Does this Taurus man like me?

by Lena
(Miami, Florida, USA)

I sorta agreed to be friends with benefits with this taurus guy that I met. Being a cancer, I know that astrologists say that our zodiac signs are meant for one another, but I try not to hold that into account, being as I just got out of a relationship and I am not necessarily looking to get into another one. So far I have gotten a little emotional with him when we're together. I just want to smother him in kisses and he allows me to do so. I am very affectionate with him but I think his aura makes me that way. There is something about him that makes me feel overwhelmingly joyful. He lets me hold him and he cuddles with me a lot. And he'll give me shoulder kisses, but only if I come close to him. When were not together, he pretty much ignores my text messages, and just recently told me that I texted him too much at work when I didn't know he was working that day. I think if I don't text him, then he will not text me. But when we get together he's super sweet and it's so obvious that we enjoy each others company, to the point where we'll sit and talk for hours. No sex involved. I don't understand him. I even got another guys number but I can't bring myself to call him because I have myself wrapped up in this taurus guy. I want to forget the taurus just because I know the more time we spend together the more i'll grow feelings. But in some ways I want him to grow feelings for me too. I know if he lets down his guard and stops being so stubborn, we could have a beautiful relationship. But in the mean time. Does he even like me? I feel like when we're apart he can't stand me. But when we're together, all that is out of the window, he enjoys the affection I show him and gives it back some. Maybe he's afraid?

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Take a deep breathe
by: MoonMaiden

Hello, I really think you need to give him some space. Let him miss you, stop texting, calling, emailing for a few days. Let him chase you for a change. You are being clingy, which is what our sign tends to do when we fall in love but you have to do something else.

I say call the other guy and have a lunch date. DON'T TELL THE TAURUS! Make yourself busy and enjoy life, spend it with friends and family. Yoga, dancing, etc.

Remember Taurus is not as sentimental as we Cancers are. Good luck!

by: Anonymous

Taurus likes slow. So move sloooow. Even when he seems to be moving fast I wouldn't fall for it so quick because they are prone to want to give a little more thought out of nowhere, particularly because of something you said or did. They have this in common with Libra sense they share a planet. Venus. However Libra is more quick to want to voice and debate their thoughts and emotions, where as Taurus will withdraw and think to themselves before making a decision.

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