Enamoured by pisces man

I met the Pisces and we immediately connected. We laughed and smiled and had the most amazing sex (yes, the same night we met)! Our 2nd date, his friend came along and we had a blast again. We dance, laugh, he holds me, and kisses me always. It's funny when he leaves me alone to head to the men's br a number of men and boys approach me and hit on me. As soon as he comes to find me chatting it up with the other fellas, he puts his arms around me. Of course, I make a comment such as there you are handsome, or this is (his name) whom I was telling you guys about ;). He appreciates my honesty and caring ways. I have brought him a gift each time I have seen him. I also try to pick up the tabs often. He deserves it. I think he is the most beautiful man I have ever kissed. I don't kiss many people btw. He texts me daily or every other day. It's nice and reassuring that he is thinking about me. I smile when I think about him. I am taking this slow, he is moving a hour and a half away from me. I am hoping that living in love and trusting faith will lead me in the right direction. I'm going to trust the Pisces, because honestly I know I am one and only kind of girl. As the rest of the Scorpio ladies are. We are good people and have great emotion.

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Scorpio + pisces = True Love
by: Anonymous

Bravo! Me and my pisces man are getting along with each other perfectly! Love to hear yr story cos mine is just as sweet. He's really a cute, caring and compassionate one.
go for him, scorpio girls! xD

Scorpio + pisces = True Love
by: Anonymous

Ooooo... Sex on the first date??Whoa.And if that weren't enough..you go poly with his friend on the 2nd????Dayaam..Call me on this number. 1800-givemealay :D...I'm no pisces.But for you baby I'll be. ;)

3 mos in with a pisces
by: Anonymous

The 2nd date was at a kareoke bar, his friend came there. That is it! Ha.
The pisces and I are still together, exclusive now. I was reading that pisces men are hard to seduce. LOL. Not true for a scorpio female, I guess. Maybe it was the instant comfortable feeling we shared.
I also noticed that he does get protective when my scorpio magnet hits the other men when we are out and about. He comes right over and puts his arm around me. It's cute.
He keeps in contact with me, sometimes I have to text him first but he always texts back eventually. Like everyone else says just give them a little bit of space, and do your own thing. Even if all you can do is think about him and what he is doing!

by: scorpiomac

i've been reading all these horoscopes a great lot and wondering now...does he feel the same thing? all that cosmic attraction between a scorpio and pisces? or is it just me going nuts?! though the feeling is amazing when with him..that's true..and when looking at each other feels like it's shared....just like all of you're saying here! so..if it's true from my point of view..should it be true with him too?! :) whad ya say??
funny how you said.."give him space and do your own thing..even if it's just laying around thinking what he's doing" :)
waiting for more details of your developing relationship! good luck!

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