Does a woman need to pursue a Taurus man?

by Lucy
(Verona, NY)

I'm confused, Does the Taurus man need to be chased? Does our reaching out give him confidence to proceed or is it better to back off and wait for them. I don't want the backing off to appear as if I am game playing. Any information is greatly appreciated! :-)

Quick answer:

No, you don't need to pursue a Taurus man. What you do need to do though is make it very clear to him that you are interested. Once he knows that, most Taurus men are confident enough to take the initiative. Taurus men aren't timid, but they are somewhat old fashioned in this respect (something many partners actually enjoy about them)

They tend to be cautious, respectful, considerate and not very emotionally intuitive - the combination of which can make them assume you aren't interested, if they aren't 100% sure.

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thank you
by: Lucy

Thank you very much for that answer. Now it is starting make sense. Okay, if I get another chance, I will make it clear and then back off. Perfect. Taurus's are REALLY hard to read.

A little more advice
by: Brama Bull

To be truthful if he likes you there will be subtle signs until he is for sure that you would recieve him. In the meantime brush up on your feminine charm. We go ape shit for girly girls and if we dont so much like to be pursued because we like to feel like we in control however we are very susceptable to being seduced. Trust it is the highest form of flattery for a taurus male. hope this helps

by: Anonymous

I just met a Taurus (gay dating). We had a dinner and then was planning on another outing, but work interjected and then he left for a preplanned vacation. He is the one who suggested a second date after our first date.
Remember he has a very demanding job.

He is now on vacation. Prior to leaving I left one email wishing a good trip and then I remember he had mention his computer is broke. The day he left I left a voicemail wishing him a good trip and was looking forward to seeing him when he gets back.
He waited till Sunday to contact me (3days) he said he was sorry for waiting so long to reply, but he just got settled.He asked via email if it would be ok to call me later that day. He called, we spoke shortly 15min max. nothing serious. Just asking how our weekend went etc.

My question is should I wait until he contacts me or what would agood time frame to email him to keep the communication open, but not being pushy.
Since he is home with family I don't want to call him because I don't know when he is with family.

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