Does my Aries man just want me for sex?

About a month ago, an old friend (Aries man) from several years ago found me. From day one, it's been endless communication via text messages. I am unsure what he wants. On the first day, it was all about rekindling our friendship.

Day two, it was a totally different conversation. He started in on the intimate questions and possible sexual encounters between us. I am thinking he's only after sex. He swears he's not - he's interested in developing more. "I'm his, I just don't know it yet."

In my presence, he wants to cuddle and will shower me with compliments. "I adore you." However, over the phone, he gets upset when I tell him no or refuse to give him the answer he wants regarding intimacy between us. It usually causes an argument. It gets to the point where I think he has given up and he won't call or text for several hours. Then, all the sudden, he calls. I know he has a woman or two that he sees dates but he makes it seem like I am the one he really wants. He says a lot of things that I take with a grain of salt.

I'm thinking he is telling me what I want to hear. I am really confused. Is it just sex? I've read many things that says Aries men are very aggressive and highly sexual. Also, suggesting it doesn't necessarily mean you are not the object of his affection.

Even though he seems annoyed, is he really excited by my refusal? I am a bit shy sexually. I like to take my time.

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by: Anonymous

I'm back again. This dude is giving me a headache. I swear this is a battle of wills.

He wants what he wants and when he wants. In my case, it's me and him in a bed. LOL.

I feel we're lacking some substance here. I refuse to travel this route without knowing his true intentions. He hasn't shown me squat. He thinks I know him but I don't. How can I? I swear all he wants is a hook up. He tells me he's too old for that. I am the object of his affection??

However, he made a joke - saying he hooked up with another girl. At least, he claims to be a joke. I don't find very funny. He says I needed to loosen up but I think he is playing mind games.

Do you think a joke like that draws me closer to you? This is some high school BS.... I think I am throwing in the towel on this one. I think he is used to getting his way.... he better find another gal to play games with. I am definitely not the one!

by: Anonymous

the irony is that all of that is just going to make him want you even more

by: Anonymous

Are you serious? This is utterly ridiculous.

So tonight, he became foul and asked would I perform some sexual favors for him. Well, this is where I draw the line. Communicating with tact is definitely a skill he doesn't possess or practice. I can't believe his overly aggressive, crude ways work on anyone besides a desperate gal.

So, I basically told him that I don't have the time to listen to any more of his BS. When he learns to communicate in a respectful manner, he can contact me. He needs to go back to those other women who like Prince Un-Charming. Someone has pumped up his head. Boy, they can keep him.... I am So through with this headache.

Typical Aries I am afraid

Yes you are right the more you don't try the more he wants you. They go for challenges not easy pickings so you saying no just made him want you more haha. I was like you and really pissed off with this Aries Man I met, but I have to say that once you get inside their head and understand them it is so much easier to handle. They are selfish and conceited, big ego but at the same time insecure and childish (always me me me). They are known to have foot in mouth syndrome, sometimes innocently but sometimes to purposefully upset you. I read the comments other woman and Aries men had put on this website and believe me it has done me so much good. Now I really feel empowered to understand them. They want to be in charge all the time but at the same time dont want wallflowers or women who are weak. Feisty women actually turns them on haha. So in some ways the way you have been is actually a turn on to him. He wants what he can't have. You definitely need to find out whether he is has other women in tow as some are more promiscuous then others, They get bored easily and can be fickle. So yeh if you wanted a straightforward man you picked the wrong sign. At the same time dont let him treat or speak to you like a doormat either - the guy I like got nasty and I stopped texting him and told him to phone me cos wasnt going to take that shit from him. They can be very insecure aswell but are highly charged sexually. They are known for stubborness and taking risks. Now I am on much better terms with this guy I like and whilst I don't know whether we have a future looking at this website has helped me tons to get inside his head. I know how to deal with him and what buttons to press and already the things I have put in place are producing good results. He said the same thing that he didnt want a relationship and got equally pissed off when I told him if he wants a quickie then look elsewhere. Same thing he got very funny and nasty but tough! Ironically if I had just slept with him he would have been history by now because they dont want an easy ride (excuse the pun) they love the challenge - so being quick to bed them is the worse thing you can do. Good luck!

We like to work for it
by: Aries

Yeah, he wants you more now.

If you're interested you should tell him so but that you want to take it slowly. He'll stick around. I'm sure he'll be imagining the whole time what he wants to do to you

Move on!
by: Anonymous

The last guy I was involved with was an aries. Talk about a mistake...The first warning sign he has kids. Not to say there's anything wrong with a man or woman having kids, but the last couple of guys that had kids, there always ended up being problems. Anyway, the second warning sign, when his kids mother found out about us, she flipped out and was pretty much stalking me on facebook and through email. Now over a year later, after putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, this guy has been messing us both over. Lying and carrying on. Well, towards the end of our "relationship" he sent a text to her and sent it to me as well saying he wanted to work on us and he wants to work on us but you don't want to. Obviously he was talking to her. Needless to say I finally said enough with the bull and let him go for good. Now he's tried on several different occasions to contact me and on all occasions I've told him to leave me alone and move on. I guess my story just goes to show that the Aries guy I had in my life, and not all men born under this sign are the same, that he enjoyed amd still enjoys the games. The best thing I could have done was let him go....

pls help
by: Anonymous

Hi! I have just been reading all these things about an Aries man and trust me all the personality traits are so right.I have a very close Aries man with whom I discuss a lot of intimate things I mean our conversations are more about those rather than normal day to day topics.Now the issue that has cropped up is that recently he was busy with something and I accused him telling him that I am so hurt and feeling miserable that he isnt replying back later on he spoke to me and explained me that he was busy with work.Just recently he didnt again pick up my phone calls which made me again wonder whats wrong so i texted him quite a few asking him to reply and tell me why is he not taking my calls which leaves me so confused all the time.He is a great guy trust me on that but sometimes I just go nuts trying to understand him.I dont get the hot and cold treatment coming from him.At times he behaves like I am the closest friend that he has and at times for no reason not that I can think of any he behaves so cold and unbothered.Pls help me what should i do now as he hasnt been replying back or picking my phone calls.Should I stop bothering him and give him his space to come around? I care a lot about him and certainly dont want to lose him at any cost.i do not know or understand what should be my next move to make him come around and talk to me thats why resorting to take help from here.Pls advice on what to do next.Thank u so much.

sounds like my aries guy
by: Anonymous

This sounds like my aries guy we date a few years ago for a while then ended cause he want to work thing out with a ex. about a month ago we stared texting again day one was all about him wanting to be friend and getting to know me again.He state he was sort of in a relationship with someone but wasnt sure if he loved day two he was texting sexual stuff i told him i wasn't comfortable talking about stuff like that n it was getting anoying he would stop for a couple of hours then it would start again. i keep asking him if it was just sex he was after and he always said no that he really wanted to get to know and wishes he could change the past.The another day i had enough of the games and decided to sleep with him to see if that was really the only reason he was talking to me and surely enough since i did i haven't heard form him again. IF you really want to find out if that's all he is after sleep with him and see if he still talks to you after

by: Anonymous

This really sound like my aries guy. What is his name?

sercet lover
by: Anonymous

I met an Aries man thru fb and we became married so we just texted on the phone....unhappiled married by the way.....after about a month he flies from new York to Georgia where i husband just happened to be out of town so we hooked about three Weeks layer he says he lost his cell phone but I dony believe a grown man can go a week without being near a amyway he texts me on fb like im not ignoring you......but that'd how i felt so i just tried to act like i didnt care just talking and posting with other mutual friends then one day he sends me a message saying he doesnt like one of my post so i told him i dont care about him or what he thinks......because he hasnt tried to call me i thought he didnt care for me.....but he got angry and said i never loved him if im so easy to walk away.....i calmed him down and told him i still care but my question my Aries in love with me beacuse he got angry i didnt wany anything to do with him or was it just for his ego

he say he isnt looking for a relationship
by: Anonymous

ok about six months ago i became friends with a guy from work he told me he was in a relationship but wasnt sure how long it would last and so we just were cool well he left and went to another job and two weeks he texted me and we started talking... he told me he and his girl no longer are together and that he isnt looking for a relationship he just want to be friends... i like this guy he is sweet traightfoward goodlooking hardeworking intellegent and has no kids... the problem is im getting mixed feelings because even though he say he dont want to b in a relationship we talk all the time when i visit him he treats me like im his queen... we have had sex a few times but i toild him about three months ago that if he just want to be friends that we had to stop... nothing has changed except the sex.. i guess my question is im falling in love and i dont and i dont know what to do should i break away or should i stick it out in hopes that he may wants somethinng more

He need space
by: Anonymous

I had an aries man who wanted me for like five years once I gave him the opportunity he treated me like a queen. We even got married and i started having trust issues with him i know of him to be sneaky. To make a long story short we started having serious arguments all the time and he said he want space he's not breaking up with me. Okay it went from that to he will call sometimes when he feel, so I said he don't work like that you want your space have it. But honestly I miss my husband and i try reaching out to him telling him i love him and he need to come back, he never reply or answer so i stop all together with everything , what I want to know is if he gonna come back for the fact that he probably thinking I don't care anymore. Any. Advice?

Friends with benefits?
by: Anonymous

I've known an Aries man for 3 years now and the only time we see each other is when were out and about. Through E-mails, texts here and there. We don't plan outings or things like that. He's always telling me he wants to do this and that.It never seems to happen though. I have told him you want it you have to come get it. He seemed to like that. When were around each other when were out and about he treats me like a queen. Anything I want I get we tend to live it up.I care for him a lot he's really nice and I love the sense of humor it's sometimes vulgar but I don't mind it because I can come back with the jokes to. When were together he tells me a lot about his life and growing up. He sometimes comes to me like a hurt child that just needs love and affection. I absolutely love it! I eat it all up. There's times when he'll call me 2 in the morning from a long night out. Just to come and lay with him. I have slept with him a few times but not when he calls me in the early mornings. I've set my boundaries with him and he respects them. Even though he tries Oh so hard to break them. I sometimes want to try and make more of this "relationship" but scared it'll end in disaster. Also I'm quite confused on what we have going on here. But also very content/happy with it all. It gets very confusing at times he's never said he doesn't want a relationship. I've never asked either. He recently told me that he wants to try and settle down and do the family thing. I know this might sound all so confusing there was a lot I wanted to mention and typed how it came to me. So I hope someone can understand this and give me something to ponder about this whole ordeal.
Thanks a Cancer Woman

by: Anonymous

First, it depends very much on YOUR sign. If you're a cancer or pisces or any sign that is easily hurt and offended, stay away from an Aries man. On the other hand, if you're a Leo (like me) you will be able to spar with this guy on an equal basis. I find his directness and agressiveness refreshing. No, they aren'tthe most subtle but they don't lie (unless you have a defective one) and won't cheat (unless they're not that into you and then you have to ask what you're doing there to begin with) I find Aries men are honorable, direct, and loyal.

Aries man and Taurus woman
by: Anonymous

I met a handsome Aries man on a dating Web site. We talked off and on for like three weeks. We had a meet and greet. WE really had great time. We talked and he told me some personal things that he was going through like he really trust me. He texted me saying how much he enjoyed our date. The next time we met he had a situation that happened and I went to be there for him, we were up for hour talking. I had been expressing how I didn't want what we have going on to be only about sex and that I'm looking for my soulmate. He expressed how much he want the samething for him and his children one of them who lives with him. The connection we have is so incredible and we enjoy each others company. In the mist of an emotional conversation we had passionate, mind blowing, hot, unbelievable sex. Keep in mind normally I don't rush into a sexual relationship this quickly. He keeps talking about how great it was and he keeps throwing hint as to being exclusive. The next two days he calls me but not like he use to. He will tell me he will call me later and I don't hear from him until the next day. I'm afraid he has lost the type of interest he had before sex. We have plans this weekend. Am I over reacting and should tell him how I feel? Help!

to the secret lover
by: Anonymous

To the secret lover did he at least tell you something about him self? Did he say if he had a girlfriend when he hit you up on fb? Or did he have you believing he was single? Because it sounds like he has a girlfriend it a wife that's why he was responding too you. He didn't lose his phone that was a lie he got what he wanted and left and that's so wrong. I wouldn't waste my time on him. Try and work it out with your husband if you can. As you can see the grass wasn't greener on that side of the fence. Good luck too you.

What should I do??
by: Anonymous

I met an aries guy, he was romantic at first.
I made sex with him right away.
I don't usually do this but he touch made me crazy
We been out for a month now.
Actually we been in.
He only invites me home. Usually for sex. He offered me sometimes to go out or for a weekend but we postponed everytime.
Last time I saw him he told me that he is not for marriage and if I want something like that I should know that this will never happen with him.
I told him that I want to get married someday but not now and not him him. But I could be in a relationship with boundaries. And I left.
Next day he called me to see me. We met and the same thing happened. I left again.
He called me again today... I don't want to end this, I like him but I want to be free to have possibilities about everything. I don' want to marry him but I want to have the freedom of choice if I want to someday...

Complicated but so simple.
by: Anonymous

Aries or not, especially in this case since it's aries in question.... When intuition kicks in and you start to suspect stuff... PUT YOUR GUARD UP!!! Men are generally interested in what seems impossible. In other words do not make yourself seem easy or available. No one wants to wreck their brain wondering, before long they will reach out. I'm a woman and it pains me constantly reading most of these posts.
If you genuinely love something let it go... If it's meant to be it'll be right back in your face. It's called letting the natural unfold. Something I find some or most women have serious difficulty doing. Trying to make love happen or seeking explanation from the man in question ( no matter how hurt or right you are) would only make you come off as DESPERATE, EASY, NEEDY or simply confirms his behavior or attitude in treating you as such. When you avoid someone who hurts you, it gives them time to think about their own actions and sooner or later they'll come around with remorse and want to redeem themself. This is just my 2 scents from personal experience! Has never happened to me again since over 15 years ago.

anyone know if this is worth fighting for.
by: Anonymous

I'm a Gemini woman and my husband and Aries we've been together for about 4 years and I don't get along with his mother. she's manipulative and she wants to have full control and its annoying we he treats me like a queen for the first two years of our marriage and then he goes off and does drugs and gets involved with his mom again who is an alcoholic and so he got on man that went to rehab twice cheated on me multiple times and then try to switch the situation up saying that I argued with him alive and didn't give him attention when our son was born well he had to go the jail and I call the cops on him once because he went off on a drug binge and came back to my house telling me that he wants to wild out until he has to go to jail so I was beaten up the process we have a two year old son whom he tried to have a relationship with but I finally got through with it and I pack our stuff up while he was gone at his moms house while on drugs and I took our son and move to Oklahoma so we can have a better life. he starts talking crap about me to his mom and moms family and then called me telling me how sorry he was and that he will change his life for me and that he'll try and do this or do that well then he stopped contacting me and then he started contact me again telling me he loves me and blah blah blah never mentioning sex but he didn't try to financially contribute to us at all it playing games, lately you've been texting me nonstop tell me how much you love me he wants to marry me again and how beautiful our son!

Aries aren't all douches/advice
by: Sandra

I'm in love with an aries. Yes, he's sexual, but he take everything I say into account whether it's sexual or not. For some reason, I've told him everything. I even tell him when an ex texts me. We have no secrets. What I have done since day 1 is to not text first. I usually never text someone first. I'm completely myself. He says, "you're crazy funny and the most beautiful girl in the universe." Everything about him is what I've always wanted. He texts me long paragraphs. If I ask him a question, he straight up answers it. He never gets sexual with me unless I initiate it. I can say the weirdest things and he laughs. Most find it disgusting when it's just my sense of humor. The other day I told him, "you're so hot that when you eat bread, you poop toast." He got a kick out of it. I sent him a pic of me while making a llama head with my hand, which brought to life our invisible llama. His name is taco.
All in all, I think everyone should just be themselves. Don't change who you are just to get a guy to stay longer.
Also the 5 year marriage thing: that guy is an idiot if he doesn't see what you guys have. If you didn't love him, you wouldn't of married his ass for so long. So I wouldn't bother to keep reaching out to him. He should already know.
Plus shouldn't it say something when I guy chases you cause he wants you... So what does it mean when he doesn't chase?
Think about it. It'll save you time. Don't waste what time you have to find love.

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