Falling for a Married Taurus Man. What to do?

I am falling hard for a married Taurus man. I cannot even explain how I feel when we are together in so many words. The energy is electric! So much sexual tension. I can't take it anymore! He is intelligent, hilarious, caring, sensitive, AND gorgeous.

When we are together, he jokes around and teases me (in a playful/sexy way), which I love, but I hate that this kind of flirting is going on when he's taken. (One time, while we were arguing over something silly, he said quite loudly, "wow, there is so much sexual tension between us!" He said later that he'd said it as a joke to see the reactions of the people around us, but I could feel it on my end.)

As a Cancer woman, I value family (a lot). This is where my dilemma lies. I know that he is not getting the kind of love and affection that Taureans crave (from his wife), but I think he is staying in the relationship for his children (he's an incredible father). I would never want to be the cause of a broken home, so I am at a crossroads. Should I continue to be his friend and silently suffer, or cut off contact with him?

What do you think?

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I am in d same boat too
by: Anonymous

I can understand your feelings very well, coz I am in the same boat too. I have fallen deeply in love with a married man and I don't know what to do about it. Everyone advises you to avoid married men, but love just happens. I am mustering the courage to tell him up front about my feelings and ask him for a decision, he is unhappy in his condition I know for sure and would like to see how brave he is.

I hear ya
by: Anonymous

I can understand what you mean. I myself am a Taurus and am married but currently talking to a Taurus man who is now separated. We haven't met in person but feel when we talk like I have known him forever. We have so much in common it kinda scares me but we have fallen for each other. He always tells me the sweetest things and is very honest, genuine and caring not to mention drop dead gorgeous! I told him I will end my marriage but not because of him but because I haven't been happy and I am in a abusive relationship. He is also currently in rough time i nhis life as he has two small children so we talk, listen and give eachother support. I am happy just talking to him and only time will tell what happens between us.

To Cancer Woman
by: Married Taurus Woman

Although Cancers and Tauruses are highly compatible, nevertheless a Taurus individual will always feel reluctant to abandon his/her family. Unless, their significant other has aggravated them to the point where their peaceful domain was constantly disturbed. As Taurus natives, we strive for peace and happiness.

Cancer Woman:
There is no doubt in my mind that this Taurus man is attracted to you. He can't make sense of it, so he's fighting it. He may begin to feel indifferent in your presence, ignore you, or begin to act cold towards you. Cancers have an undeniable affect on Tauruses. Taurus is attracted to the emotional nurturung aspect of a Cancer. Cancers put us in our comfort zones. And in return, we're their rocks. We provide them with stability, reassurance, and loyalty...and plenty of affection.

I have been married to my Cancer man for 10 years. I am still in love with him, and he still gives me butterflies. Can you believe that? I'm not easy to handle, but he loves me with me all my flaws.

When I first met my husband, I did everything to sabotage our relationship. Tauruses are very cautious people. We don't allow everyone in. Yes, we will use jokes, evasiveness, and anything else to sidetrack you from getting to know what we're really thinking. We haven't admitted it to ourselves yet.

It will take your Taurus some time. But when he does decide to seperate from his wife, he will defintely pursue you!

Married to Cancer 10 years.
Taurus Woman

To the crab who is attracted to married taurus
by: Crab lady

If you are the reason for him to leave his wife,do you think you can ever be happy when u think that u are the reason for the tears of those little oneS and the poor lady?In every married life there are problems and 95% of them meet someone more appealing.But if they are not encouraged by that third person he might think of finding a way to solve his problems with his partner and carry on peacefully.You could actually save the tears of many if you control your infatuation for him.I'm sure there are other unmarried taureans.I don't blame you for feeling attracted to him but as a woman that too a cancer you should rethink your motives.for you it is just an infatuation but for those little children and their mother it is their life and their future..I think you should stay away from him or even better start dating some other man it will definitely take your mind off him.God has given you the chance to save their family and the tears of those little ones ..Imagine if it happens with you tomorrow how you would feel.I hope you decide like a true cancerian-Good luck!

Reply to all Commenters.
by: Cancer in Love

Thank you all for your words of advice. I didn't even know that my question had gone up on the site.

Update: I am still so drawn to him, but as I said, I would never be able to break up a family. I have cut off contact with him because he told a mutual friend of ours that he doesn't know how to draw boundaries when it comes to me.

He's an incredible man, and maybe in the future, if we're ever both single at the same time, we can pursue something.

Until then, I hope the constant dreams about him start fading away. It has been months and I still can't get him off of my mind. :( It may be difficult, but at least it feels right.

Good luck to you other ladies in love!

just talk
by: Anonymous

Taurus guys are sweet and kind. Not to mention very loyal and protective.

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