Easy to seduce the virgo male

by ashanti
(san antonio, tx bexar)

I saw him and thought he was very attractive, so I went up to him and told him my name and I gave him my number. I left the place we were, and he ended up calling me that night. The next day he was texting, and we met up at the same place. We sat and talked, and he ended up going home with me. It was the most amazing night I had in a long time. He kept texting me, and he came over again. He kept his interest saying he wanted to see me, but it wouldn't happen he became distant. He would text me not to think he didn't like me because he did, but he had alot going on and his mind wasn't right at this time. He kept in contact with me, but still no physical contact. He said he lost his job, and he feels like he didn't have anything to offer so that's why he's kept his distance. I told him I'll give him his space he needed. He said to believe him that he doesn't see or talk to anyone else he just didn't feel like a man. I don't what to think anymore. To me it sounds like he's making up excuses. Please give me some feedback. Give me your opinion.

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The Besy Way...?
by: Aphrodite Bull

1) Engage in a series of mentally stimulating conversations
2) Be strong, firm and grounded.
3) Allow him some space, once he gets his finances in order, he will come to you.
4) Make him laugh.

virgo men
by: Anonymous

HI, I am currently in a relationship with a virgo man and I can confidently assure you that its probably not that hes lost interest. He most likely does feel worthless like he has nothing to offer to another person. The fact that he was honest and told you that he lost his job is a sign that he trusted you and what you had that one night was real and ment something. My boyfriend hurt his back a few months ago and ended up being out of work for 8 weeks. During that time and even still now, he has not been the same passionate man that I fell in love with. His ego and self confidence took a huge hit from being out of work and struggling with money. He has been depressed and is still having a hard time. I am having a hard time as well because I feel like hes not as interested and our sex life now is virtually non existent. I believe him when he says that he wants to be intimate with me but he physically cant always make it happen due to stress and all of the worrying going on in his mind. The best thing is to just give them space and reassurance that we still care and that they are not worthless, as hard and pointless as it may seem at times.

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