so i didnt see her for a while but we'd speak often through emails during work hours and texting. She flirts big time with me sometimes and shes also sent me quite a few 'sexy' fotos of herself.

Halloween weekend this year we bumped into each other at the same club. I saw her first and went up to her all night she was all over me I was so shocked at her change in behaviour, she text me all night telling me everytime she'd move to a new spot and id go find her and she'd be really happy to see me and would start getting all over me dirty dancing etc. Anyway, we've never hooked up or gotten physical in any way but, we've talked about it ALOT and she always compliments me, tell me im sexy all the time etc etc. So anyway after halloween night she made contact first and was asking me if my friends said anything about that nigth at the club and i asked her said anything about what? they didnt see us dancing and she asked well you know that you like girls? So anyway that convo carried on and then i was asking a lot about one of her friends and i said she was hot, she got jealous and asked me "so you like her better than me?" lol that was cute. I told her no and that I was joking around, she was nothing to me and i didnt even find her attractive and that I only had eyes for her, when it came to GIRLS. She dissapeared for a few days after that. Anyway were talking again and everything was good, I asked her why she never wants to see me 1 on 1 I mean she's canceled or made excuses soooo many times. I know you must be saying "shes not that interested" but something tells me she IS and not only that but her behaviour she's hot and cold but when shes hot DAMMNN shes HOT!! lol and it makes me think she DOES like me but is playing games.. So i asked her and she she didnt reply and ignored it. I then sent her an email telling her its bull how she can ignore me and not answer something im asking and just dissapear hoping i'll forget about it etc act like its nothing but I wasnt going to do it this time etc basically i just told her I didnt like how she behaves in that sense and how would she feel if she was in my shoes and i was doing it to her and not to take it the wrong way but I was just trying to express myself and that if I didnt care about her I wouldnt give damn about how she is and acts. So i told her she knew I was waiting for an answer to my question and I wasnt going to chase her and that if she never spoke to me again then thats cool.

So whats her problem? Why does she avoid seeing me one on one? In groups shes completely fine and she tell me to go out when shes out (but always in groups her with her friends, me with mine) but i never get the chance. I just dont understand her behaviour, is she playing games? will she EVER give me a chance?

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TG and aquarian teasers...
by: barb libra monkey

Dear TG, I can fully empathise with your plight, having had an Aquarian as my life goal for over 30 years.

Opposite sex, but just as tantalising, and always had females hanging around, though he said they would just go to him and he didn't really want that. When we did get together it was magic and even again after 15 years apart...
However,he NEVER committed to anything, but I was to assume he had. When someone stayed over as too drunk to drive himself home...but NO SEX involved, it happened to be the night the Aquarian decided to sneak into home and leave without saying a word...until I asked him over for dinner next night. He broke off our friendship then and there because I found it hard to explain that yes a man was there but no he didn't touch me.
My whole life was destroyed at that precise moment, as I always hoped he would return and couldn't love anyone else, so remain lonely. We reconnected through a friend in 2002 and had 4 months of lengthy sat phone convo's that were extremely expensive, then met up and had an amazing 12 hours together, then he cooled off again, although admitting he loved me. We remain in contact via e'mail, but he will never give me a phone number or visit. Truth is, I feel, he still loves me and is afraid of losing his property and fortune he has with the lady he ended up with. I have to accept we will never b e together, but will always be friends. Aquarians also have the ability to love more than one person equally, which makes it even harder. They are fiercely independent and my sister and her partner of 30yrs are both Aquarians, and although they live together, give each other freedom to pursue goals and be their own person.
What I think the problem is with miss Aquarius is that yes, she does get off on you, but maybe is scared of being in any committed kind of relationship, so gets her kicks off seeing you get turned on by her. give her an altimatum and see if she responds, and just be a friend...
the thing about your friends seeing her with you...maybe she was just trying to show she also liked men...maybe her female friends give her uncommitted sexual pleasure after she is turned on by you??

Aqua Girl
by: Cosmic Girl

I'm an aquarius girl - all year round - I have found that if I am attracted to a guy I end up treating him like the he's the black plague. Its not to hurt anyone, it take me by surprise and become super aware of my feelings for this person and I guess that has freaked me out that'd I'd say something unfunny, dull or boring and just embrasse myself. Try to use that time as she's watching you interact with everyone, her friends, your friends, the mail person. Alot of my friends and including my husband has at times said they felt like I was under my microscope. We like you, we push you away. Maddening I know but once we have your trust and friendship you can expect our geniuness. If it happens again once committed, we're just reasserting our independence.

Press the game button
by: Aquuavelva

Hey, I totally agree with Cosmic girl were like that. What helps is playing games too. Im an aquarian girl and I hate to admit it but I like games soooo, heres some advice. LET HER CHASE YOU, but, MAKE HER FEEL SPECIAL AND UNIQUE. That way, shell never back off, and she wont get jealous or insecure with the other ladies. No matter what, if your at a night club show her you can be loyal and you dont dance sexually with other girls. Talking and socialising is okay.
PS: Games=hidden messages
PPS: this is only to lure her in, after that every aquarian woman is different once shes cuffed. Ask her what she needs and wants if your with her and shell be super happy if you fulfill it :)

by: Anonymous

I met a aquarius woman through a mutual friend. At the time i was hanging out with said friend.long story short,this friend was always flirting with me but i was not interested,seems she confided in herffriend( aqua).i really liked the aqua when i met her. I believe i was played by both.Aqua was very mean to me and she broke off contact with me.6 mos. later she wants to be friendly again. She flirts with me then she disappears. She has a boyfriend who i believe is there only because she feels sorry for him.i have stopped contacting her,she is not contacting me. We are neighbors.i am a capricorn woman and really like her.i need advice.

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