Does astrology work?

I could be biased here, but I think anyone who's ever had a professional personal reading done will no doubt confirm that yes, it definitely does work. For many, how does astrology work? is the real question, and not whether it works!

However, astrology is very easily over-simplified, and many 'entertainment only' delivery systems exist, which aren't accurate, and don't do the field any favors in the long term.

Are horoscopes accurate?

Sadly, no. At least not the ones you read in newspapers. They're based solely on sun signs, and as you can imagine, it's highly unlikely that every human on the planet fits into one of only 12 neat pigeon holes. It sells newspapers, and little else.

Not every Aries is having a bad hair day and falling in love with someone wearing blue at lunchtime. While it is possible to generalize personality charcteristics into 12 broad types, it just isn't for daily events (which need an infinitely smaller level of detail to be useful). It's a workable solution, but for entertainment value only. In this respect 'public' horoscopes on news sites have made astrology lose most of its credibility.

With all that said, a personal horoscope (prepared for one individual, from their birth time) on the other hand can be very accurate.

Is astrology an art or a science?

It's 50% science and 50% art. Strip away all the pictures and hocus-pocus, and ultimately it's a big collection of data (the interpretation of which was gradually refined over hundreds of years) being extrapolated into an individuals personality, using the lowest common denominator.

The 50% (art) portion comes from the human who is interpreting that data. Most writers adopt a particular style. Some like a long winded, elegant description of love and flowers, while some prefer just the facts. Similarly, some writers prefer to deliver 'only good news' and won't cover bad or less appealing aspects of a personality or relationship, a method to 'sell more newspapers'

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