Don't chase an Aries too hard

Alright, My turn! As an Aries woman I tend to have a short attention span, but I also have a moon in Gemini, so now it's really, really short! Now back to the topic: About the Aries loving the chase thing? Hell yeah! I love the chase, so I guess that was the mistake this Leo guy had made, he was pursuing me... and that really turned me off... Worse was the fact that I was falling for this Virgo girl... (yes I'm bi) And guess what? I still have a crush on her! It's been 2 years now and an Aries like myself still hasn't got the guts to tell her how I feel... Ugh, I'm really pathetic...

Anyways, I think the reason for me for falling for this girl was the fact that she was giving the tiniest hints that she might actually like me back, It's interesting and it definitely keeps me guessing so that's probably the reason why I'm still falling for her.

Now about Aries drive to get what they can't have?? Pretty obvious: What Aries wants, Aries almost always gets so that's probably where the whole chase thing goes....

But I'm warning people, Aries people have this delicate balancing act, don't chase after us and don't go to far away; too much smothering can cause Aries people to feel suffocated and run for the hills while being to distant can make us feel disinterested.

Last thing I say before I shut up? Yeah, as an Aries myself I'm a notorious flirt, but really when we do find the right person, we tend to stick with them from good times and bad. Really, we do.

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