Failed Leo/Scorpio relationship

I'm a Leo man, and I've been heavily involved with two Scorpio women. Let me just say first of all, that you have no choice in the matter. Scorpio women lust after intense, personal relationships and are so alluring and mysterious that you can't help but be "heavily" involved with one, even if it's just a friendship. Both relationships eventually failed, because neither sign can back down in a dispute. Scorpio will pretend to relent, and then make her point known in some nonverbal form of punishment down the road. It simply became too draining after enough time had passed. I will say though, that I've never met a more loyal and loving person than the second Scorpio woman I dated. We just drained each other is all. Each sign needs a more passive partner I think. Oh yeah, the sex was amazing. It was an addictive, powerful experience, and Scorpio women aim to please. Sex isn't everything though. I also want to add that neither one of them took "revenge" on me. It was a mutual growing apart. I think people over hype that trait of Scorpios. They won't destroy you unless you purposefully fuck them over, so just don't do it.

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