Expected Scorpio Woman Reaction?

by Zack

Scorpios are jealous i have heard , how can Scorpio jealously be lessened? May be If u are nice and faithful or if other person is nice and faithful, can the jealousy be terminated?
Can anyone guide me how to handle a situation ?.

my one of the close friends needs my help in getting his relationship to good state, which is already in a good state..
he is a Pisces, his wife is Scorpio, they are married and extremely smooth and happy, he is extremely faithful, loyal, loving to his wife and he can live like that for her?forever and even she is satisfied from him completely BUT the problem is ? before he met this wife?. he experienced one or dual sided relation with about 30+ females. Out of these 25+ females he never had sex or such thing u know?. like getting physical stuff? But infact he had sex with one girl .. who was married already before and from different religion? and he was never never never in love with her? but it was just lust?. he had 7 times sex with that girl? it is complicated? No Kid with her? after having sex he terminated this physical contact with this person forever, he never saw her again for a long long time till now.

His wife doesn?t know this story? and being a Pisces he beliefs that he is incomplete without telling his wife this happening long before their marriage. Keeping it secret from his wife makes him SAD?..

My question is how to handle this situation ???
i know him HE DID NEVER HAD SEX with 25+ he loved ?rather he had sex with the one he never loved!!
if he doesn?t tell her.. then the idea of a soul mate (wife) is not achieved ? because in his belief system ? if he keeps anything secret from his wife? he is cheating her? and this makes him to tell her?
he didn?t get courage of it? because the problem is wen he tells his wife? being a Scorpio? what will be the expected level of faith of his wife towards him after he tells her?

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by: Anonymous

He should definatly tell her she would respect the honesty and if keeping it in make him sad then why keep it in. He should tell her in a very carefull way though depending on how jealouse of a person she is. It seems she loves and trusts him. Plus if it was before there marrage well then she has nothing to worry about.

Scorpio Jealousy -- has nothing to do with this!
by: Anonymous

This is not a jealousy issue for Scorpio -- this is a moral issue for the man who apparently wants to make her jealous, by projecting his own inability to be faithful when unless he shares this information with her, she's had no reason to feel jealous. If it will release the guilt he's dealing with, then tell her...she will be pissed (not happy at all) and her level of forgiveness is determined by her level of maturity.

Your best bet is forgiving yourself and never doing the infidelity thing again. You were unfaithful so Scorpio has every right to feel jealous if she chooses to. Trust me you better be willing and ready to deal with her wrath and buy her any and everything she wants and asks for until your sin and shame has been redeemed by her judgment of the situation. This is not about Scorpio jealousy -- give me a break!

Scorpio Women & Jealousy
by: Anonymous

Let me personally set the record straight as a Scorpio Sun, Venus & Rising with Cappy Moon.

Jealousy has very little to do with being a Scorpio, it's a fallacy created by those who had to find something to make this sign appear weak amid all of its strengths. Regardless of one's sign, I rarely meet anyone who's not jealous or insecure on some level.

Jealousy only factors in when one is insecure in a relationship. Primarily, maturity and experience plays a big factor in this. If my man is purposely flirting to cause or make me jealous so that he can feel secure in the relationship, he's being immature and needs a good dose of his own medicine.

Scorpio's, generally speaking that is, will certainly retaliate if antagonized without reason, whether real or imagined...don't start an issue with a Scorpio they will emotionally wound you and most people cannot handle this.

be careful
by: Anonymous

sorry but scorpio is indeed a very jealous sign, ye its true that everyone is jealous if they are insecure but since scorpio is such an intense sign he/she will never be a type of person "okay lets just have fun no hard feelings" .

now about the question although scorpion apreciates honesty its has to be right away you know when you made a mistake be honest and then think about working on things, cuz in this case she will not be angry about the situation itself but the reason for him to took so much time to tell her what happened,if it was just the pass no big deal wh didnt he tell her right away? cuz now in my opinion she probably will start thinking if he is hidding more stuff from the pass and so on. its your friends choice to be honest just warning that things might get a bit complicated after that expecially if he gives too many details.^

A Scorpio's answer
by: Anonymous

I will tell you the truth. I am a Scorpion. I like to know everything about something before i make a decision e.g. marriage. So, I would definitely appreciate if he had told me all that earlier.

If my husband told me that, I wouldnt be jealous. Its not even a factor. I'd just respect him less for helping someone break her vows to her husband. He probably made someone's marriage worse which is not right. I wouldnt be mad though because he loves me and told me the truth ( even though i would have wanted to know that earlier) . But tgis doesnt mean i would hesitate in using that story against him later.

by: Anonymous

Why bringing up dirty stuff from the past.THis is how relationships ends.Is she an angel too.She may have done it b4 like the pisces guy.Think about it.

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