Don’t lose your Virgo mans trust

I learned the hard way never to lose a Virgo man's trust. The relationship just goes down hill. I do have to say that the sex was always WOW, always thinking about my sexual needs. Which makes a Capricorn woman want to give back sexually, even more. It is hard to get over a Virgo. They are smart, you can rely on a Virgo man, always elegant, very perfectionist, always needs his space.

I might have lost this one Virgo but I'd would go for another Virgo man.

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Don’t lose your Virgo mans trust
by: Anonymous

Capricorn girl here just wanted to add another unrequited love story over a Virgo male. I've had a long time crush on a Virgo I met with back in high school, and he still lingers in the back of my mind. I found myself attracted to him because he was always so level-headed and down-to-earth, yet seemed so alive and could find humor in anything-- not to say that he couldn't be serious, he certainly could put his mind to anything. I think the best part is that you can see genuine compassion toward any of his interests. Unfortunately, we're both on totally different paths in life as well as group of friends, not to mention he is rather popular with girls already. Currently I'm in a great relationship with a Cancer male, but I do hope to pursue him one day if I'm single.

Virgo mans trust
by: Anonymous

Virgo's are sensitive, and if you do them wrong they wouldn't even bother talking to you or even trusting you again. One thing I don't like about Virgo men is that they always play hard to their much better than anyone in a passive way. Also, they are not good in emotionally expressing themselves. Lastly, Virgo men are perfectionist.

Don’t lose your Virgo mans trust
by: Anonymous

I am a cap with 6 signs of Sagittarius including moon. I met a much older Virgo 15 years older who made me feel alive again in an extraordinary way. But he is irresponsible and unstable and I think that he is almost too much in love with me. We have had many fights I keep my distance and communicate by phone occasionally, and he always says he loves me every time, but I do not trust him.

Don't lose your Virgo man trust!!
by: Anonymous

Well, Virgo feels very proud of himself and happy. Of course, he is not better than any one else but might be. Virgo is very honest to you if he thinks you are worth for him. Also, absolutely, Virgo never wants to talk to you ever again if he knows you are a liar to him; better to be straight to Virgo. Virgo is a very though full person with an understanding even though he has a very cold emotion; he loves human. You can't read his mind but the way he is by nature and the constellation astrology personal trait.

Believe it or not, Virgo doesn't fall in love with you easily; he is full of confident and sure within him; Virgo is the sign of service and friendly to the public; and care for his loves one. Someone may says Virgo flirts around, heh...but that is wrong!!! And yes, I agreed!!! Virgo is a better men and women; the score might be higher than the most. Lol. Or as astrologist the professional. Lucky me to be Virgo. Have a great day!!

Don’t lose your Virgo mans trust
by: Anonymous

ya dont lose ur virgo man's trust
i learnt it in a hard way too, now our relationship is like going down and up, on off.
anyone pls help me? how to win back his trust?

I'm virgo
by: maurice

I'm a Virgo male! I just started looking at my zodias sun sign a little closer! I am falling for a Gemini, But I guess its true I will never trust her! She hurts my heart every time she lies to to me or trys to beat around the bush! I can't help but to question evry thing she does! I love her 4 real but I think I hve to let her go! even still she lies even when I have expressed myself about it! I think its time I return my love to my libra! I just hope she still takes me!

Virgo not compatible with Gemini
by: Anonymous

Never ever go with Gemini lady, Virgo. Not that too good for a Virgo to match at all. Gemini is very flirtatious with many guys, ha...I'm not a fan of Gemini,no,no,no!
lady Virgo.

The Virgo King
by: Anonymous

...Well, we are good at expressing our emotions, its just we don't really want to. We don't play hard to get, we're good being single, so we don't find a need to chase. I'm 28 years old and I've never asked a woman out out. But I've asked plenty to dance or taken some on rides. But take my word for it as a Virgo man, you do not want a Virgo to ask you out, if he does, he probably doesn't care for you 80% of the time, the other 20%, well he cares too much(A fake Virgo.. haha, I'm playing)

We really don't look down on anyone. Heck, if we had our way, everyone would be happy, based on our perspective of happiness.

If you want some advice from an experienced Virgo. Stop fussing, it'll make our ego bigger. Don't read our actions, even eye contact, cause we're flirts by nature without knowing it. If you like a Virgo, take him out and do something fun. If you can get a Virgo male laughing(real laugh), than you just need to talk things out. Just don't rush it, there's always time.

Good luck

help winning him back
by: Anonymous

im an aquarius female and i have hurt my virgo bf. help i knw he loves me and i love him but i need him 2 be in love with me again how can i win him back?

by: Anonymous

Deepends on what you mean by hurt him! If its something like cheating then, I say there's no going back I am a virgo and once trust is gone well i guess its curtains... something less serious well only time will tell oh yeah! and DONT pressure him!

Same here to the guy in love with gemini girl
by: Anonymous

I know they lie a lot. The one I like lies too. I know because sometimes the things she says don't make sense . I have been studying her for a while. And it does hurt me when she lies. I tried to be open to her but I guess she doesn't care. I wonder If I should just move on. After all, I'm ending my under graduate degree and I might not see her again.

maybe they just get u wrong and accuse u...
by: Shay

I wonder if virgo males also use their moods or telling they lost their trust in you for getting attention "back" (when they think they lost it).

My virgo (long distance relationship) tells me always (only when he is stressed or has too much time) that I ignore him when I am with others (means I dont chat every few mins). He told me that once again 2 weeks ago, when I replied to his chat (smartphone... I sometimes curse u) 30 mins later when I was busy getting ready for work. We had a huge fight and the next day he said, he knows its not a big thing.. but he needs me always and in this moment he somehow needed me soo much.

Last week on my bday we had a fight the next day which escalated. He then told me he will never talk to me again and I broke his trust and his heart. I was angry that he didnt send a bday card and didnt feel like calling on that evening (after we had celebrated in night already on cam). So he was angry.

I would understand if I had done something really bad... but he is unhappy these days of being jobless and angry with himself. Now I have to suffer??

Am still on his fb in relationship with him... do u guys think he just needs time? Right now he ignores any sms, chat, call...
Not sure that he comes back. cz he always hated that i never come back.. and he had to. This time, everything is different... so am quiet unsecure.

gemini girl who likes a virgo
by: Anonymous

Im a gemini girl who's best friends with a virgo. Im really into him and he asked me out, i was over the moon. The kind of guy i would like to be with. At the start, everything seemed to go too quick for me to take on and I asked to tone things down a lil. I didnt want to screw things up with him. Being open with him was easy since he's someone i can talk to about anything. But that caused more misunderstandngs that i wasnt ready for the relationship/dating and we decided to call it off a month after dating even though i didnt want it. its been 3weeks, he's dating someone else and I'm not over him. he still wants us to be friends and im trying, but its hard.. So i disagree that all geminis lie. I was open and honest right from the start about why i wanted things a bit more slow. I want to give it another go with him n dont know what to do...

Vigos are liars
by: NoVirgosPlease!

Are you kidding?? Virgos always demand honesty but never offer it in return. Hypocrisy is a way of life with them. Pathological liars, porn addicts, alcoholics, cheaters and worst of all cowards. Don't believe me? Go to BEYONDJANE.COM and type in DATELESS VIRGO MAN in the search bar to read some 600 odd accounts of how demonic this disease of the zodiac world really is. Then I challenge anyone to find a blog against any other zodiac sign to equal it. The few responses from Virgos who try to defend themselves only lends more credibility as to how sick they are. Virgos put Capricorns to shame when it comes to evil. Stay away from them!

Virgo man confused by Capricorn woman
by: Anonymous

I am Virgo man totally in love with a Capricorn woman. Ever since we've just clicked, really enjoy each others company and when ever we're together we have an awesome time. And for me to open up to someone like the way I have us unheard of, and her with me. The problem lays with the fact that she knows exactly how I feel, and how much I'm hurting, she says she wants to love me the same, but doesn't know why, and it's hurting her just as much.
She also claims that she doesn't want to hurt and loose me in case we were to break up, but I feel she's gonna loose me anyway if nothing was to happen.
At the moment I'm not sure what I should do, still be patient and hope it all works out, or just cut my loses and move on.

I'm a Gemini female who has hurt a virgo male
by: Anonymous

Yes as a Gemini we do flirt a lot and yes we lie about dumb things but it doesn't mean we don't love you to death. I was in a relationship for 4 years with my Virgo on and off. If a Virgo man is hurt they will just drop you out of the blue won't respond and will take time away from you . I cheated on the only person I. Have ever loved because as a Gemini we get bored and need reashurece of our love for you I know it's no excuse but if we literally don't flirt or lie to you it's because you're a safe bet and we probably don't love you and wont go past friend zone. Just know when a Virgo is hurt they run and take time alone but if he loves you he'll be back. With time. I'm currently waiting for my Virgo and its the hardest thing I've had to do

We got the chemistry but we still going through a rollercoster kind of a relationship
by: Dempsey

Am a virgo dude in love with a capy lady. The chemistry is there and i can feel it in our conversation, but we keep playing hard to get with each other, agreeing and disagreeing but we have never crueled or fought. Its almost like a cold war between us, yet there is chemistry and whenever we talk love is felt between us. I just wish we could trust each other to take it to the next level, because i love her and i know she feels same way about me too.

capricorn woman w/ a virgo man
by: vanysa

I'm a capricorn woman, 28 years old, with a long distance relationship with a 30 yr old virgo man.
The two of us really into each other and everytime we're together, I can tell that our love and passion to one another is really there. We have a great connections with our feelings even if we're far apart, but like any other relationship, we are experiencing ups and downs.. Just 2 days ago we had a misunderstanding... a fight... suddenly he told me that he's brain wanted to explode... that he doesn't want to be over controlled just like his ex girfriend did to him that's why he slipped awar from her...
Because of what he said, I sent him a message, I told him that I will give him time and space for himself, for him to refresh his mind, that I don't want him to feel being over controlled.. I told him that I won't text him or bother him until he won't txt or send me a message first..
But just last night, I really can't help myself, I texted him just to tell him that I am missing him and worried about him. It's been 2 days now, no reply's... no message from him... I really love him so much... what should I do??? Any virgo man out there? please help...

I am a Taurus women & in love with Virgo Man deeply, madly
by: Anonymous

...Hi I am a Taurus, he is a Virgo man,Our relationship started as friends and I was very good at understanding his emotions though he is very poor to express them,also he was very supportive to me & was my backbone for me emotionally,used to bare all my childishness but always hesitate to express himself for loving me. I think he has a problem to continue but it goes on... & things finally changed north to south when it all exposed to family & we are from same family too..
He don't want to talk to me for not being practical,for all that i cry for him,,,
& he is very angry to me as well for making him hurt by my words many a times.
But deep in my heart i feel he was sincere, was loving me deeply...
I cant loose him for anything.

I am not getting how to approach him & convince him for this... I want him back to my life, pls help me.. pls do help me......

Hurt Virgo.
by: Anonymous

As a devoriced virgo male. ( she cheated ) I can say once hurt your odds of reconcile are little to none. A bridge worth burning we torch when we cross it. Im not hatefull to my ex but wont ever go back. Also my eyes are ever more penetrating at my new lady. She done no wrong so far yet I watch like a hawk in the sky. We dont open up and when we do loyal to the end is a Virgo. So my advise dont do what you cant undo.

im a gemini woman falling for a virgo man but im confused about the relationship
by: Anonymous

im a gemini women 21 years old and im dating a 20 year old virgo man we met from me aproching him and asked him for his number from that day we texted he told me how pretty i was nd about a week later we started going out everything felt so rite we went to the same school so it was kinda hard for me to deal with the fact females like him. he was also very serious about his privacy and people being in our relationship to the point he wanted to just be friends cause he couldnt take it he would tell me we can still hang out he want things to be the same even if we become friends he told me he still gonna havethe same feelings for me and they will grow.but i just didnt like the idea so i told him no it didnt make sense to brake up if he still wanted to do the same things that we were doing. we never really had sex just kissing he aslo wanted to make out and kiss on my kneck i fell in love wit him right away.hes calm and charming it just took my breath day i asked him how he felt about me i never got a full answer he just said the same way u feel about me i didnt say much i just left it alone but i still wanted to no so i asked him again he didnt kno wat to say so he told me y he likes me because im funny im pretty and im just his type i didnt go on i just left it as day after skool we had this argument but he still invited me over wen i came to his house we talked things was changing he didnt act the same no more or thats just how i feltvirgos are type boring they stick to routine its cute in a kind of way but i always felt like i was the reason for him to be changing i asked him if he wanted to be with me he told me yes but he just didnt show it i dont get if hes not affectionate or anything if he wants to be wit me then why dont he act like it i dont no wat to did i do somerthing or is that just him we been going out for 2 months but i feel like im in love with him i dont no wat to do.....

heart broken
by: Anonymous

Recently in a year and half relationship. Was warned by Virgo and sister "do you know what you are getting into?"Find out he had mentally drunk vindictive ex wife . Dysfunctional immediate family life. Father was a drunk and guess what so was the Virgo man I fell in love with. I am
Pisces woman. Virgo man has a teenage daughter. Ex wife has no,job,unable to take care of herself or child . She is is living with 83 yr. old mom. It has been drama. I blamed for everything with Virgo man. Now he has cut all ties with me because of this screwed up kid and family. He was therefore however I got hell for it . s blow up I drove 2 he's to see him and got insulted before . bottom line I told him I did not love him any more. He gave me a ring last year however it was lies and broken promises because of a child he loves dearly and family that is more supportive of child and ex wife., no child will not live with father because temper and alcohol. No Virgo man does .no longer trust measure I lies and told him,I do,not love him anymore. Why I said that he called me every name from bitch whore cunt. This man I fell in love is verbally abusive. Well I created a behavior big time by saying I did not love him any more. His ex wife
Very cruel and mean when they were married and so was he. She cheated on him many times. Virgo man has a great job and he afford his habit. Now I am heartbroken he revises yo retiene my calls or text. I lost his trust I am very sad however mad as hell because he does hate women however loves sex. I miss him. My close friends said he did me a favor. I just wish my heart will mend.

sad in love
by: Anonymous

Please give me advice I'm a cancer my bf is a virgo I love him but I have lied to him is their a chance for me

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