Does this taurus guy like me?

i met this taurus guy at a party and we hit it off and he ended up contacting me the next morning asking me why i left early and why i didn't say goodbye to him. i gave him my number and we would text a lot and we hang out sometimes with mutual friends. i constantly feel like i always text him first, and also i ask him to hang out all the time but he always can't for some reason. I've have come to the point where i do not get my hopes up anymore, but i still ask him to hang out because i genuinely want to see him. when we do end up seeing each other, we tocuh each other, and just gentle touchs like touching the lower back or ill lay my head or feet in his lap and then he'll rest his arm on my leg, and we actually held hands once after all night of me wanting to hold hands with him and i could tell he was looking at my hand (in the movie theatre) and our arms were against each other and his hand was next to mine with his fingers spread out but we just were not touching hands. And finally i layed my head in his lap and after like 10 mins of shifting arms around and gradually getting our hands closer, he held it.. the weird thing is he laughed when he first held my hand, idk why. i guess i just lsoe hope sometimes because i feel like i initiate everything.

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