Does this Scorpio man want me back?

by Michelle


I have been split up from my scorpio man for nearly a year after a 6 year relationship. We split becuase we had a petty argument and i was sick of him putting everyone before me so it was more or less a mutual agreement to split. Since then i have had one 2 week relationship and realised that my scorpio is the man i want to spend the rest of my life with i dont want a rebound or to move on i love this guy dearly. We were seeing eachother breifly but i tried to push his boundaries on a new relationship with me becuase i want him so much. Since then he has a new girlfriend he has met twice and been with her only 1 week, shes plain quite not sociable and nothing like what he'd go for atall! I went to meet him a few days ago and the first thing he said was that he's rushed into things and he doesnt think they are compatible atall. We sat down and spoke about everything. he kept complimenting me and was quite flirty and when i left to get in a cab he cuddled me so sincerely neither of us wanted to let go. Since then i have been talking to him briefly over the phone and we seem to be getting along really well but will he dump this new girl or is he stringing me along?

I wouldnt expect him to cheat on her becuase i wouldnt want someone to do that to me and he is a very loyal person.

As his girlfriend i was always honest, reliable, faithfull and loyal i hope he gives me another chance but im intreagued to find out what it looks like form an outsiders point of view.



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Don't play with fire
by: Anonymous

Will Scorpio man have sex with you, yes! Any day, any week, any time. Will Scorpio man chat with you, yes! All time of the week or month also. Will Scorpio treat you with the same kind of nurturing kindness-probably not. You must have hurt Scorpio to the point of him not coming back. Once you hurt us Scorpio we will never forgive, let alone forget. And if Scorpio want's back in your like, it will be only to hurt you ten fold for what ever you did to him. It takes a lot for Scorpio to cut a loved one loose. You would almost have to damn near earn it through bad actions or comments. Be weary of Scorpio as he is steps, and I mean steps ahead of you sister.

Peace :)

ps. For future references Scorpio can judge the intelligence of a woman by how she spells or uses syntax.

Being a Gemini with a Scorpio
by: Anonymous

I'm pretty confident if that was my situation it be over. Scorpions have a lot of pride which is why I never leave and argument with my now dear husband without saying...I love you and I don't want this to ever end-I'm afraid once they leave scorpions already make up their minds. My husband always takes a day to mull things over than he comes to a conclusion. But if you say you want him back maybe he will decide to make things work with you. But I'm sure he won't want to leave his current situation unless she does something he doesn't like

Be patient with him
by: Anonymous

I think that he still likes you and wants to be with you but is unsure of what may happen. He doesn't want to be burnt again so is treading very carefully. Make him feel secure enough that you are genuinely committed and then I think he will on his own accord leave his current girlfriend.

Good luck! I'm a Gemini woman in like with a Scorpio guy and it's VERY difficult understanding them and their motives. I've written for advice under Lost Gemini, perhaps you'd be able to tell me your thoughts.

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