Does my pisces man like me? (scorpio woman)

by tasha

Ok i am a Scorpio female and i met this Pisces man on the internet. When i first saw his pic i was like wow this is a really nice looking guy, and trust me i don't normally respond to men on the internet i usually just like to read how many compliments i can get daily {Scorpio thing lol} but anyway i immediately sent my number for him to call me because i was so attracted to his pic about a couple days later i received a text from him which said hey beautiful and i didn't know who he was and he explained and we began to chat during texts so we agreed to meet a couple of days later so we met in a public place and i was so attracted to this man it was crazy i never knew at the time he was a Pisces and i definitely didn't know about the Scorpio Pisces connection. sooo we chat for a while and he tells me he has some things to do and he wanted to come and see me later that night and i said fine but he never called and i thought to myself maybe he wasn't interested. Sad but i kinda brushed it off and then early the next morning i receive a text saying sorry something came up but he really wanted to see me again but any way to make a long story short this was the beginning of my two year friendship with this Pisces man we talk steadily for months and then he disappears and then he comes back and then he disappears again we have never had sex but we talk about it all the time i have not had sex for 3 years because i just vowed to only have sex with someone i love i don't like meaningless sex its just not me i want to be with him. so about a week ago his birthday came around i bought him a gift and we hung up for a lil while and we kissed and i opened my eyes and his eyes was closed well back up when we start kissing he stopped and told me i was kissing him fast and i need to kiss him slow, so of course i did as he said and it felt so amazing but i just don't know he tells me that he is scared of me all the time and i don't understand what he means i just don't understand i am so confused i just wanna know does he like me or not help please Pisces men or somebody with the same situation.

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pisces men
by: female scorpio

well strange isn't it i been going through the same type of situation. me an this pisces guy have strong connect that i have never experienced in my life. it's strong, intuitive, energetic, it's beyond what i have ever felt. we have not had sex either, i also want to share it with some 1 i love, guess its a scorp thing huh ? his feeling is so powerful our souls speak to one another. but we don't live in the same state and when we get back to talking he disappears also, and then pops back up for more lol.... i would say the feelings are mutual with you and him most def. its actually more exciting not touching each-other than having sex, cause the way it feels. it feels like sex without the sex if you know what i mean...

my advice
by: Anonymous

I'm a Pisces guy and have an AMAZING Scorpio friend(girl) and we can talk (on msn) about philosophy and love and sex and everything! But when I'm with her I'm nervous, I don't know why It could be because im afraid she wants sex or... I don't know.

I just don't know but I feel way more comfortable if i know someone individually and sit with this person watching tv without thinking about sex. But sometimes I just fall in love immediately and I totally show it.

So basically I don't know and if a Pisces guy hasn't figured it out by now, you wont either :p

Seriously though, I believe that if I don't love someone immediately I will probably never.

good advice
by: tasha

thanks for the advice both of you it really helped and for you pisces man i totally agree with what you are saying about being comfortable that is something that is very important and i dont really care that much about the sex i just like spending times with my pisces friend and if we just be friends for the rest of our lives i will be fine with that because i really enjoy our conversations and he makes me feel like men really can listen to women and give good advice. i would never do anything to jepordize our relationship. i just dont want him to be scared of me but i guess its just a pisces thing lol.

Pices (male) and Scorpio (female)
by: Cajun Lady

I am a typical Scorpio untrusting etc. I recently met a guy off a dating site and we have developed a relationship. We have had sex. It was absolutely incredible. Unfortunately he lives 250 miles away. BUT the awesome thing is he just went and rented a new apartment close to me IN THE SAME CITY. I am so very excited. I believe that he and I belong together. I feel like in the past I could not really be open with my waves of emotion with out being criticized but with him I just tell him every little detail. I like the fact that he guides instead of bossing me around. He is very gentle and extremely understanding and kind. I would never ever do anything to destroy this relationship up because I believe he is my soul mate. I want to protect and nourish the feelings we have for each other.

We have definitely bonded in so many ways it is unreal:
-intellectual conversation and understanding
-values are the same

If you could tell me this I am unsure if you want to remain friends with this male or if you would like to a b/f and g/f relationship. If you do I would highly recommend having sex. It would be a way to establish that both of you are serious. I believe this would also show him you are committed based on the feelings (you don’t want to have sex) you have conveyed to him. He will take that and have a deeper understanding of you. I really believe this guy cares for you. I think you are just not opening up enough to share how you feel so he could make a commitment to you. Well please let me know if your relationship develops.

So true
by: Anonymous

I agree with most of the Scorpio ladies here (I am one too!) My Pisces man is so gentle and romantic to me but I still feel that he's mysterious sometimes. He's a very confident man but with me he does get a little nervous. Very very dreamy, sometimes a little feminine (he will light candles everywhere around the house), just to create the right atmosphere for us. We connect first through mutual interest, and began to have many intellectual conversations. Soon we are supporting each other mentally and spiritually. I really hope we'll work out.

no no no...
by: TheCaptain

ehh... get rid of him. If it was me, he'd be gone when he first stood me up. you guys have to realize- a lot of men out there think they can do whatever the hell they want. its up to YOU to let them know that you won't be taken lightly or walked all over. so personally, i say screw him...

by: Anonymous

Very very dreamy, sometimes a little feminine (he will light candles everywhere around the house)...

Have all you beaches lost your frickking mind???

by: Cajun Lady

What mind? No I do not think I have lost my mind. It never was there.

FOR THOSE OF YOU involved in the conversation and not casting rude comments. I would like to update you on my progress in the relationship. Our days are wonderful however I am finding that sexually I believe I have forgotten how to take my time with that. It fortunately has not caused any problems but I feel that all the “love” I tried to make with my previous partners was futile which resulted in my current state a “loss of passion in my sex” not that it can not be gotten back. It will just take some honing no one seemed to care before. Now that someone does it is strange not just to do it for them but to do it for the pleasure of both of you. I think I was just so rushed in the past I just wanted them to be done and forgot about myself. Well that does not happen with him. It is strange and awkward to have someone care for you that much.

His dreaminess YES OMG. He is definitely a dreamer. It seems you should not shut those dreams out of his mind you must nurture and contribute ideas to him. It will help him feel whole. However don’t make that activity your whole day he will not mind it if you take control. You don’t have to do it brusquely just redirect the conversation where to if it wants that dream to come true he must do: blah, blah (what ever is pressing)

pisces male insight
by: Anonymous

i've been with a scorpio woman and i love her so much. but like all relationships, there will be shady times. unfortunately for pisces, a scorpio woman (based on experience) would remember every shady moment you had in good times and especially in bad. eventually it will outweigh everything that is good. as a pisces, this can be scary and will hurt big time. but that depends on how mature your pisces man is. he might be very much into you it's just that he might not be good with directions. hopefully as a scorpio woman you can guide him towards that direction (into your heart?). that shouldn't be hard for you. you will benefit from it, i promise. let's not get carried away with the "L" word though. It doesn't matter. Trust that your pisces is genuine. if he is passive, it's because he's not sharp (not ready to meet you at that moment). Anyway, i'm not sure how long it has been since you posted this but i'm interested in your developments. hope you can update. enjoy life...

Here it is...
by: StrongPiscesMan

Just met my first Scorpio woman I am interested in dating. We had instant chemistry and were immediately all about each other. I am a driven strong Pisces, and she is a beautiful sexy Scorpio. I am white and she is black which I think has added to the intense feelings for some reason. As for myself, it is all about the experience. It is slow, mythotical and unbelievably intense. My advice is to follow his lead and he will take you on a sexual journey you never knew even existed. (That is what I personally have been told) It is ok to be a little aggressive with him because he may not "take a hint". Once he commits, you will find unrestrained passion. Even though my adventure with a Scorpio has just begun, I see it going in an amazing direction. Sex does not have to be instant with us. The lead up to it should provide explosive reslts. The emotion and passion btw these 2 signs seems unmatched. I believe honesty and communication is the determining factor with the overall success. The mutual bond physically and mentally seems unmatched. Although I have not had sex with my Scorpio yet, I know it will be unbelievable.

Its For You
by: Knowone

I know this is probably an old post, I just want to tell You Scorpio women why we Pisces men "dissapear" sometimes. I have recently fallen in love with this Scorpio woman. And she has fallen in love with me. But she wont date me.
We Pisces are insecure, but only because of our caring nature meaning we dont want you to feel uncomfortable with all the things we want to show you...but our intuition tells us when you are "ready" so we have to go into our analytical side (because we are two fish)and deny ourselves because we get intimidated by your secretive nature.
Many of the things we do are sometimes theatrical in hopes of getting you to open up. My Scorpio has once stung me for not getting enough space (we're in highschool). In Loyalty to the feelings you have for us though we will compose a way to get you to open up and that is to "dissapear". It is difficult but we will purposely stop contact with you because in our minds this is going to save the relationship. Your secretive nature can sometimes make us paranoid.

gotta love these forums!!!
by: Anonymous

wonderful!! this site is lots of laughs!!! because so close to the least in my case. "theatrical pisces"..haha...i love true. they seem to be experimenting on how we scorpios are gonna behave in different situations, often non-existant ones..
and how about this (on the above comment): "i'm a pisces man in love with her. she's a scorpio woman in love with me too. of course we could go around and enjoy the relationship..but the pisces would rather disappear and that'll prove that i care and will save our relationship." is that what's going on in the Fish's head?

Trying to understand pisces male?
by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio female and recently reconnected with someone from high school (over 20 years have passed since we last saw each other). I never realized he was a pisces and I've never been involved with one - until now. He has been attentive and the first time we were alone - the chemistry was amazing. I never had that before. He was pretty constant in texting me (2-3 times a day) and then it slowed down. He sent me a cute text and in response I said that I missed him and now he's not texting me as much... I asked him if he was mad that I said that and he said.."'s ok"... but now communication has slowed way down... I don't know what to do? I guess I should just let him be? Like I said, I don't know too much about the pisces male. I feel a real connection to him - he says things just as I am about to say them, our paths keep crossing..stuff like that. Any suggestions?

Funny how things are
by: Cajun Lady

Well after typing that 8 months or so have passed and we are now engaged.

mooninscorpio woman
by: Scorpio4

Congratulations Cajun lady! Best of all the love and happiness you've been blessed with. To the pisces men and scorpio women posting here, thank you for giving me some hope. I am a moon, and sidereal mars,jupiter,&neptune scorpio, and I've always longed for a Pisces man.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. Lots of great, except for the nasty and rude comment, advice here on how to deal with a pisces man. I've dealt with a couple of Pisces men and they're, to me, the ones who understand me the best and where I can see myself being with long term.

To the Pisces man involved in a relationship with a black scorpio woman, thank you for sharing your story. I am a black woman and date/married IR as well, and can't wait to finally meet my Pisces man too! Best of love and happiness to you and your new love! I know it's true love and meant to be.

I will definitely come back and share my story too.

FFWD: 4 months
by: StrongPiscesMan

Just an update for the curious. My Scorpio and I had sex shortly after my original post. I can say that I am totally addicted to her sexually....and she says the same. Our personalties do clash at times and we have gone through some tough times because of our very different backgrounds and ages. I have tried to break away or at least distance myself from the no avail, I cannot seem to stay away from her. She is 15 years younger than me, and has some growing up to do, so I am not sure there is a real future here. I will say that anyone who has the opportunity to experience the Scorpio/Pisces connection needs to jump on it. It is a connection on a spiritual level. I would say that if your personalities/goals/values are in line with each other, this is what love is all about. It is a unmatched combination.
Mooninscorpio....I say find your Pisces man. You 2 will have an amazing experience. Something about the IR aspect in combination with the astrological signs that will take you to a different place. AWESOME!

by: mooninscorpio

Awesome! I am excited for the both of you really. Just keep the communication open with her because if you hold back, she will feel it. And being in an IR, please do all you can to listen and work on those concerns. I'm sure she's picking up what the negativity, whether overt or subtle, from those against IR. Since she's 15 years younger, her generation is more open-minded to IR than the older generation (I'm 40). Continue to work on the relationship with outside resources and support groups, and let her know she's safe with you in every way.

To Cajunlady, I am so happy for the both of you really I am. Thank you for sharing your story. I read your story over again and still I'm so giddy for you guys. I look forward to reading more of your love story.

pisces woman
by: Anonymous

Well as a pisces woman, who has had a few interested scorpios, there is nothing like this combination, not that I am saying this the best, it's just there is nothing like it.

I am afraid us pisces will enter into any fantasy very quickly, it doesn’t mean you have our heart, but it doesn’t mean you haven't either.

The problem with scorps understanding pisces is that we are fluid, it isn't as simple as this is it and that is it, the answer is infinite. This is why we need someone to take charge and say this is how it is, and if we want to, we will happily follow.

You need to take a chance with pisces and I am afraid what comes next could be unpredictable, but then scorp, is that not what you want?! Someone to stick by you who you can never fathom, keeps you interest if you have the guts?! If you try it on with a pisces and they reject you don't worry they won't think anything of it and will still be your friend. They are mysterious in that way I suppose (looking from the outside), but to us it makes complete sense.

I very much doubt a pisces spend time with the opposite sex who they feel nothing for, but what that feeling is, will take your move to find out.

by: Anonymous

I am in your same situation. I've been talking steady almost every day with a pisces man. Constant text and calls. No sex at all but we talk about it all the time. He tells me this all the time... that I scare him. That he feels a lil intimidated by me (scorpio woman). Awww I really love him. Everything about him and he doesn't see it or doesn' care.

Pisces Men please advise me
by: Esther

Well, i got to know this pisces man in the club that i frequent. Well, i do not really know him. When we first met, we kept on arguing like enemies. We do not know each other indeed. We do not even know why the fuck we quarrel and what we are arguing about. I do not even know his profession. WE do not even have each other number.

Out night out of argument, we went to his place. and we had great sex after long fighting back. After that night, we stop arguing, he would come and say "hi" sometime we run into each other in the club. And i would never apporach him, myself nor take any intiatives. And he will always go off with random girls from the club sometimes.

Again one night, out of fight, i went home with him, he didn't ask for sex from me at all. But he mastubated me for my own pleasure.

We never exchanged number till date. After that i insulted him that "your fingers work well" and he was mad.
Still, he will never stop trying getting my attention in the club. He always approach all the time. Still he will go off with random gals from club.

And it is very common that i will always walk off or act cold whenever he approaches me. The most i would do , is just say "hi" back to him.

I do not know what is his real feeling and what game he is playing!

Yes, m kinda attracted to him. Pices men, advise me.

by: Anonymous

am a scorpio girl 27 years in love with a pisces man. I met this man 5 monthes ago when I started my postgraduate diploma in Kampala university. We are studying in the same field though pursuing different programs. His birth date is 29th feb and mine is 9th nov. he is older than me for 4 years.
Sometimes i have trouble understanding my emotions..i hate being alone all the time. Loneliness can cause depression for me. Sometimes i like spontaneous plans. and i can change my decision in the last minute. i am passionate about love. i have a lot of friends but only a few that i am close to.
The first problem that I am facing with my Piscean man is that he can be so silent for a long time( like 5 days) even if I text him he usually don’t reply. This makes me feel so lonely especially when I real need to hear from him.
When I will meet him again, he will be so romantic and good. He will make me forget about everything. He will silently whisper to my ear “ I love you even if I don’t send you msgs” he keep telling me that he is so happy to come to Kampala to study because he met me.

by: Anonymous

Our relationship is not that open to others and they don’t know if we are really in relationship. His friends once asked him that why he was not yet married and his answer was “what if I was married and then I come here and meet with ….(he mentioned my name). THAT made me feel so good.
My second problem is that my father is a piscean born in march 17. In short I HATE HIM. He was not a good father. He did not take care of the family. He was so rude to my mother. He only believe to what he thinks is correct and that has led to many problems in our family.he do very rational conclutions about things. He could not pay for our school fees though he was in a position to (he had enough wealth). He can help his friends and leave us children and our mother even without food. He is a very bad liar. He will tell you something and in few days he will say you are the one who told him. He never forgive and forget. He will remind you of your mistakes that you have already ask for forgiveness dead long ago. He has a lot of women out of my mother. He even approaches my friends. He has a lot of sex scandals even with relatives (incest) . he has 5 children I know each with different mother (my mother not included). HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT HIS PARENTSS!!!!! Together with all this, many people come to him for advice. He knows a lot of things and he can advice people in all aspects. He never bit a child but he will go drink and come back shout at you and insult you…. ANY IDEAS WHY a piscean man will do this??? My mother is a taurus
Will my Piscean man be like this???(GOD FORBID)
Third, I read a lot about scorpio piscean and many says there will be communication problems. They also say piscean are likely to abuse alcohol or drugs ( my piscean drinks a lot and I don’t like someone who is drunk) I have never seen him drunk though but he drinks a lot of beer and never get drunk (tolerance???)…
What should I do… am confused!!! I love him so very much…but am afraid of what the future with him be.
I need your help very quickly plzzz…

lots of l love to ya
by: mooinscorpiowoman

I was just thinking of this thread the other day and glad in didn't unsubscribe.

thank u
by: Anonymous

I appreciate all the positive stories n good luck to ALL THE PISCES MEN N SCORPIO WOMEN RELATIONSHIPS ...

Scorpio sun Gemini moon female
by: Anonymous

Hi guys. So I understand the Scorpio Pisces connection pretty well id say. My best friend is a Pisces, and my best friend in college was also a Pisces. And every time I encounter someone who I just click with naturally, I know it's a Pisces! But, because of my Gemini moon, I'm attracted to the fire signs. I love confidence and leader type guys... My ex was a Leo and the guy I'm currently dating (for two years now) is an Aries (I always have this insane attraction to Aries men). Anyway, I've been finding that my Aries guy doesn't satisfy me in the spiritual and deep ways everyone here talks about. When I have been single, Pisces men I could tell we're attracted to me but as soon as I showed interest or wanted to talk to them, it's like they back off. I feel like the Scorpio Pisces dynamic is so powerful but that it is the Scorpio who gets the shorter end of the stick :( Scorpio, me, admires Pisces so much and we obsess over how much thy understand us but it is ultimately the Pisces who can hurt us because of out nowhere they just get scared or intimidated... This i have seen with my girl friends not just men,....Pisces men, what is your put on Scorpio girls?? And I am with an Aries sun but am trying to figure out if he has a more sensitive moon haha

Been in Love Scorpio Girl
by: Anonymous

I'm still pretty young (only 20) and I just recently got out of a very rough two year relationship with a libra man.
(words can't explain how much we put each other through) I strongly believe that All signs of the zodiac have the potential to establish/maintain a meaningful life long partnership with any sign. HOWEVER, SOME SIGNS JUST AREN'T WORTH THE TROUBLE. but I do not regret my libra man because he has taught me a great deal of things and has sparked the journey to my spiritual path in life.

Now on to the real topic of discussion:
Since I can remember I have always been so eager to love and be loved. I use to just wish to be in a relationship with anyone, just to feel special, and loved, and that infamous butterfly feeling throughout my body! Anyways, i would talk to many different guys, and randomly date who ever asked me out (sounds thirsty of me but i was very young, about 12-15) I remember looking up the zodiacs of the guys ii was interested in, and each time the perfect sign for me always said PISCES, yet out of all the guys I wasted time/energy/feelings into I've never attracted a Pisces. Well, there was only one, we chilled twice at his house, I felt some chemistry between us, but it didn't work out his only intentions were sex, and at that time mine were commitment and love.

Here I am today, awaiting the moment when my Pisces man will lock eyes with me and we fall passionately in love with each other, then I can FINALLY have GREAT SEX I DESERVE, no sign has pleased me, other than this scorpio man I was involved with. (this may sound unrealistic) I know it will be love at first sight, why you ask? WELL, I Wrote it down, so it MUST MANIFEST, i suggest everyone practice using THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, or just go to for evidence, me personally has brought me many of my hearts desires, so I'M SURE that my Sexy chocolate Pisces man is everything i want him to be!

Thank you everyone for you post, especially Miss Cajun Lady, I LOVED YOU POST!, read it twice =)

by: Scorpio-teen

So I know this Pisces guy we have never talked
but I feel a connection and I think he does too
. He keep asking his friends if I'm pretty and they say no,but he keeps trying to change there mind. I also notice he will look at me but if I look at him he will quickly dunk his head.I want to talk to him but I don't no how you no how us scorp females off I don't want to scare him.

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