Does my Libra honestly love me?

by Anonymous

Well,I'm not actually dating a libra. But we kind of act like we go out. We're always hanging out, texting, IMing eachother, holding hands and talking about well.. sex. We also talk about our future together and how we're always going to keep in touch and meet up if we ever separate. And our babies and stuff. He always tells me he loves me and that he's in love with me. He tells me that besides his family, I'm the most important thing in his life and it would be nothing without me. He's so kind and he'd do anything for me. I feel like a princess whenever I'm with him. And sometimes he would just stare at me for no reason. He even bought me something for valentines day.

But we don't date.

In the beginning when we started getting serious I asked if we could go out and he continued to give me excuses of why he couldn't. And he's secretive. I always have to ask things over and over again until he gives me an answer. But then sometimes the answer he gives me sounds like a lie. Then when I finally got angry and told him to forget it, forget everything, he asked me to go out with him. I'm confused.

I told him no. Only because I felt like I was pressuring him to ask me out. I didnt want him to ask me out because I wanted him to. I wanted him to WANT to ask me out. He kinda has a wandering eye which bothers me because I don't know what he's thinking when he looks at other girls. It's not a blunt, drooling obvious stare at girls but I catch him glancing. And I'm sitting here thinking "why look anywhere else when I'm right here..?" I love him but I dont know if I can trust him around other females. Especially the ones that LIKE him.

I'm an AQUARIUS girl.

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I don't know if he loves me too...
by: Uci

Yeah, I'm a VIRGO girl...I love him, more than anything else in this world...He is caring, cute, handsome, but we're never talk before...Now, we're separate in this world...But we're still texting in facebook and WhatsApp...The way he text is just like HEAVEN...Too caring! The way he text, the way he smile, and the way he walk...I miss him...But I don't know if he love me too...I'm always hoping about this stuff..Huh....Can you help me this out?

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