Falling for a married scorpio man

by Belinda
(Los Angeles)

We go to the same church, and I have known him for years. I have been through a rough patch, divorced with 1 child, and have been out of contact for a while, but I recently made contact. I know his wife and kids - she doesn't like me much, never did. He is 10 years older than me. I don't intend in breaking-up his marriage, I have no intention of being the other woman....the thing is we have such a connection - not sure if its platonic or emotional. He gets me. He understands me. he is on my side. He is different, fun, there is something intriguing about him. We have flirted a bit, we are quite close. I want a bit more, I want to spend time with him. I am not looking for anything too serious, just an experiment. A gemini gal is always a risk taker! I just don't know how to go about it. Any advise?

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To your little "Falling"
by: Anonymous

It is people like You that us Scorpio are very, very weary about. The fact that you try to mess with another woman's man is enough red flags to send any Scorpio man running. If you do these things now, you surely will do it later. Scorpio men will always go home with you, due to their sexual nature. But do not expect for Scorpio men to trust you.

Peace :)

To your little "Falling" part deux
by: Anonymous

Oh, and by the way the Scorpio's wife does not like you because she definitely sees what your agenda is. She is a woman like you and she knows all the tricks like you. That is why she does not like you.

Back off
by: Anonymous

Stfu. You do have intentions on breaking up his marriage. If you didn't you wouldn't have posted this question to begin with. Advice? Stop being a horrible human being and back the hell away from married men especially if you are disgusting enough to flirt with someone married cause you are already showing you have no morals.

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