Excellent Capricorn seduction article!

I am a Capricorn woman and I think this is some very important advice for men pursuing cap girls. We are very insecure, and we like to be reassured of your affection for us, all the time. We like people to be proud of us, and even though we appear shy, give us time and when we open up we will be the complete opposite of shy.

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by: Anonymous

Everything said here is the absolute truth in my experience!!!

so true
by: Me

Im a taurus and from what I have seen in my girl.. this is all very true ♥

meeting a cap girl and being taurus
by: Anonymous

the girl i met in a club for some reason i felt i knew for a long time even though i met her for maybe 4 hours yet it still seemed like i knew her longer,my gf now doesnt make me feel that way and ive known her for a year, id like to hangout or talk to this girl but shes reserved and with good cause. but on the face of it she seems deeply thoughtful and comforting even though for 4 hours she made me feel more for her than in a year a leo can do....go figure?

Capricorn Woman
by: Toro

I am a taurus male and have a sweet tooth for capi woman. All this is true, And patience is the key to it all. I like to say Capi woman like to be stewed not sauted. And constant little reminds of your feelings for them is a big plus. Also very important is loyalty. If your a player, Capi woman will walk away. Their looking for a soul mate, not just a good time. Sex, Love & intimacy are emotional to them. And from my experience when they decide your the guy, You wont see it coming. One moment your being cautious and the next she is taking of her clothes and ready to go. Just remember your a potentally mate to them, and everything with capi's is business. So your in your 3 month probation. If you pass, She we love you so good. No really sooo good. Good luck.

Capi Woman
by: Debora A.

I am a capricorn woman. I haven't found my soulmate yet, but he' out there somewhere!
Us Capricorns are a tad shy but when we get to know that special someone, wd're all yours! Just don't ever take advantage of us, cause it's bye-bye nice knowing you time. :)

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