Falling for a Taurus man

by Tiffany

I'm an Aquarius female and I strongly believe I may be falling for a Taurus man. :] We work together and have been for a few months now but just recently started talking in February. We became an official couple March 24th and I have been happy ever since. He makes me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. Every day it's how beautiful I am. How much I mean to him. How special I am. How I make him a better person and how he doesn't know what he would do without me. I was reluctant at first because I had come out of a pretty damaging and extensively long relationship early January. (I had been in the relationship for 2 years.) I thought I had loved him but it had a negative turn out and it wasn't love. Now, with this fantastic Taurus man, I feel like I am on top of the world and I believe I am falling in love with him. He has already told me, and this was a few days ago, that I have his heart and even if it is too early to say Love, he feels that it is headed in that direction. I am in no hurry because he is text book Taurus and I will let him go at his own pace but I think I have already made up my mind. I love him.

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Very Complimentary
by: Anonymous

Consider yourself very lucky. These men are great providers, generous to a fault, family-orienyed, and very grounded. The two of you will balance each other out. He will show you how to be loving , affectionate and very passionate and show you all the beautiful 'little' things that life has to offer such as art, music, and comedy. You will teach him to be more spontaneous, worldy, and less of a 'worry-wort.'

Best of luck to the both of you....

To the poster above..
by: Anonymous

Yes!I agree too!!


El Capitano
by: Anonymous

Maybe not This lifetime..

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