Does my Taurus man love me or not?

by Brenda
(Chambersburg, PA, USA)

I’ve been dating a Taurus man for 6 mos. I am an Aries woman. He found me on a dating site and we had sex the first time we met, and then he wanted to see me again, and on the third night he wanted to stay overnight, and I said yes. By the way, he just had a separation from his wife. In his state, they have to wait 1 year before they can get a divorce. Even though we were seeing each other, we both were seeing other people. June came and I knew I was in love with him. The only time we said we loved each other would be in bed cuddling. He would take me out a good bit, until he moved into his own home. Then I would go down and see him there. I would cook for him and clean up after him, which he liked. I would always look nice, smell nice and dress sexy when I was with him and he liked that. He would call me to come down when he was emotional upset. He was drunk one night and said he wanted to retire in a year or two and take me to Panama to live. He took me to his step-brothers house, which he takes other women there as well, but not to see his friends, because he doesn’t won’t his wife to know. I was staying at his house for 2 or 3 days at a time and then I would go home. He would see me more than any other woman. I knew he felt something strong for me and I believe it scared him. Now he doesn’t want to see me as much, he purposely left a headband behind the bed, so I would see it. Left a bra in the back of the closet but I saw the strap. Was very hurt and emailed him and told him I was hurt and was saying goodbye and that I couldn’t take this anymore. And that it hurts so much to say goodbye. Next day he txt me to call him, since I didn’t call him right away he txt me saying, “it hurts me too.” He still wants to see me but not as much. He says he is confused and doesn’t want to be committed to anyone and that he may never want to marry again. He is a womanizer, drinks way too much, but he is a great lover and large enough to please me in bed. We will see each other but not as much. I’m so confused with his actions, I don’t know what he thinks of me.
Can anyone give me insight to this confusing behavior???

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Doesn't love you
by: Anonymous

I hate to say this but he's not in love with you. When a taurus man is seriously in love, he will commit only to you and not see other women.

Hi! lovely aries lady
by: Anonymous

I have recently fallen in love with a taurus man and realise that he does not feel the same way, he told me that he cares about me, though I knew we would not end up together.. What it does sound like is that he does possibly love you and that he may at some point pursue you..I have known many very succesful arian/taurean relationships..Hang in there!

by: Kellen

First of all, you gave it on the first date. I'm a Taurus and I'm very traditional. If you're giving, I'll be taking...but I'd rather chase a little or it makes me wonder how many other guys have been there, done that. In other words, it sounds very...double standard? Uh huh, he may care about you, but deep in his mind, he just doesn't see you as long term material...and if you're not long term material, then you're not worth spending all the effort and time on. And once we've been hurt? We avoid making that same mistake at all costs. We HATE repeating the same mistake.
I'm not saying you're a bad person and I don't want you to think you made a huge mistake. He may not be like me, since people of all signs have degrees of variance. All I'm saying is sometimes there are too many things working against you to make it work.

by: Kellen

I forgot to add...but Aries and Taurus' do NOT get along. You're too flighty and spontaneous. We like to have fun, but we'd rather just stick to the old tried and true.
Both my older brother and sister were born in April, like me...but they were born 7 days ahead and ended up as Aries. I was born as a Taurus. We do NOT agree on anything. We butt heads on the simplest things. They're my sister and brother, so I love them to death...but you don't have that connection with him (or it would be incest, which would be gross) he has really no reason to hang on.
As much as it hurts, it's better to move on. It'll hurt more when you invest more. Cut it loose early and find people who you connect better with.

No Confusing Behavior
by: Anonymous

There is no confusing behavior. I'm a Taurus. A Taurus can either be the textbook version of a Casanova or a loyal, respectful Prince depending on how you move with us. Either way, we can be quite charming on both sides.
Aries Woman, I'm sure that your heart is in the right place. But unfortunately, you placed yourself in the same category as his mistresses. You were seeing other people and subjecting yourself to the same 'concubine' treatment.
Tauruses can be selfish UNTIL you get to the heart! Although we're extreme romantics, we need to be with the right people to teach us how to love. We're old fashioned people. Not very modernized. Unfortunately, it takes an old-fashioned person with a firm set of values to make that love happen for us. We're drawn to people who make us feel safe.

Speak our language
by: The Bull

I'm also a Taurus. The answer to your problem? Speak our body language and observe our actions.

If we're very affectionate with you, consistent with our actions, introduced you to our family members, extremely generous with you, constantly want to show you off, and balancing BOTH our time with you and work....WE'RE IN LOVE! Telling you we love you {verbatim} will not be necessary.

If we're very affectionate with you, spoiled you, but inconsistent with our actions, have not introduced you to our family members, call you every now and then for sex, and have not incorporated you into our private lives or inner circle...then we're only partly interested. We like you, but we're not feeling you all that much.

If we're not affectionate with you, have not spoiled you, have not introduced you to our family memebers, private lives or inner circle, but will hear your problems, nurture it and give you good advice, then we just want to be friends.

by: Anonymous

Wait it out, he needs to know you won't ever leave him.

Went thorugh same ting with my taurus and once you prove yourself they will come charging and never leave you, they just need to oknow you won't leave them either!

Keep smiling, stay calm and be patient x

by: Anonymous

I've been dating a Taurus for 4 mo. Since he first stayed over my place he hasn't left yet. He really is good with my two kids . But he tells me were just friends for now. He gets jealous wen another guy talks to me or try for a dance at a party. He with me every night but people say wen I'm not around he flirts nd dance wit other girls. He also text other girls right next to me nd tell me don't worry. Is this man just getting over on me? I love him I haven't told him he know by my actions. I treat him like gold
do he love me? Idk

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