Does he like me romantically or are we just friends

by Leo falling

I am a leo and think I am falling for an Aqua man. We met online about 4 months ago. We started emailing and chatting via text. We had a lot in common. It got initimate very quickly and we decided to meet. (we live in different states) He tried to back out of the meeting but our signals got crossed and he ended up showing up an hour late. We were intimate with each other and had a good time. Then he ignored me. I contacted him and told him that the personal part of the relationship was in the past, but that he is brilliant in his work and I still wanted to work with him. (we are in compatible businesses and can share clients).

Since that time we have spoken just about everyday via text, email or phone and sometimes all three on any given day - weekends too. discussions are business and personal (ie details of what he is doing all day long and with whom - particularly when he is with his adult kids). We have discovered many more thinsg/ideas etc that we have in common and there is mild flirtation. We both initiate the contact. We get close to one another and then there is backing off period. We have rarely gone more than 48 hours without contact. We have gotten to the point where I have called him "honey" or "babe" just as a natural part of conversation and he doesn't flinch. We have not seen each other again yet. I would like to see him.

He is going on a long vacation and when I teased him a little bit about missing me he stated that we are just friends.

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Hang in there!
by: LibGal

Hi Leo girl!!! Well.. Aquas take a lot of time to confide in people. They have loads of acquaintances whom they call friends but in reality they have very few people in their life whom they trust. Their friendly nature can be misinterpreted as being interested. For them to take things ahead to a relationship needs a lot of patience and a strong friendship. Just hang in there and give it time. If he's initiating contact he is surely considering u. All they need from u is to prove them that u wont be going anywhere. If u know how to be urself and enjoy ur life to the fullest they're gonna keep coming back for more and finally start trusting u. Enjoy the moments with them coz there wont be a moment where u'll be bored. Of course, there will be times when u get frustrated but just build up the patience and understanding in u and they're the best people to be with. Hope this helped.

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