DO'S AND DONTS for a first date with an aquarius woman

by Ella

FROM AN AQUARIUS FEMALE (AGED 20) 1) DO be gentlemanly, offer to pay, hold open the door, if we're cold offer us your coat, etc etc....

2) DONT be rude to the waiter or whoever is serving you. If i'm going out for a meal with a guy and the waiter/ chef gets its wrong and the guy is rude about it i would walk out there and then.

3) DO be polite.

4) DONT be superficial (i.e- i like football, women. end of--- thats fine that you like football and women but surely you have more interests; more stuff to talk about than just that?!

5)DONT come on to us- if any guy starts getting touchy feely with me and starts going for it, i would become dis-interested there and then.. this kind of goes with the whole 'be gentlemanly' thing. Infact i like pretty much no physical contact on the first date.. but thats just one girls opinion.

6) DONT start talking marriage, babies... commitment, what are you doing in 3 months? NO NO NO NO NO NO.

7) DONT be cringey and cheesy.... us aqua ladies dont deal with romantic stuff very well (LISTEN UP MEN- if you know this aqua girl hasnt been treated badly in the past, she will be even more awkward and uncomfortable with romantic things so just go lightly with it and if she does laugh or look awkward its not because she doesn't like you, its because shes not used to it and doesn't know how to deal with it)

8)DO smell nice. after an electric personality, if a guy smells good... that's another massive attraction.

9)DON'T talk about yourself all night.
and finally..

10) DON'T EVER EVER screw your noses up at our zany, weird idea's and personalities.... if a man cant handle my weird ways then he cant handle my wonderful ways.


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by: Anonymous

i agree with everything said here. men should read this and understand it well. true facts!

by: Anonymous

I an aqua, also 100% agree with this. :)

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