Does my Taurus man like me?

by Tia

Hey :) I've gone back to this site for reference over and over and I just can't get my mind settled. I'll try to keep this short but can't promise anything (lol).

I'm a Scorpio and met a guy through an online website (not a dating site) a month ago. We began by exchanging messages through that site's messaging system and at the time I didn't think much of it. It got to the point where we would send each other messages almost every (other) hour then he finally asked if I had a Facebook. He found me on there and added me as a friend.

We then used THAT site's messg system and we continued the conversation there. I realized by now that we had similar things in common but didn't wanna allow myself to elaborate on that...I just wanted to think of him as just 'someone'. After a few days of also messaging each other several times a day, he asked for my cell number so we could text.

I waited for him to initiate the texting, which he did the next day. However, his texts (unlike his messages) were short and at first almost frank. He wouldn't reply until much later, too, so I then wondered what had happened. We hadn't been talking about relationships much so I knew I wasn't pressuring anything. This happened for the next few days so I decided to look up on it without having to ask him or anything (I hate drama). I've learned to trust my intuition and it was telling me to just be patient and trust, but I wanted to get a second, third, or fourth...or whatever, opinion.

I didn't really believe in Astrology MUCH, since I thought it was presumptuous to divide everyone into personalities because everyone is seemingly so different. I did know most of the Scorpio description fit me almost like a glove. Anyway, after running into dead ends I decided to look up his sign and see what I got.

I noticed his sign was TAURUS and I got an answer. The staying home and relaxing; the calm, almost gentlemanly speech; the (now) long delays in communication; the financial responsibly; the seeming stability; his family all fit! Then I looked into Chinese Astrology and his animal seemed to fit as well! Not to mention the compatibility factor I discovered (Rabbit/Sheep). Again, by this time I hadn't thought about a relationship with him but that was changing.

Seeing it all put together like that, plus his personality so far, made me REALLY like what I was seeing, and so I thought I would be up for the waiting game. For the right guy, I'm willing to wait as long as it takes so long as they don't abuse it.

We texted almost everyday (after four or five days of texting I would wait so as to give him a break). I would be the one usually initiating the texting but for some reason I didn't mind. Normally after getting long-awaited and very short answers I would think that person doesn't like me and just stop contacting them. But, again, my instinct kept telling me to just wait and be patient. Plus I REALLY liked his personality so far.

About the conversations: We talked about what we were each doing at the moment, a few family things, all the way to our sexual likes. We've also flirted...a lot. As much as I want to, though, I hadn't asked him about relationships so as not to pressure him. He was feeling low days ago and I told him I'm here for him. We've been talking about meeting up but he hasn't said when; he just talks about us meeting in the future. I know that's a Taurean trait so that lessens the waiting anxiety (to a degree).

Seeing this all written now seems obvious to me but common sense tortures me. I don't give my heart away easily but I could for this man nor do I open up to anyone emotionally as much as I have for him (although he doesn't know this). I've never told anyone I'm there for them even if it's just "understood" but I absolutely mean it.

I guess I'm looking for opinions as much as I am for answers. Does he like me? if so how much? Like I said, I really, really like him and I'm patient enough to wait, even if it takes a year but I don't want this to stagnate and turn into just a friendship (or even FWB) since I don't look at friends the same way as I do love. I don't want to pull a wrong move and scare him off either.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to have love declarations on either side but I just want to know if I'm piquing his interest. If it's true about Tauruses and once they're hooked they're hooked, then I want to know if I'm starting on that path. The fact that he doesn't initiate conversations anymore is torture! I could do it more but not if it turns out I'm bothering him and he doesn't like me as much.

Maybe he's playing games? I know Scorpios do that and I'll hatefully admit I've done that a couple times with people, but I haven't to him, nor would I plan to. I try to practice the Golden Rule. I genuinely like the guy and I find myself hard to believe I'm posting so much. I can't believe someone I've never met in person has brought out so many positive emotions in me. That's the reality, I guess.

My instinct still tells me to wait and trust the Universe but not what the outcome will be. I don't want to be made a fool of. Nor do I want to devote myself so much to someone (I can't believe I'm saying that) who may just see me as a friend or possible hookup. I know both those outcomes will embitter me and I wouldn't want that, not when I've battled that for so long. Sigh.

I would gladly appreciate any Taurus' opinions or insights. I can't believe you people exist btw :)

Thanks in advance.

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Youre taking too long....
by: BrooklynTaurus

I'm a Taurus...

I read your post. My opinion? Although it sounds as if you're not playing games, nevertheless, this is how your Taurus is perceiving it. Scorpios are bounded, and Tauruses are free with their affections, especially if they're interested in you.

If you're interested in a Taurus, then you will have to be THE FIRST ONE to make a move. Procrastinate, and you will either end up in the friendship category or forgotten about.

*Characterisitcs of a Taurus*
Shy, funny, witty, 'old souls' (reserved), humble, traditional, family-oriented, homebodies, somwhat shallow when it comes to looks, & somewhat materialistic (likes having nice things). Tauruses also crave constant physical contact. They need it as much as breathing.

You need to tell him verbatim that you're interested in pursuing something with him romantically. You want a relationship but you would rather take things slow. Give him constant affection, kisses and hugs and PDAs. This will give him further reassurance that he's wanted.

Faliure to do this will result in you being placed in a friendship category, PERMANENTLY.

I understand you're a Scorpio. They tend to hold on to a lot of past relationships and have a tendancy to keep exes in their lives for some reason. Warning! Tauruses HATE that! We're not the sharing type. We refuse to compete with exes. He will emotionally disconnect himself from you.

Also, avoid playing mind games, trying to make him jealous, or attempting to control him. Don't let his happy-go-lucky laid back demeanor fool you. This man is more stubborn than you are, very perceptive to BS, and hates being manipulated or underminded. If he loses his temper, he's out for blood! Because this man is stubborn, don't expect him to cave into your demands. He'll replace you before he allows you to control him

If you want to get the ball rolling and keep him on his good side, cook him dinner, give him suprise kisses in public, hold his hands, kiss the palm of his hand, hug and caress him, and this will drive him crazy. He'll give you all thenight sex romps in return. Make him laugh,

I thought taurus men did not like a woman to make the first move
by: confused

yes I am confused now!! I was told that taurus men do not like for a woman to make the first move. The taurus man I like soooo much is confusing me (I am a gemini) - he hugged (as a friend) I suggested going to the movies and he first accepted and then later said that he could not make it due to some family issues (I know it is true) but did not take it any further....heeelp!!!

Taurus Man Do Like You
by: Anonymous

I am a Cancerian, Your story is almost like mine and I have decided to wait and take things slowly. I am not sure if he is in to me or what but I am hoping for the best. He is now trying by all means to connect with me, facebook, linkedin, whenever there are free texts from service providers he notifies me. We have decided to meet and I hope I will be ok since I've been waiting for a year now.Trust your instincts... Taurus Men seems to be men to "die" for

To Confused Gemini
by: BrooklynTaurus

This is the priorities of a Taurus.
(1) Work
(2) Family
(3) Spending time with friends/Gym/Volunteering

This constitutes the inner circle of a Taurus. Anything outside the inner circle is irrelevant unless you pursue him with much gusto. Ignoring him will not bring you closer to him. Tauruses are not the 'chasers' of the zodiac. They prefer to be pursued instead. If he bailed due to family-related problems, he's telling you the truth. They will take precedence over you. So will finances. Tauruses are fiercely protective and nurturing of their loved ones or anyone in their inner circle. When he grows to love you, you will truly feel the highest depth of his love. Tauruses may not be verbalizers, but they're extreme romantics!

-Good Luck!

Did I write this and not know I did?
by: Topazz

I don't remember writing this but, I SWEAR that this is identical to my own! I've never written on any of these blogs though I read them often, this particular one IS MY STORY!!!! I too am a Scorpio and like your guy, the man I'm crushing so much over is also a Taurus! All I can say girl is I wish you luck in snagging him! Wish me luck too, as I am trying to be patient (not one of my strongest virtues!) We attened the same schools thru out (jr. high & high)and I was never interested in boys that I attended school with because of, well, they were BOYS, UGH!!! I was always a bit more mature than others at school I guess, or just a snob!LOL!! Anyway, 25yrs later, we come across each other in a grocery store and I saw him or we saw each other in the produce section. Recognized each other and had some small talk, all warm smiles and everything, said goodbyes and that was that! Saw him again in same store 1 yr later and while standing there talking w/ him I just felt from him that he was pulling me to him, to be held close, tight, and protected and I've been wanting him ever since! I should also mention that upon the 2nd time seeing ea other, that I was not alone, my at the time boyfriend was there too. I've NEVER EVER gotten a feeling like that from ANY MAN! not even my at the time boyfriend! Anyway, f/b has brought us together again, and I've made him aware of how I feel about him, but because I have, it seems like I've scared him somewhat! We talk sometimes, but it seems like he's not really interested. What's a girl to do?? I'm a little aggressive and don't want to shake him up anymore than I already have, but...?? I know you wanted to hear opinions from Taurus males, but you story so closely rembles mine that I had to respond! Good Luck!!

by: Topazz

One more thing, why is it that when a Taurus man ignores you for a short eternity, it's like "Oh well, I've been very busy, and you have to accept it, yet when/if you ignore them for the same reasons (mostly), they write you off, sometimes angrily!? Please explain!

by: From Taurus

"One more thing, why is it that when a Taurus man ignores you for a short eternity, it's like "Oh well, I've been very busy, and you have to accept it, yet when/if you ignore them for the same reasons (mostly), they write you off, sometimes angrily!? Please explain! " (from Topazz)

Because a Taurus individual's interest is so obvious and apparent. How could you miss it? Yes, we're focused on financial security. How else are we supposed to provide for you? Someone has to pay the bills!

It's fairly simple.

Date a Moocher, and have him live off of you financially. He will give you all the attention you want.

Taurus men are 'real' men.
Not boys.

He wants a 'real' woman.
Not a girl who is going to whine childishly about wanting too much attention.

Taurus Reality
by: Anonymous

I love how Taurus people keep saying others have to make the move first. Ive dealt with alot of Taurus guys and if there is one thing they all have in common its running away terrified when someone makes a move towards them, even a small move.Every Taurus board on the net has women complaining about an awol Taurus man after the woman expressed interest. Ive had Taurus guys shake and look like they are going to wet themselves when Ive talked to them or flirted. Never experienced it to this degree with guys of other signs. Ive also noticed alot run when you state your feelings, you move on and then they come back and are really surprised that you are not into it anymore as they feel they needed time to adjust to this. However a week in the mind of Taurus can be a year in reality so they very often lose out. I have quite a few Taurus friends as well and Ive noticed this, tried to warn them the other person isnt going to wait forever but they never believe it until they see it for themselves.....sad

Re:From Taurus
by: Anonymous

The last Taurus man I dated whined childishly if I didnt contact him everyday due to woking alot. As the poster above you stated, she was also working and he seemed to think it was fine to ignore her but when she was working and ignoring him...not ok. Thats the definition of double standard. She wasnt sitting at home, bored eating bon bons waiting for him while he worked being a man....No man is a childish as a Taurus when he doesnt get his own way and no one demands attention, constant unending childish attention like a Taurus man. Ive dated 6 and they were shockingly identical. I also notice none of them had the slightest awareness of their behaviour even though people were always laughing at it behind their backs. I appreciate Taurus for their good traits but yikes are they a nightmare when they are in a mood

Taurus Man Driving Me Nuts
by: missimpatient

I'm a true Aquarian. I met a Taurus man 4 months ago when I sent him a fb friend request. He accepted and sent me a message on fb almost immediately. I was two days out of a horrible breakup of a 7 year relationship and not really purusing anyone. He fb messaged me immediately. We started talking..eventually phone calls. He told me he was pursuing me. I told him I was not interested in games or players; told him trust was very important to me. We seemed to be on same page. He seemed so interested. After a great day spent together, he said 'love you'. A few days later I asked him by text what would he say if I told him I loved him a little bit. He texted back that he would say he loved me a little bit too.
Now, its been a month since I've seen him. He has almost stopped calling and only texts if I text first. He is going through a very difficult time in several areas of his life right now. He is older than I am by 9 years and is a mature man in his 60's.
He says he's slowed down because he's been in crisis mode. Monday I called him and asked him what he wanted to do. He said he wasn't ready to throw in the towel yet. I hung thinking we were fine. I haven't talked to him since and I finally texted him today and asked if he was okay. He texted back a few times and that was it.
I don't know what to do. Do I just wait? Do I continue to check in? Do I let him make the next move? Is he trying to tell me that he isn't interested?
Several times I've asked him if he wanted to stop and he said no. When we talked Monday he said that he thought I was wanting to stop because I asked him about stopping. I told him I asked that because I thought he wasn't interested because of the slow down. I told him I do not want to waste my time. It sounds so high-schoolish.
I don't believe astrology can foretell the future, but I do think it can be a good indicator of a person's personality.

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