Experiences with Taurus men (Gay)

I have had only two long term relations in my life and both were with Taurus men. The first one took a year and a half and it was a long distance relationship which I didn't want but forced into after arguments over commitment issue for every weekend we got together and I simply wanted to end the conflicts thus said "yes" although we made it clear prior to meeting that if anything developed between us, it would have been strictly "friends with benefits" and he agreed to it.

I am a Leo so if I like my guy, I like him to be around as I am very very sexual person. We are strictly friends since the break up; and anytime comes to the neighborhood, which is one of the largest metropolitan area in the east coast in the U.S., and his date doesn't go well, he knows he has a place to spend the night over without any expense for hotels. A year after the break up, I met another Taurus guy strictly for a one-night stand, again. I didn't know his commitment status, I thought based on his profile he was "bi" turned out to be a partnered gayman. I didn't care as I was just looking for a one-night stand. Well, he never left my place since. It's been five and a half years. More than first 3 years we simply spend every evening and late nights together while he pretended to his partner he was busy at his office. I was told he was in an open relationship though it was quite not like that but I figured that out much later (I did sense he was hiding being with m e from his partner though we agreed we wouldn't talk about our other possible affairs or sexual encounters. I said "okay").

Anyhow, since day one, he has been my best buddy; in fact, one of my best friends in my life ever. It's been awesome until the recent year or so, I feel like there's a lot more tension in our relationship. We are great as friends but we seem to all my (became our) friends the ultimate couple, the couple that will stay together forever. Though I never let myself fall in love with him due to his own situation (being partnered), I thought I could have fallen in love with him if he was single. He always told me how much he loved me since the beginning and except a few times in the beginning I felt like I needed to say the "L" word to him, I never continue responding back the same way thus he stopped saying it, he understood. I simply can't tell someone "I love you" and then he ends up in the bed with another person. I thought "it was ridiculous more than unnecessary."

Anyhow, even though we are great friends, sex has been passionate, he has been simply great and amazing person and I would find myself lucky if I ever partner a guy like him, my feelings about what we have begun changing recently. The main reason for that is that Taurus men can be really stubborn, experience mood-swings, constant attention which really take a lot of my energy.

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continued - part 2
by: Anonymous

I have to say both Taurus men quite the opposite of each other; while the first one is indecisive, insecure, unconfident, worrisome, high maintenance, not sharp or witty minded, the later one is just the opposite of him though both are highly educated and achieved individuals professionally. While it was difficult to keep the first one in good mood due to his mood swings, the later one, I didn't have to worry about a bit. Though their stubborn personality and conflict inviting nature simply made me to rethink about me ever being with a Taurus. If there is a subject and Taurus thinks he knows or good about it, it's POINTLESS to argue over it. He will not even tolerate you to give your point of view. Period. This is also another reason why I feel like my relation with my second Taurus is weaking, making me less attracted to him; and probably, some of you already know that, when a Leo is not attracted to his partner sexually, he will move on rather than fixing it because I bel ieve we do not believe we can change individuals though can help them to be motivated to change themselves if they see it necessary.

I also have to say that with me, wherever I go, I end up attracting mostly Taurus men. Just recently, I have been talking to another very handsome, extremely attractive young man who has mutual feelings about me, I just suddenly decided to ask his sign as I have been lately visiting this site and becoming more curious about astrology. He told me he was Taurus, and I raised eyebrows as this site help me to change my mind about myself getting into another drama-driven relation with a Taurus. I don't think I am up to it and I don't believe I will be for a long loooong time, and I suddenly changed my approach to that young handsome man by pulling off a little bit.

continued - part 3
by: Anonymous

This site helped me to changed my approach towards my good Taurus buddy. We love spending time together, every minute and every second, I never get tired of him being around me and he simply loves being around me but those conflicts simply drained my energy for a year now. Since I have been coming here for a week or so now, anytime we discuss an issue whatever it might be and we love having intellectual conversation all the time and sometime just about our relationship, and we have disagreement, I tell my opinion as he is curious to know but when he disagrees and I know he is going to drag me into a conflict, I say unwillingly "yes, babe! You are right! As always, what you say makes sense" not being sarcastic just that I am simply tired of it. I realize he will not stop until I say 'you are always correct" and we are talking about a man who is extremely intelligent and an international senior manager responsible of the business activities of 1/4 of the world nations for a major multinational corporation. One would expect, they should not act that way, I think it's their ego. Anyway, I am sorry to say that but as a leo-gayman, being with a Taurus is inviting a drama into your life. Maybe some of you Leos will like it as it's been always told here that we Leos love center-stage.


Leo man

Taurus......ALL TRUE
by: Anonymous

I am a heterosexual female. {Taurus to be exact} Everything you said about Tauruses is ALL TRUE! I was LMAO when I read your post(s). I have been told the EXACT same thing about my relationship flaws. There is a method to our madness for being stubborn, highly opinionated, and inflexible. We are always right! But it's not arrogance, I can assure you. It stems from our ability to shield ourselves from the immoral harsh realities of the real world and to protect our loved ones. Seriously! But in the long run, you will thank us! OUR WAY is always the best way.

I understand LEOS like to lead. But keep in mind, a Taurus wants to possess you. Not in an emotional disruptive way like a Scorpio, but in a more maternal/paternal subtle way. He wants to make all your problems disappear. He wants to take care of you. He wants you to fall in love with him, NOT ONCE, but over and over...and all over again. He fears being judged by you, because despite his ability to display his 'know-it-all' attributes, there lies an overwhelming fear of not being seen as 'perfect' in your eyes.

LEOS are high maintenance. Tauruses love their significant others to be visually appealing and high maintenance as well. This triggers the intital contact. Tauruses are ruled by Venus. LEOS are also very intelligent and well cultured people. This may be the other attraction that Taurus men have towards you. Your biggest relationship challenge? The both of you are fixed signs, (set in your ways).

It is not easy for us to severe ties with our loved ones. This comes from a silent stubborn determination to make things work, even though we're convinced that we have not settled down with our soul mate. This may be why this Taurus has not ended the relationship with his commited partner. I can convince you that he fell out of love with him a long time ago. The stubborn side of him refuses to admit he made a mistake! So he will try to continue to hold on.

Taurus people are lusty to the core, and require lots of sex...and food! If he's content financially, you will be rewarded sexually.(wink, wink)...but this will be our litle secret.

I hope this helps!

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